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From Satan, sin, and death,
And ev'ry hurtful foe.
His pow'r and grace
Are still the same;
And let his name

Have endless praise.
4. Give thanks aloud to God,
To God the heav'nly King;
And let the spacious earth
His works and glories sing.
Thy mercy, Lord,
Shall still endure;
And ever sure
Abides thy word.



HYMN 105. L. M.

1. IMMORTAL God! on thee we call,
The great Original of all.

From thee we are, to thee we tend,
Our sure support, our glorious end.

2. We praise that wise, that wondrous grace,
That pitied our revolted race,
And Jesus, our victorious head,
The captain of salvation made.
3. He, thine eternal love decreed,

Should many sons to glory lead:
And sinful worms to him are giv❜n,
A colony to people heav'n.

4. Jesus for us (O gracious name!)
Encounter'd agony and shame;
Jesus, the glorious and the great,
Was by dire suff'rings made complete.

5. A scene of wonders here we see,
Worthy thy Son, and worthy thee;
And, while this theme employs our tongues,
All heav'n unites its sweetest songs.

HYMN 106. L. M.

1.TH' eternal Sov'reign from on high, Cast on the sons of men his eye,

To see, if any understood,
And fear'd, and lov'd their Maker, God.
2. But all were so degen'rate grown,
None the true God had fully known;
Both Jew and Gentile long had been
By lust enslav'd, and dead in sin.

3. Both gone from wisdom's path astray,
Pursu❜d the errors of their way,
With dismal superstition blind;
And causeless terrors fill'd their mind,
4. Who, gracious God! to sinners' eyes
Could bid the wish'd salvation rise?
Thy Son did light and truth display,
And turn their darkness into day.

5. No flesh shall boast of righteousness,
But guilty shall theniselves confess;
And, when they hear thy pard'ning voice,
In thy salvation shall rejoice.

HYMN 107. L. M.

1. BEHOLD, the blind their sight receive!

Behold, the dead awake and live!
The dumb speak wonders, and the lame
Leap like the hart, and bless his name.
2. Thus doth th' eternal Spirit own

And seal the mission of the Son;
The Father vindicates his cause,
While he hangs bleeding on the cross.

3. He dies; the heav'ns in mourning stood:
He rises, and appears a God.
Behold the Lord ascending high,

No more to bleed, no more to die.

4. Hence, and for ever, from my heart,
I bid my doubts and fears depart;
And to those hands my soul resign,
Which bear credentials so divine.

HYMN 108 L. M.

1. WHAT works of wisdom, pow'r and love,
Do Jesus' high commission prove!
Attest his heav'n-derived claim,
And glorify his Father's name!
2. On eyes that never saw the day,

He pours the bright celestial ray;
And deafen'd ears, by him unbound,
Catch all the harmony of sound.

3. Lameness takes up its bed, and goes

Rejoicing in the strength that flows
Through ev'ry nerve; and free from pain,
Pours forth to God the grateful strain.

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4. The shatter'd mind his word restores, And tunes afresh the mental pow'rs; The dead revive, to life return,

And bid affection cease to mourn.

5. Canst thou, my soul, these wonders trace,
And not admire Jehovah's grace?
Canst thou behold thy Saviour's pow'r,
And not believe, obey, adore?

HYMN 109. L. M.

O thee, O God! we homage pay, Source of the light that rules the day! Who, while he gilds all nature's frame, Reflects thy rays, and speaks thy name. 2. In louder strains we sing that grace, Which gives the sun of righteousness, Whose nobler light salvation brings, And scatters healing from his wings. 3. Still on our hearts may Jesus shine With beams of light and love divine! Quicken'd by him, our souls shall live, And, cheer'd by him, shall grow and thrive.

4. O may his glories stand confess'd, From north to south, from east to west Successful may his gospel run,

Wide as the circuit of the sun.

5. When shall that radiant scene arise,
When, fix'd on high, in purer skies,
Christ all his lustre shall display
On all his saints through endless day!

HYMN 110. L. M.

1. THOU, Lord, by mortal eyes unseen, And by thy offspring here unknown, To manifest thyself to men, Hast set thine image in thy Son. 2. As the bright sun's meridian blaze

O'erwhelms and pains our feeble sight, But cheers us with his softer rays,

When shining with reflected light; 3. So in thy Son, thy pow'r divine,

Thy wisdom, justice, truth and love, With mild and pleasing lustre shine, Reflected from thy throne above.

4. Though Jews, who granted not his claim, Contemptuous turn'd away their face; Yet those, who trusted in his name,

Beheld in him thy truth and grace. 5. O thou! at whose almighty word

Fair light at first from darkness shone,
Teach us to know our glorious Lord,
And trace the Father in the Son.
6. While we thine image, here display'd,
With love and admiration view;
Form us in likeness to our head,

That we may bear thy image too.
HYMN 111. s. M.

1. HOW beauteous are their feet,

Who stand on Zion's hill!
Who bring salvation on their tongues,
And words of peace reveal.

2. How charming is their voice!
How sweet the tidings are!
"Zion, behold thy Saviour King;
"He reigns and triumphs here."
3. How happy are our ears,

That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for,
And sought, but never found!
4. How blessed are our eyes,

That see this heav'nly light!
Prophets and kings desir'd it long,
But died without the sight.
5. The watchmen join their voice,
And tuneful notes employ;
Jerusalem breaks forth in songs,

And deserts learn the joy.
6. The Lord makes bare his arm
Thro' all the earth abroad;
Let ev'ry nation now behold

Their Saviour and their God.

HYMN 112 s. M.

1. BEHOLD, the Prince of peace!

The chosen of the

God's well-beloved Son, fulfils
The sure prophetic word.

2. No royal pomp adorns

This King of righteousness: Meekness and patience, truth and love, Compose his princely dress.

3. Jesus, thou light of men!
Thy doctrine life imparts,
O may we feel its quick'ning pow'r
To warm and glad our hearts!

4. Cheer'd by its beams, our souls
Shall run the heav'nly way.
The path which Christ unwearied trod,
Will lead to endless day.

HYMN 113. L. M.

1. NOW to the Lord a noble song! Awake my soul, awake my tongue,

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