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2. 'Tis wisdom guides his hand;

Nor dares my guilty fear, Amidst the sharpest pains I feel,

Pronounce his hand severe. 3. To soften ev'ry stroke,

Indulgent mercy bends; And, unrepining when I plead,

His gracious ear attends. 4. Let me reflect with awe,

Whene'er my heart complains : Compar'd with what my sins deserve,

How easy are my pains ! 5. Yes, Lord, I own thy hand,

Thou just, and wise, and kind!
Be ev'ry anxious thought suppress’d,
And all my soul resign'd.

HYMN 436. C. M.
ISEASES are thy servants, Lord !

They come at thy command.
I'll not attempt a murm'ring word

Against thy chast’ning hand. 2. I'm but a sojourner below,

As all my fathers were:
May I be well prepar'd to go,

When I the summons hear. 3. But if my life be spar'd awhile,

Before my last remove:
Thy praise shall be my business still,
And I'll declare thy love.

HYMN 437. c. M.' 1. My soul, the awful hour will come,

Apace it passeth on,
To bear this body to the tomb,

And thee to scenes unknown. 2. My heart, long laboring with its woes,

Shall pant and siifk away
And you my eye-lids soon shall close

On the last glimm'sing ray.

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3. Whence in that hour shall I receive

A cordial for my pain,
When, if earth's monarchs were my friends,

Those friends would weep in vain ? 4. Great King of nature and of grace! To thee

my spirit flies,
And opens all its deep distress

Before thy pitying eyes.
5. All its desires to thee are known,

And ev'ry secret fear;
The meaning of each broken groan

Well-notic'd by thine ear.
6. O fix me by that mighty pow'r,

Which to such love belongs,
Where darkness veils the eyes no more,
And groans are chang'd to songs.

HYMN 438. P. M.

On recovering from disease. 1. How vast is the tribute I owe

Of gratitude, homage, and praise,
To the giver of all I possess,

The life and the length of my days! 2. When the sorrows I boded were come, I pour'd out my sighs and

my tears ; And to him, who alone can relieve,

My soul breath'd her vows and her pray'rs. 5. When my heart throbb’d with pain and alarm,

When paleness my cheek overspread, When sickness pervaded my frame;Then my soul on my

Maker was stay'd. 4. When death's awful image was nigh,

And no mortal was able to save; Thou didst brighten the valley of death,

And illumine the gloom of the grave. 5. In mercy thy presence dispels

The shades of calamity's night, And turns the sad scene of despair

To a morning of joy and delight.

6. Great source of my comforts restor'd!

Thou healer and balm of my woes! Thou hope and desire of my soul !

On thy mercy I'll ever repose. 7. How boundless the gratitude due

To thee, O thou God of my praise !
The fountain of all I possess,
The life and the light of my days!

HYMN 439, L. M. 1. FIRM was my health, my, day, was bright,

And I presum?d 'twould ne'er be night. Fondly I said within my heart,

Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart. 2. But I forgot, thine arm was strong,

Which made my mountain stand so long; And, when thy face was turn'd aside,

My health was gone, my comforts died. 3. Hear me, O God of grace! I said,

And raise me from among the dead.
Thy word rebuk'd the pains I felt;

Thy pard'ning love remov'd my guilt. 4. I will extol thee, Lord, on high:

At thy command diseases fly.
Who but a God can speak and save

From the dark borders of the grave ? 5. Thine anger but a moment stays ;

Thy love is life and length of days. Though grief and tears the night employ, The morning-star restores the joy.

HYMN 440. C.. M. !I

love the Lord; he heard my cries,

And pity'd ev'ry groan:
Long as I live, when troubles rise,

I'll basten to his throne.
2. I love the Lord; he bow'd his ear,

And chas'd my griefs away.
O let my heart no more despair,

While I have breath to pray !

3. Among the saints that fill thine house,

My off'ring shall be paid ;
There shall my zeal perform the vows

My soul in anguish made,
4. The Lord beheld me sore distrest;

He bade my pains remove. Return, my soul, to God, thy rest ; For thou hast known his love.

HYMN 441. c. M.
1. SOV'REIGN of life, I own thy hand

In ev'ry chast’ning stroke;
And while I smart beneath thy rod,

Thy presence I invoke.
2. To thee in my distress I cried,

And thou hast bow'd thine ear.
Thy pow'rful word prolong'd my life,

And brought salvation near.
3. Unfold the gates of righteousness,

That, with the pious throng,
I may record my solemn vows,

And tune my grateful song. 4. Praise to the Lord, whose gentle hand

Renews our lab?ring breath!
Praise to the Lord, who makes his saints

Triumphant ev’n in death.
5. My God ! in thine appointed hour,

Those heav'nly gates display,
Where pain and sin, and fear and death,

For ever flee away. 6. There, while the nations of the bless'd

With raptnres bow around;
My anthems to deliv’ring grace,
In sweeter strains shall sound.

HYMN 442. c. M.
HEN o'er the trodden paths of life

Backwards I turn mine eyes: What varied scenes throughout the road

Awaken my surprise !


2. Thousands, to whom my natal hour

Imparted vital breath,
Just look'd on life, and clos'd their eyes

In the fast sleep of death.
3. Thousands, who climb'd to manhood's stage,

Safe through unnumber'd snares,
Travell'd not far, before they sunk

Amidst its thorns and cares.
4. Follow'd through ev'ry changing stage,

With goodness all my days;
Deny me not a heart to love,

A tongue to speak thy praise.
5. Ten thousand thousand thanks to thee

Echo along the road
O may I join those endless songs,

That fill thy blest abode. 7. ON THE DEATH OF RELATIVES


HYMN 443. L. M.
1: THE God of love will sure indulge

The flowing tear, the heaving sigh,
When righteous persons fall around,

When tender friends and kindred die.
2. Yet not one anxious murm’ring thought

Should with our mourning passions blend;
Nor should our bleeding hearts forget

Th’almighty ever-living Friend.
3. Parent, Protector, Guardian, Guide!

Thou art each tender name in one.
On thee we cast our ev'ry care,

And comfort seek from thee alone.
4. Our Father God, to thee we look,

Our rock, our portion, and our Friend !
And on thy gracious love and truth

king souls shall still depend.

HYMN 444. c. M.
1. MUST friends and kindred droop and die,

And helpers be withdrawn ;


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