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HYMN 44. C. M. 1. GOD is a spirit, just and wise ;

He sees our inmost mind.
In vain to heav'n we raise our ories,

And leave our souls behind.
2. Nothing but truth before his throne

With honour can appear.
The painted hypocrites are known

Through the disguise they wear, 3. Their lifted eyes salute the skies,

Their bended knees the ground: But God abhors the sacrifice,

Where not the heart is found. 4. Lord ! search my thoughts, and try my ways,

And make my soul sincere: Then shall I stand before thy face, And find acceptance there.

HYMN 45. L. M. 1. PRAISE ye the Lord! 'tis good to raise

Our hearts and voices in his praise: His nature and his works invite

To make this duty our delight.
2. He loves the meek, rewards the just,

Humbles the wicked in the dust,
Melts and subdues the stubborn soul

And makes the broken spirit whole.
3. His saints are precious in his sights
He views his children with delight;
He sees their hope, he knows their fear,
Approves and loves his image there.

HYMN 46. C. M. 1. WITH eye impartial, heav’us high King

Surveys each human tribe;
No earthly mp his eyes can charm,

Nor wealth his favour bribe.
2. The rich and poor, of equal clay,

His pow'rful hand did frame;

All souls are his, and him alike

Their common Parent claim. 3. Ye sons of men of high degree,

Your great Superior own;
Praise him for all his gifts, and pay

Your homage at his throne.
4. Trust in the Lord, ye humble poor,

And banish ev'ry fear :
The God you serve will ne'er forsake
The man of heart sincere.

HYMN 47. L. M.
1. WHAT eyes like thine, eternal Sire,

Through sin's obscurest depths inquire ? What judge, like thee, on virtue's foes

The needful vengeance can impose ? 2. The meek observer of thy laws

To thee commits his injur'd cause :
In thee each anxious fear resign'd,

The fatherless a father find.
3. Thine is the throne ; beneath thy reign,

Immortal King, the tribes profane.
Behold their dreams of conquest o’er,

And vanish to be seen no more,
4. 'Tis thine the orphan's cheek to dry,

The guiltless suffrer's cause to try,
To rein each earth-born tyrant's will,
And bid the sons of pride be still.

HYMN 48 L. M. 1. 1. THOU suit’st, O. Lord, thy righteous ways

To various patlrs of human kind :
They, who for mercy merit praise,

With thee shall wondrous mercy find. 2. Such, as perversely choose to go,

Shall meet with due returns from thee:
Thou to the just wilt justice show;

The pure thy purity shall see.
3. For seeds are sown of glorious light,
A future harvest for the just;

And gladness for the heart that's right,

To recompence its pious trust. 4. Rejoice, ye righteous in the Lord;

Memorials of his holiness Deep in your faithful breasts record, And with your thankful tongues confess.

HYMN 49. L. M. 1. THE heart, dejected, sighs to know,

Why vice triumphant reigns below; Why saints have fall’n in ev'ry age,

The victims of tyrannic rage. 2. Fast roll successive years away;

Fast hastens on th’important day; When to th' astonish'd worlds surprise,

God's high tribunal shall arise. 3. Hark, 'tis the trumpet's piercing sound;

The rising dead assemble round;
In close prooession, see, they come,

Each to receive his final doom.
4. Lo! there, a vile, degen’rate race;

Pale terror sits on ev'ry face :
Here on the right, a joyful band,

The sons of suff'ring virtue stand.
5. The sentence pass'd, lo! these arise

To bliss and glory in the skies :
While those, who once stood high in fame

Sink to contempt, remorse, and shame. 6. Thus shall God's government appear

Without a shade divinely fair ;
And blushing doubts, with joy confess,
The Lord's a God of righteousness.

HYMN 50. P. M.

God faithful. 1. THE promises I sing,

Which love supreme hath spoke ; Nor will th' cternal King,

His words of grace revoke.

They stand secure
And steadfast still :
Not Sion's hill

Abides so sure.
2. The mountains melt away,

When once the Judge appears ;
And sun and moon decay,
That measure mortal years :

But still the same,
In radiant lines,
His promise shines

Through all the flame,
3. Their harmony shall sound

Thro' my attentive ears,
When thunders cleave the ground,
And dissipate the spheres.

Midst all the shock
Of that dread scene,
I'll stand serene,
Thy word iny rock.

HYMN 51. c. M.

God benevolent and merciful, 1: THY ceaseless, unexhausted love, Delights our evil to remove,

And help our misery.
2. Thou waitest to be gracious still;

Thou dost with sinners bear;
That, sav'd, we may thy goodness feel,

And all thy grace declare.
3. Thy goodness and thy truth, to me,

To ev'ry soul abound;
A vast, unfathomable sea,

Where all our thoughts are drown'd, 4. Its streams the whole creation reach,

So plenteous is the store; Enough for all, enough for each,

Enough for evermore. 5. Faithful, O Lord, thy mercies are;

A rock, which cannot move:

A thousand promises declare

Thy constancy of love.
6. Throughout the aniverse it reigns,

Unalterably sure;
And while the truth of God remains,
His goodness must endure.

HYMN 52. P. M.
My God, thy boundless love I praise ;

How bright on high its glories blaze!
How sweetly bloom below!
It streams from thy eternal throne;
Through heav'n its joys for ever run,

And o'er the earth they flow.
2. 'Tis love that paints the purple morn,
And bids the clouds in air upborne,

Their genial drops distil ;
In ev'ry vernal beam it glows,
And breathes in ev'ry gale that blows,

And glides in ev'ry rill.
3. It robes in cheerful green the ground,
And pours its flow’ry beauties round,

Whose sweets perfume the gale; Its bounties richly spread the plain, The blushing fruit, the golden grain,

And smile on ev'ry vale.
4. But in thy gospel see it shine
With grace and glories more divine,

Proclaiming sins forgiv'n.
There faith, bright cherub, points the way
To realms of everlasting day,

And opens all her heav'n.
5. Then let the love, that makes me blest,
With cheerful praise inspire my breast,

And ardent gratitude;
And all my thoughts and passions tend
To thee, my Father and my Friend,
My soul's eternal good.

HYMN 53. 'L. M. 1. · reigns

Thro' all the wide celestial plains;

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