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3. Soon as the ev'ning shades prevail,

The moon takes up the wondrous tale;
And nightly to the list’ning earth

Repeats the story of her birth :
4. Whilst all the stars that round her burn;

And all the planets in their turn,
Confirm the tidings as they roll,

And spread the truth from pole to pole. 5. What though in solemn silence all

Move round the dark terrestrial ball?
What tho' nor real voice nor sound

Amidst their radiant orbs be found? 6. In reason's ear they all rejoice,

And utter forth a glorious voice.
For ever singing, as they shine
The hand that made us is divine.

HYMN 62. L. M.
1. THERE IS a God, all nature speaks,

Through earth, and air, and seas, and skies. See, from the clouds his glory breaks,

When the first beams of morning rise. 2. The rising sun , serenely bright,

O'er the wide world's extended frame, Inscribes in characters of light

His mighty Maker's glorious name. 3. Diffusing life his influence spreads,

And health and plenty smile around ; And fruitful fields, and verdant meads,

Are with a thousand blessings crown'd. 4. Almighty Goodness, Pow'r divine,

The fields and verdant meads display ; And bless the hand, which made them shine

With various charms profusely gay. 5. For man and beast, here daily focd

In wide diffusive plenty grows; And there for drink, the crystal flood

In streams sweet winding gently flows. 6. By cooling streams and soft'ning show'rs,

The vegetable race are fed;

And trees, and plants, and herbs, and flow’rs, Their Maker's bounty siniling spread.

HYMN 63. c. M. 1. HAIL, great Creator, wise and good !

To thee our songs we raise. Nature, thro' all her various scenes,

Invites us to thy praise. 2. At morning, noon, and ev’ning mild,

Fresh wonders strike our view; And while we gaze, our hearts exult,

With transports ever new. 3. Thy glory beams in ev'ry star,

Which gilds the gloom of night ; And decks the smiling face of morn

With rays of cheerful light.
4. The lofty hill, the humble lawn,

With countless beauties shine ;
The silent grove, the awful shade,

Proclaim thy pow'r divine. 5. Great nature's God! still may these scenes

Our serious hours engage !
Still may our grateful hearts consult

Thy works' instructive page!
6. And while in all thy wondrous works,

Thy varied love we see ;
Still may the contemplation lead
Our hearts, O God, to thee!

HYMN 64. C. M.
1. WE sing thalmighty powr of God,

Who bade the mountains rise,
Who spread the flowing seas abroad,

And built the lofty skies,
2. We sing the wisdom that ordain'd

The sun to rule the day;
The moon shines full at his command,

And all the stars obey.
3. We sing the goodness of the Lord,

Who fills the earth with food;

Who form'd his creatures by a word,

And then pronounc'd them good. 4. Lord, how thy wonders are display'd,

Where'er we turn our eyes ; Whether we view the ground we tread,

Or gaze upun the skies!
5. There's not a plant nor flow'r below,

But makes thy glories known;
And clouds arise, and tempests blow,

By order from thy throne. 6. Creation, vast as it may be,

Is subject to thy will.
There's not a place, where we can fee,

But God is with us still.
7. On him each moment we depend';

If he withdraw, we die.
Oh may we ne'er that God offend,
Who is for ever nigh!

HYMN 65. 1. M. 1. LET the high heavens your songs invite;

Those spacious fields of brilliant light, Where sun, and moon, and planets roll,

And stars that glow from pole to pole. 2. Sing earth in verdant robes array'd,

Its herbs and flow’rs, its fruits and shade; Peopled with life of various forms,

Of fish, and fowl, and beasts, and yorms, 3. View the broad sea's majestic plains,

And thiuk how wide its Maker reigns.
That band remotest națions joins ;

And on each wave his goodness shines, 4. But O! that brighter world above,

Where lives and reigns incarnate love!
God's only son, in flesh array’d,

For man a bleeding victim made !
$. Thither, my soul, with rapture soar ;

There in the land of praise adore !
The theme demands an angel's lay,
Demands an everlasting day,

. HYMN 66. L. M.
"TERNAL source of ev'ry joy!

Well may thy praise our lips employ,
While in thy temple we appear,

Whose goodness crowns the circling year. 2. The flow'ry spring, at thy command,

Perfumes the air, and paints the land;
The summer-rays with vigour shine,

To raise the corn and cheer the vine. 3. Thy hand, in autumn, richly pours

Through all our coasts redundant stores ;
And winters, soften'd by thy care,

No more a face of horror wear. 4. Seasons, and months, and weeks, and days,

Demand successive songs of praise.
Still be the cheerful homage paid,

With morning light, and ev’ning shade. 5. Here in thy house let incense rise,

And circling sabbaths bless our eyes;
'Till to those lofty heights we soar,
Where days and years revolve no more.

HYMN 67. C. M. 1. · WITH songs and honours sounding loud,

Address the Lord on high:
Over the heav'ns he spreads his cloud,

And waters veil the sky.
2. He sends his show'rs of blessings down,

To cheer the plains below;
He makes the grass the mountains crown,

And corn in valleys grow.
3. He gives the grazing ox his meat;

He hears the raven's cry:
But man, who tastes his finest wheat,

Should raise his honours high.
4. His steady counsels change the face

Of the declining year;
He bids the sun cut short his race,
And wintry days appear.

5. His hoary frost, his fleecy snow,

Descend and clothe the ground; The liquid streams forbear to flow,

In icy fetters bound.
6. He sends his word, and melts the snow,

The fields no longer mourn.
He calls the warmer gales to blow,

And bids the spring return.
7. The changing wind, the flying cloud,

Obey his mighty word,
With songs and honours sounding loud,
Praise ye the soy'reign Lord.

HYMN 68. C. M. 1. WHILE beauty clothes the fertile vale,

And blossoms on the spray, And fragrance breathes in ev'ry gale,

How sweet the yernal day! 2. How kind the influence of the skies !

Soft show'rs with blessings fraught, Bid verdure, beauty, fragrance rise,

And fix the roving thought.
3. O let my wond'ring heart confess,

With gratitude and love,
The bounteous hand that deigns to bless

The garden, field, and grove. 4. That bounteous hand my thoughts adore,

Beyond expression kind,
Hath sweeter, nobler gifts in store,

To bless the craving mind.
5. Inspir'd to praise, I then shall join

Glad nature's cheerful song;
And love and gratitude divine
Attune my joyful tongue.

HYMN 69. L. M.
: THE rising morn,

the closing day, Repeat thy praise with grateful voice; Both in their turns thy pow'r display,

And, laden with thy gifts, rejoice.

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