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3. O glorious hour! O blest abode!

I shall be near, and like my God;
And flesh and sin no more control

The sacred pleasures of the soul.
4. My flesh shall slumber in the ground,

'Till the last trumpet's joyful sound;
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise,
And in my Saviour's image rise.

HYMN 498. L. M.
NO, I'll repine at death no more:

But, calm and cheerful, will resign
To the cold dungeon of the grave,

These dying, with’ring limbs of mine.
2. Let worms devour my wasting flesh,

And erumble all my bones to dust:
My God shall raise my frame anew

At the revival of the just.
3. Break, sacred morning! through the skies,

And usher in that glorious day.
Come quickly, Lord ! cut short the hours:
Thy ling'ring wheels, how long they stay!

HYMN 499. S. M.
AND must this body die?

This well-wrought frame decay??
And must these active limbs of mine

Lie mould'ring in the clay!
2. God, my Redeemer, lives,

And ever from the skies
Looks down, and watches all my dust,

"Till he shall bid me rise.
3. Array'd in gļorious grace,

Shall all his servants shine;
And, fashion'd like their risen head

Be heav'nly and divine.
4. These lively hopes we owe

To Jesus' dying love:
O may we bless his grace below,
And sing his grace above !

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HYMN 500. C. M. 1. HEAVIN has confirm’d the great decree One gen’ral ruin sweeps them down,

And low in dust they lie. 6. Ye living men, the tomb survey,

Where you must quickly dwell. Hark, how the awful summons sounds

In ev'ry fun’ral knell !
3. Once you must die, and once for all:

The solemn purport weigh;
For know that heav'n and hell are hung

On that important day.
4. Those eyes, so long in darkness veild,

Must wake, the judge to see ; And ev'ry word, and ev'ry thought Must pass

his scrutiny.
5. O may I in the Judge behold

My Saviour and my friend;
And far beyond the reach of death
With all his saints ascend.

HYMN 501. L. M. 1. My waken'd soul,

extend thy wings Beyond the verge of mortal things; See this vain world in smoke decay,

And rocks and mountains melt away. 2. Behold the fiery deluge roll

Through heav'ns wide arch from pole to pole !
Pale sun, no more thy lustre boast;

Tremble and fall, ye starry host. 3. The wreck of nature all around,

The angel's shout, the trumpet's sound,

Loud the descending Judge proclaim,

And echo his tremendous name.
4. Children of Adam, all appear

With rev'rence round his awful bar;
For, as his lips pronounce, ye go

To endless bliss or unknown wo.
5. Lord! to my eyes the scene display,

Frequent through each returning day ;
And let thy grace my soul prepare
To meet its full redemption there!

HYMN 502. c. M.
1. THE day approaches, O my soul !

The great decisive day,
Which from the verge of mortal life

Shall bear thee far away.
2. Another day more awful dawns,

And, lo, the Judge appears.
Ye heav'ns, retire before his face;

And sink, ye darken'd stars.
3. Yet does one short preparing hour,

One precious hour remain :
Rouse thee, my soul, with all thy pow'r,

Nor let it pass in vain.
. With me, my brethren soon must die,
And at his bar

Then be our intercourse improv'd

To mutual comfort here.
5. For this, thy temple, Lord ! we throng ;

For this, thy board surround.
Here may our service be approv'd,
And in thy presence crown'd.

HYMN 503. P. M.'
1. THE God of glory sends his summons forth,

Calls the south nations, and awakes the north; From east to west his sov'reign order spread, Through distant worlds and regions of the dead. The trumpet sounds: hell trembles ; heav'n rejoices; Lift up your heads, ye saints, with cheerful voices.

2. No more shall atheists mock his long delays

His vengeance sleeps no more; behold the day!
Behold, the Judge descends! his guards are nigh;
Tempests and fire attend him down the sky.
When God appears, all nature shall adore him:

While sinners tremble; saints rejoice before him. 3. Sinners, awake betimes; ye fools, be wise ;

Awake, before this dreadful morning rise.
Change your vain thoughts, your wicked ways amend;
Fly to the Saviour, make the Judge your friend.
Then join the saints; waké ev'ry cheerful passion :
When Christ returns, he comes for your salvation.

HYMN 504. L. M.
1. THE Lord, the Judge, his churches wards:

Let hypocrites attend and fear,
Who place their hopes in rites and forms,

But make not faith nor love their care..
2. They dare rehearse his awful name

With lips of falsehood and deceit;
A friend or brother they defame,

And soothi and flatter those they hate.
3. They watch to do their neighbours wrong,

Yet dare to seek iheir Maker's face ;
They take his cov'nant on their tongues,

But break his laws, abuse his grace.
4. And, while his judgments long delay,

They grow secure and sin the more;
They think he sleeps as well as they ;

And put far off the evil hour.
5. O dreadful hour, when God draws near,

And sets their crimes before their eyes!
Anguish their guilty souls shall tear,
And no deliv'rer dare to rise.

HYMN 505. P. M.
O! he cometh ! countless trumpets

Blow to raise the sleeping dead;
'Midst ten thousand saints and angels,

See their great exalted head.

Welcome, welcome, Son of God.

1. L

2. Ev'ry island, sea, and mountain,

Heav'n and earth shall flee away. All, who hate him, must, confounded,

Hear the trump proclaim the day : Come to judgment !

Come to judgment! come away! 3. At his call, the dead awaken,

Rise to life from earth and sea i All the pow'rs of nature, shaken

By his looks, prepare to flee. Careless sinner,

What will then become of thee? 4. But to those, who have confessed, Lov'd and serv'd the Lord below,

come near, ye blessed, “ See the kingdom I bestow : “ You for ever

“Shall my love and glory know." 5. Under sorrows and reproaches,

May this thought our courage raise ! Swiftly God's great day approaches,

Sighs shall then be chang'd to praise. May we triumph,

When the world is in a blaze!

He will say,

HYMN 506. L. M. 1. THE mighty deep gives up her trust,

Aw'd by the Judge's high command; Both small and great now quit their dust,

And round the drcad tribunal stand, 2. Behold the awful books display'd, Big with th'

important fates of men ; Each deed anđ word now public made,

As wrote by heav'n's unerring pen. 3. To ev'ry soul the books assign

The joyous or the dread reward :
Sinners in vain lament and pine;

No plea the Judge will here regard. 4. Lord! when these awful leaves unfold,

May life's fair book my soul approve;

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