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Behold his wrath's avenging blast,

How slow to rise, how soon o'erpast ! 2. How prompt his favour to dispense

Its life-imparting influence !
How speedy his paternal love

Our deep afflictions to remove !
3. Grief for a night, obtrusive guest,

Beneath our roof perhaps may rest;
But joy, with the returning day,

Shall wipe each transient tear away.
4. With what delight, great God, I trace

The acts of thy stupendous grace !-
To count them, were to count the sand
That lies upon the sea-beat strand.

HYMN 462. C. M.
1. NAKED as from the earth we came

And crept to life at first, We to the earth return again,

And mingle with our dust.
2. 'Tis God, who lifts our comforts high,

Or sinks them in the grave.
He gives ; and, blessed be his name,

He takes but what he gave.
3. Peace, all our angry passions then ;

Let each rebellious sigh
Be silent at his sov’reign will,

And ev'ry murmur die.
4. If smiling mercy crown our lives,

Its praises shall be spread;
Nor will we call unjust the hand,
That strikes our comforts dead.

HYMN 463. L. M.
THE darken’d sky, how thick it low'rs!

Troubl’d with storms, and big with show'rs; No cheerful gleam of light appears,

But nature pours forth all her tears. 2. Yet let the sons of


revive: God bids the soul, that seeks him, live;

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And, from the gloomiest shade of night,

Calls forth a morning of delight. 3. The seeds of ecstacy unknown

Are in these water'd furrows sown.
See the green blades, how thick they rise,

And with fresh verdure bless our eyes ! 4. In secret foldings they contain

Onnumber'd ears of golden grain ;
And heav'n shall pour its beams around,

'Till the ripe harvest load the ground.
5. Then shall the trembling mourner come,

And find his sheaves and bring them home; The voice, long broke with sighs, shall sing, 'Till heav'n with hallelujahs ring.

HYMN 464. L. M. 1. My God, whose all-pervading eye

Views earth beneath, and heav'n above : Witness, if here or there thou seest

An object of mine equal love. 2. Not the gay scenes, where mortal men

Pursue their bliss and find their wo, Detain my rising heart, which springs

The nobler joys of heav'n to view. 3. Fix'd near th' immortal seat of bliss,

Dauntless, and joyous, it surveys Each form of horror and distress,

That all its deadliest foes can raise: 4. This feeble flesh shall faint and die,

This heart renew its pulse ng more ; Ev'n now it views the moment nigh,

When life's last movements all are o'er. 5. But come, thou vanquish'd King of dread!

With thy own hand thy pow'r destroy.
'Tis thine to bear me to my God,
My portion, my eternal joy.

HYMN 465. c. M. 1. TIE, evils that beset our path,

Who can prevent or cure?
We stand upon the brink of death,

When most we seem secure,

2. If we to-day sweet peace possess,

It soon must be withdrawn;
Some change may plunge us in distress,

Before to-morrow's dawn.
3. Disease and pain invade our health,

And find an easy prey ;
And oft, when least expected, wealth

Takes wings and flies away.
4. Since sin has fill'd the world with wo,

And creatures fade and die; Lord ! wean our hearts from things below, And fix our hopes on high !

HYMN 466. L. M. 1. WEARY of these low scenes of night,

My fainting heart grows sick of time, Sighs for the dawn of sweet delight,

Sighs for a distant happier clime. 2. 'Tis just, 'tis right: thus he ordains,

Who form'd this animated clod; That needful cares, instructive pains,

May bring the restless heart to God. 3. In him, my soul ! behold thy rest;

Nor hope for bliss below the sky. Come, resignation, to my breast,

And silence ev'ry plaintive sigh. 4. Then cheerful shall my heart survey

The toils and dangers of the road; And patient keep the heav'nly way, Which leads me homeward to my God.

HYMN 467. c. M.
1. GREAT Ruler of all nature’s frame,

We own thy pow'r divine;
We hear thy breath in ev'ry storm,

For all the winds are thine.
2. Wide as they sweep their sounding way,

They work thy sov'reign will ; And aw'd by thy majestic voice,

Confusion shall be still.

3. Thy mercy tempers ev'ry blast

To those who seek thy face;
And mingles, with the tempest's roar,

The whispers of thy grace.
4. Let me those gentle whispers hear,

'Till all the tumult cease; Sleep in thine arms, and wake in realms Of everlasting peace!

HYMN 468. L. M. 1. My God, my hope ! if thou art mine,

Why should my soul with sorrow pine? On thee alone I cast my care:

O leave me not in dark despair.
2. Though ev'ry comfort should depart,

And life forsake this drooping heart;
One smile from thee, one blissful ray,

Can chase the shades of death away. 3. My God, my Life ! if thou appear,

Not death itself can make me fear.
Thy presence cheers the sable gloom,

And gilds the horrors of the tomb. 4. Not all its horrors can affright,

If thou appear, my God, my light!
Thy love shall all my fears control,
And glory dawn around my soul.

HYMN 469. L. M.
SHOULD famine o'er the mourning field

Extend her desolating reign,
Nor spring her blooming beauties yield,

Nor autumn swell the fruitful grain :
2. Should lowing herds, and bleating sheep,

Around their famish'd master die; And hope itself despairing weep,

While life deplores its last supply: 3. Amid the dark, the deathful scene,

If I can say, the Lord is mine!
The joy shall triumph o'er the pain,

And glory dawn, though life decline.

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4. The God of my salvation lives;

My nobler life he will sustain ; His word immortal vigour gives,

Nor shall my glorious hopes be vain.
5. Thy presence, Lord, can cheer my heart,

Though ev'ry earthly comfort die;
Thy smile can bid my pains depart,

And raise my sacred pleasures high. 6.0 let me hear thy blissful voice,

Inspiring life and joys divine.! The barren desert shall rejoice; 'Tis paradise, if thou art mine.

HYMN 470. S. M. 1. LORD, in this vale of tears,

What various woes we feel ! Diseases, pains, and doubts, and fears,

Surround thy children still. 2 What dangers fill the road !

What storms, and tempests roar! But we march onward to our God,

And trust his guardian pow'r. 3. No lasting comfort's found

Through this long wilderness:
But when we reach the heav'nly ground,

Pleasures shall never cease. 4. Support us in the way,

Lord ! let our faith be strong; Direct our footsteps, lest we stray,

And guard our souls along. 5. Death shall convey us home;

Thither our hearts aspire: There no disease shall ever come, But joy shall be entire.

HYMN 471. L. M. 1. THOU, Lord, through ev'ry changing scene,

Hast to thy saints a refuge been: Through ev'ry age, eternal God, Their pleasing home, their safe abode:

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