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But makes his church his blest abode,

Where we his awful glories sing. 6. We see no terrors in his name,

But in our God, a father find.
The voice, that shakes all nature's frame,
Speaks comfort to the pious mind.

HYMN 35. c. M.

LMIGHTY God, thy pow'rful word

From nothing all things brought; Earth, seas, and skies, by thee their Lord,

With skill divine were wrought. 2. Thy pleasure heav'nly hosts fulfil;

For thee each planet rolls;
Earth, sun, and stars perform thy will;

Thy nod the world controls.
3. Thou over all art Lord supreme;

All else from thee derive.
No being can dispute thy claim,

Or independent live.
4. To thee, our Lord, we therefore low;

To thee, our all resiga.
Entire to thee ourselves we vow,
For we are wholly thine.

HYMN 36. C. M. 1.

'TWAS God who hurl?d the rolling spheres, Who form’d the plan of endless years,

And bade the ages rise.
2. From everlasting is his might,

Immense and unconfind:
He pierces through the realms of light',

And rides upon the wind.
3. He darts along the burning sķies;

Loud thunders round him roar; All heav'n attends him, as he flies;

And hell proclaims his pow'r. 4. He scatters nations with his breath ;

The scatter'd nations fy;

Blue pestilence and wasting death

Confess the Godhead nigh.
5. Ye worlds, with ev'ry living thing,

Fulfil his high command ;
Mortals, pay homage to your King,
And own his ruling hand.

HYMN 37. L.-M.

God omni present and omnisciunt. 1. LORD, thou hast search?d and seen me through ;

, My rising and my resting hours,

My heart and flesh, with all their pow'rs.' 2. Could I so false, so faithless prove,

To quit thy seşvice and thy love;
Where, Lord, could I thy presence shun,

Or from thy dreadful glory run ? 3. If, mounted on a morning ray,

I fly beyond the western sea ;
Thy swifter hand 'would first arrive,

And there arrest thy fugitive.
4. Or should I try to shun thy sight

Beneath the spreading veil of night;
One glance of thine, one piercing ray

Would kindle darkness into day.
5. The veil of night is no disguise,
No screen from thy all-searching eyes.
Thy hand can seize thy foes as soon

Through midnight shades, as blazing noon. 6. O may these thoughts possess my breast,

Where'er I rove, where'er I rest!
Nor let my weaker passions dare
Consent to sin, for God is there.

HYMN 38. C. M. 1. LORD, all

I am is known to thee !
In vain my soul would try
To shun thy presence, or to fee.

T'he notice of thine eye.
2. Thy all-surrounding sight surveys

My rising and my rest,

My public walks, my private ways,

And secrets of my breast.
3. My thoughts lie open to thee, Lord,

Before they're form’d within ;
And ere my lips pronounce the word,

Thou knowost the sense I mean, 4. O wondrous knowledge, deep and high!

Where can a creature hide ?
Within thy circling arms I lie,

Beset on ev'ry side.
5. So let thy grace surround me still,

And like a bulwark prove,
To guard my soul from ev'ry ill,
Secur'd by sov’reign love.

HYMN 39. s. M.
My heart and ways, 0 God!

By thee are search'd and seen ;
My outward acts thine eye observes,

My secret thoughts within. 2. No spot the realms of space,

Whence thou art absent, know.
In heav'n thou reign'st a glorious King,

A righteous Judge below. 3. Lord ! if within my heart

Thou aught should'st disapprove:
The secret evil bring to light,

And by thy grace remove. 4. If e'er I've been perverse

Or foolish in thy view :
Recall my steps to thy commands,
And form my life anew.

HYMN 40. c. M. 1. To thee, my God! my days are known;

My soul enjoys the thought.
My actions all before thee lie,

Nor are my wants forgot.
2. Each secret wish devotion breathes,
Is vocal to thine ear ;


And all my walks of daily life

Before thine eye appear. 3. The vacant hour, the active scene,

Thy mercy shall approve; And ev'ry pang


And ev'ry care of love.
4. Each golden hour of beaming light

Is gilded by thy rays;
And dark affliction's midnight gloom

A present God surveys.
5. Full in thy view thro' life I pass,

And in thy view 1 die.
Lord ! when all mortal bonds shall break,
May I still find thee nigh!

HYMN 41. c. M.

God's Wisdom. 1. SONGS of immortal praise belong, He hath my heart, and he my tongue,

To spread his name abroad. 2. How great the works his hand hath wrought!

How glorious in our sight!
And men in ev'ry age have sought

His wonders with delight.
3. How most exact is nature's frame !

How wise th’ eternal mind !
His counsels never change the scheme,

That his first thoughts design'd.
4. When he redeem'd the sons of men,

He fix'd his cov’nant sure :
The orders, that his lips pronounce,

To endless
5. Nature, and time, and earth, and skies,

Thy heav'nly skill proclaim, What shall we do to make us wise,

But learn to read thy name?
6. To fear thy pow'r, to trust thy grace,

Is our divinest skill;
And he's the wisest of our race

Who best obeys thy will.

years endure.

HYMN 42. c. M.
1. WHEN I with curious eyes survey

My complicated frame,
I read on ev'ry part inscrib'd

My great Creator's name.
2. With nicest art, in secret, God

Did ev'ry member write;
And, when the model was complete,

My eyes beheld the light.
3. He bade the purple flood of life

In cireling streams to flow; And sent the genial heat around

Through ev'ry part to glow. 4. Why was my body formd erect,

Whilst brutes bow down to earth? But that my soul should learn to know,

And elaim it's nobler birth. 5. Author of life! my tongue shall sing

The wonders of my frame. Long as I breathe, and think and speak, I'll praise thy glorious name.

HYMN 43. c. M.

God holy and just.
1. HOLY and rev’rend is the name

Of our eternal King.
Thrice holy, Lord! the angels cry:-

Thrice holy, let us sing. 2. Holy is he in all his works,

And saints are his delight;
But sinners and their wicked ways

Are hateful in his sight.
3. The deepest rev'rence, homage, love,

Pay, O my soul, to God;
Lift with thy hands a holy heart

To his sublime abode. 4. Thou, righteous God! preserve my mind

From all pollution free;
Thine image form within my breast,

That I thy face may see.

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