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Resound salvation, pow'r, and praise,
In everlasting song!

HYMN 489. L. M.
1. WHEN all the powrs of nature fail,

When sickness shall my heart assail, Shall ev'ry nobler part pervade,

And ev'ry earthly wish shall fade: 2. When pain, of ev'ry nerve possest,

Shall vibrate in my throbbing breast;
And languor o'er my senses steal,

And med'cine lose its pow'r to heal : 3. When my dim eres are sunk in death,

And God, who gave, shall take my breath : Do thou sustain my fainting heart,

And comfort to my soul impart.
4. May thy bright présence bring relief

From fear, despondency, and grief;
Thy cheering voice direct my way
To regions of eternal day!

HYMN 490. P. M.
THEN life's tempestuous storms are o'er,

How calm he meets the friendly shore,
Who liv'd averse from sin !
Such peace on virtue's path attends,
That, where the sinner's pleasure ends,

The christian's joys begin.
2. See smiling patience smuoth his brow!
See bending angels downwards bow,

To lift his soul on high !
While, eager for the blest abode,
He joins with them to praise the God,

Who taught him how to die.
3. No sorrow drowns his lifted eyes ;
No horror wrests the struggling sighs,

As from the sinner's breast:
His God, the God of peace and love,
Pours kindly solace from above,

And heals his soul with rest.

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4. O grant, my Saviour and my friend !
Such joys may gild my peaceful end,

So calm my ev’ning close;
While, loos’d from ev'ry earthly tie,
With steady confidence

I fly
To thee from whom I rose !

HYMN 491. C. M.
TARK! from on high a solemn voice;

Let all attentive hear!
"Twill make each pious heart rejoice,

And vanquish ev'ry fear.
2. “ Thrice blessed are the pious dead,

Who in the Lord shall die;
Their weary flesh, as on a bed,

Safe in the grave shall lie.
3. “ Their holy souls, at length releas'd ;

To heav'n shall take their flight ; There to enjoy eternal rest,

And infinite delight. 4.“ They drop each load as they ascend,

And quit this world of wo; Their labours with their lives shall end,

Their rest 'no period know.
5. “ Their conflicts with their busy foes

For evermore shall cease;
None shall their happiness oppose,

Nor interrupt their peace. 6. “But bright rewards shall recompense

Their faithful service here;
And perfect love shall banish thence
Each gloomy doubt and fear."

HYMN 492. L. M.
The dying Christian.

of I hear the voice that calls me home: At last, O Lord ! let trouble cease,

And let thy servant die in peace. 2. The race appointed I have run:

*The combat's o'er, the prize is won ;


And now my witness is on high,

And now my record's in the sky. 3. Not in mine innocence I trust;

I bow before thee in the dust;
And through my Saviour's blood alone,

I look for mercy at thy throne.
4. I leave the world without a tear,

Save for the friends I held so dear. To heal their sorrow, Lord, descend,

And to the friendless prove a friend. 5. I come, I come at thy command;

I give my spirit to thy hand;
Stretch forth thine everlasting arms,

And shield me in the last alarms! 6. The hour of my departure's come;

I hear the voice that calls me home:
Now, O my God! let trouble cease,
Now let thy servant die in peace.

HYMN 498. P. M. 1. VITAL spark of heav’nly fiame,

, !
Trembling, hoping, lingring, flying:
O the pain, the bliss of dying !
Cease, fond nature, cease thy strife,

And let me languish into life.
2. Hark! they whisper; angels say,

“ Sister spirit, come away.
What is this absorbs me quite,
Steals my senses, shuts my sight,
Drowns my spirit, draws my breath ?

Tell me, my soul, can this be death? 3. The world recedes; it disappears.

Heav'n opens on my eyes ; my ears With sounds seraphic ring. Lend, lend your wings : I'mount, I Ay O grave, where is thy victory?

death, where is thy sting?


HYMN 494. P. M. 1.

I ERNAL God! how frail is man!

How few his hours, how short his span!
Short, from the cradle to the grave..
Who can secure his vital breath
Against the bold demands of death,

With skill to fly or pow'r to save ? 2. But shall it, therefore, Lord ! be said, The race of man was only made

For sickness, sorrow, and the dust?
Or if thy servants, day by day
Sink to their graves and turn to clay,

Thou hast no kindness for the just!
3. Hast thou not given to thy Son
An endless life, a heav'nly crown?

Why then should flesh and sense despair ?
For ever blessed be the Lord,
That we can read his holy word,

And find a resurrection there,
4. For ever blessed be the Lord,
Who gives his saints a long reward

For all their toil, reproach, and pain.
Let all below and all above
Join to proclaim thy wondrous love,
And each repeat their loud“ Amen.”

HYMN 495. c. M. 1. How long shall death, the tyrant, reign,

And triumph o'er the just,
While tie rich blood of martyrs slain

Lies mingled with the dust?
2. Lo! I behold the scatter'd shades!

T'he dawn of heav'n appears :
The swçet, immortal morning spreads

Tu 3 blushes round the spheres.

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3. I hear the voice, “ye dead arise,”

And lo! the graves obey ;
And waking saints with joyful eyes

Salute th expected day.
4. They leave the dust, and on the wing

Rise to the mid-way air ;
In shining garments meet their King,

And bow before him there. 5.0 may our humble spirits stand

Among them cloth'd in white ! The meanest place at his right hand Is infinite delight.

HYMN 496. L. M. 1. FATHER of all! my soul defend :

On thee my steadfast hopes depend. Thee let me bless, the faithful guide,

Whose counsels o’er my life preside. 2. Though to the grave I must descend,

(For thus has heav’n’s high will ordain'd) Yet hope e'en there, my constant guest,

Shall smooth the pillow of my rest. 3. Though death awhile reign o'er my frame,

Thou from the grave my life wilt claim;
And, to my eyes, in full survey,

The op’ning paths of life display;
4. Those paths that to thy presence bear;

For plenitude of bliss is there ;
And pleasure's streams, unmix'd with wo,
At thy right hand for ever flow.

HYMN 497. L. M.
1. WHAT sinners value, I resign:

Lord ! 'tis enough, that thou art mine! I shall behold thy blissful face,

And stand complete in righteousness. 2. This life's a dream, an empty show;

But the bright world, to which I go,
Hath joys substantial and sincere:
When shall I wake and find me there!

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