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But we arise by grace divine,

To see a heav'nly day. 3. Salvation ! let the echo fly

The spacious earth around;
While all the armies of the sky
Conspire to raise the sound.

Glory, honour, praise, and power,
Be unto the Lamb for ever!
Jesus Christ is our Redeemer!
Hallelujah! praise the Lord !

HYMN 118. L. M. 1. of praise

Shall our transported voices raise ? What ardent love and zeal are due,

While heav'n stands open to our view! 2. Once we were fall’n, and O how low!

Just on the brink of hopeless wo!
When Jesus, from the realms above,

Borne on the wings of boundless love, 3. Scatter'd the shades of death and night,

And spread around his heav'nly light.
By him what wondrous grace is shown

To souls impor'rish'd and undone ! 4. Far, far beyond these mortal shores,

A bright inheritance is ours;
Where saints in light our coming wait,
To share their holy happy state.

HYMN 119. P. M.
1. NOW I have found the ground wherein

Sure my soul's anchor may remain :
The love of God forgiving sin,
Through Jesus crucified and slain.
His mercy shall unshaken stay,

When heav'n and earth have pass'd away. 2. Father! thine everlasting grace

Our scanty thought surpasses far;
Thine heart still melts with tenderness,
Thine arms of love still open are ;


And Jesus' blood, through earth and skies,

Mercy, free, boundless mercy, cries.
3. Tho' waves and storms go o'er my head,

Tho' strength and health and friends be gone,
Tho'joys be wither'd all and dead,
Tho' ev'ry comfort be withdrawn :
On this my steadfast soul relies,

Father, thy mercy never dies.
4. Fix'd on this ground will I remain,

Tho' my heart fail and strength decay.
This anchor shall my soul sustain,
When earth's foundations melt away.
Mercy's full pow'r I then shall prove,
Lov'd with an everlasting love.

HYMN 120. P. M. 1. ONE there is, above all others,

Well deserves the name of friend; His is love beyond a brother's,

Costly, free, and knows no enda T'hey who his salvation prove,

Find it everlasting love. 2. Which of all our friends, to save us,

Could or would have shed his blood ?
But this Saviour died to have us

Reconcil'd in him to God.
It was boundless love, to bleed ::

Jesus is a friend indeed.
3. When he liv'd on earth abased,

Friend of sinners, was his name:
Now, above all glory raised,

He rejoices in the same.
Still he calls then brethren, friends,

And to all their wants attends.
4. Oh! for grace our hearts to soften!

Teach us, Lord, at length to love.
We, alas ! forget too often,

What a friend we have above.
When to heav'n our souls are brought,
We will love thee as we ought,

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HYMN 121. P. M.
1. NOW begin the heav’nly theme,

Sing aloud in Jesus' name!
Ye, who his salvation prove,

Triumph in redeeming love.
2. Ye, who see the Father's grace,

Beaming in the Saviour's face,
As to heav’n ye onward move,

Triumph in redeeming love.
3. Mourning souls! dry up your tears ;

Banish all your guilty fears.
See your guilt and care remove,

Cancell'd by redeeming love. 4. Ye, alas! who long have been

Willing slaves of death and sin!
Now from bliss no longer rove;

Stop, and taste redeeming love.
5. Christ subdu'd th' infernal pow'rs;

His tremendous foes, and our's,
From their cursed empire drove,

Mighty in redeeming love.
6. Hither then your music bring;

Strike aloud the joyful string.
Mortals ! join the host above,
Join to praise redeeming love.

HYMN 122. P. M.
1. COME, said Jesus' sacred voice,

Come, and make my paths your choice : I will guide you to your home!

Weary pilgrim, hither come!
2. Thou, who, houseless, sole, forlorn,

Long hast borne the proud world's scorn,
Long hast roam’d the barren waste:

Weary pilgrim, hither haste!
3. Ye, who, toss'd on beds of pain,

Seek for ease, but seek in vain :
Ye, whose swoll'n and sleepless eyes
Watch to see the morning rise:


4. Ye, by fiercer anguish torn,

Guilt, in strong remorse, who mourn :
Here repose your heavy care:

Conscience wounded who can bear?
5. Sinner, come! for here is found

Balm that flows for ev'ry wound;
Peace that ever shall endure;
Rest eternal, sacred, sure.

HYMN 123. S. M.
ET ev'ry ear attend,

And ev'ry heart rejoice;
The trumpet of the gospel sounds,

With an inviting voice.
2. Ho! all ye starving souls,

That feed upon the wind,
And vainly strive with earthly toys,

To fill an empty mind:
3. Ilere wisdom has prepar'd

A soul-reviving feast,
And bids your longing appetites

The rich provision taste.
4. Ho! ye that pant for streams,

And pine away and die:
Here you may quench your raging thirst,

With springs that never dry.
5. Rivers of mercy here

In a rich ocean join :
Salvation in abundance flows,

Like floods of milk and wine.
6. The gates of gospel grace

Stand open night and day ;
Lord ! we are come to seek supplies,
And drive our wants away.

HYMN 124. L. M.
1.“ COME hither, all ye weary souls !

Ye heavy laden sinners! come: I'll give you rest from all your toils,

And raise you to my heav'nly home.”

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2,“ They shall find rest, that learn of me';

I'm of a meek and lowly mind : But passion rages like the sea,

And pride is restless as the wind.” 3.“ Bless'd is the man, whose shoulders take

My yoke, and bear it with delight! My yoke is easy to his neck;

My grace shall make the burden light.” 4. Jesus! we come at thy command,

With faith, and hope, and humble zeal ; Resign our spirits to thy hand, To mould and guide us at thy will.

HYMN 125 L. M.

1. , ,

Come, and accept the promis'd rest; The Saviour's gracious call obey,

And cast your gloomy fears away.
2. Oppress’d with guilt, a painful load,

O come, and spread your woes abroad.
Divine compassion, mighty love

Will all the painful load remove.
3. Here mercy's boundless ocean flows,

To cleanse your guilt and heal your woes;
Pardon, and life, and endless peace;

How rich the gift ! how free the grace! 4. Lord, we accept, with thankful heart,

The hope thy gracious words impart.
We come with trembling, yet rejoice,
And bless thy kind inviting voice.

HYMN 126. C. M.
'HE Saviour calls; let ev'ry ear

Attend the heav'nly sound.
Ye doubting souls! dismiss your fear;

Hope smiles reviving round. 2. For ev'ry thirsty longing heart,

Here streams of bounty flow;
And life, and health, and bliss impart,
To banish mortal wo.

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