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There may I read my name enrollid,
And triumph in redeeming love!

HYMN 507. P. M. Transitory nature and end of the world. 1. SPRING. up, my soul, with ardent flight,

Nor let this earth delude thy sight
With glitt'ring trifles, gay and rain,
Wisdom divine directs thy view
To objects ever grand and new

And faith displays the shining train.
2. Be dead, my hopes, to all below;
Nor let unbounded torrents flow,

When mourning o'er my wither'd joys. So this deceitful world is known: Possess'd, I call it not my own,

Nor glory in its painted toys. 3. The empty pageant rolls along i The giddy inexperienc'd throng

Pursue it with enchanted eyes:
It passeth in swift march away ;
Still more and more its charms decay,

'Till the last gaudy colour dies.
4. My God! to thee my soul shall turn;
To thee my noblest passions burn,

And drink in bliss from thee alone. I fix on that unchanging home, Where never-fading pleasures bloom, Fresh springing round thy radiant throne.

HYMN 508. C. M. 1. WHV should this world delight us so ?

Why should we fix our eyes On these low grounds, where sorrows grow,

And ev'ry pleasure dies ? 2. While time his sharpest teeth prepares,

Our comforts to devour; There is a land above the stars,

And joys above his pow'r. 3. Nature shall be dissolv'd and die;

The sun must end his race;

The earth and sea for ever fly

Before my Maker's face. 4. When will that glorious morning rise

When the last trumpet's sound Shall call the nations to the skies,

From underneath the ground?


HYMN 509. L. M. 1. TO heav'n, my longing soul ! aspire

And soar aloft with strong desire. Here choose thy lot, here fix thy rest,

And aim for ever to be blest.
2. Still keep yon blissful world in view,

And close the glorious chasè pursue ;
The way leads up to rest above,

Through paths of purity and love.
3. This track pursue with 'ardent 2 1;.
Each lust suhdue, each foe repei ;
Still stretch thy wings, and upwards rise :
Eternal glory is the prize!

HYMN 510. C. M. eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard,

Nor sense nor reason known, What joys the Father has prepar'd

For those that love the Son.
%. But the good Spirit of the Lord

Reveals a heav'n to come ;
The beams of glory in his word

Allure and guide us home.
3. Pure are the joys above the sky,

And all the region peace;
No wanton lips, nor envious eye,

Can see or taste the bliss,

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4. Those holy gates for ever bar

Pollution, sin, and shame;
None shall obtain admittance there,

But foll’wers of the Lamb.
5. He keeps the Father's book of life;

There all their names are found; ,The hypocrite in vain shall strive

To tread the heav'nly ground.

HYMN 511. S. M.

1. FAR from these scenes of night,

Unbounded glories rise,
And realms of infinite delight,

Unknown to mortal eyes. 2. Fair land ! to mortal eyes

But half its charms explore;
How would our spirits long to rise,

And dwell on earth no more! 3. There sickness never comes;

There grief no more complains ; Health triumphs in immortal bloom,

And purest pleasure reigns. 4. No strife, nor envy there

The sons of peace molest;
But harmony and love sincere

Fill ev'ry happy, breast.
5. No cloud those regions know,

For ever bright and fair;
For sin, the source of mortal wo,

Can never enter there.
6. There's no alternate night,

Nor sun's faint sickly ray:
But glory, from th' eternal throne,

Spreads everlasting day. 7. Oh ! may this prospect fire

Our hearts with ardent love;
May lively faith and strong desire

Bear ev'ry thought above!

HYMN 512. P. M. 1. ON wings of faith, mount up my soul and rise,

View thine inheritance beyond the skies. Nor heart can think, nor mortal tongue can tell, What endless pleasures in those mansions dwell. Here our Redeemer lives, all bright and glorious;

O'er sin and death and hell he reigns victorious. 2. No gnawing grief, no sad heart-rending pain,

In that blest country can admission gain;
No sorrow there, no soul-tormenting fear;
For God's own hand shall wipe the falling tear.

Here our Redeemer lives, &c.
3. Before the throne a crystal river glides;

Immortal verdure decks its cheerful sides;
Here the fair tree of life majestic rears
Its blooming head, and sov'reign virtue bears.
Here our Redeemer lives, &c.

HYMN. 513. C. M.
1. YE golden lamps of heavın! farewell,

With all your feeble light.
Farewell, thou ever-changing moon,

Pale empress of the night!
2. And thou, refulgent orb of day,

In brighter flames array'd!
My soul, which springs beyond thy sphere,

No more demands thine aid.
3. Ye stars are but the shining dust

Of my divine abode,
The pavement of those heav’nly courts,

Where I shall reign with God. 4. The Father of eternal light

Shall there his beams display ;
Nor shall one moment's darkness mix

With that unvary'd day.
5. No more the drops of piercing grief

Shall swell into mine eyes;
Nor the meridian sun decline
Amidst those brighter skies.

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6. There all the millions of his saints

Shall in one song unite,
And each the bliss of all shall share
With infinite delight.

HYMN 514. L. M. 1. FROM north and south, from east and west,

Advance the myriads of the blest ; From ev'ry clime of earth they come,

And find in heav'n a common home. 2. Howe'er divided here below,

One bliss, one spirit now they know;
Aud, all their doubts and darkness o'er,

One common Parent now adore. 3. On earth, according to their light,

They strove to practise what was right;
Hence all their errors are forgiv'n,

And Jesus welcomes them to heav'n. 4. See, how along th’immortal meads

His glorious host the Saviour leads!
And brings the myriads none can count,
To seats of joy on Zion's mount !

HYMN 515. c. M. 1. NOT to the terrors of the Lord,

The tempest, fire, and smoke;
Not to the thunder of that word,

Which God on Sinai spoke: 2. But we are come to Zion's hill,

The city of our God,
Where milder words declare his will,

And spread his love abroad. 3. Behold th' innumerable host

Of angels, cloth'd in light!
Behold the spirits of the just,

Whose faith is turn’d to sight! 4. Behold the blest assembly there,

Whose names are writ in heav'n!
And God, the Judge of all, declares

Their num'rous sin's forgiv’n.

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