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Or who describe the mental grief,

Which his blest bosom tore? 6. Low in the grave he lay,

While darkness veil'd the skies.
But lo!-he bursts the bands of death;

To glory see him rise! 7. Father! this work is thine;

For us thou gav'st thy Son.
O may we all devoted be
And live to thee alone!

HYMN 185. C. M.
1.“Now, in the hour of deep distress,

My God, support thy Son.
When horrors dark my soul oppress,

leave me not alone !"
2. Thus did our suff'ring Saviour pray,

With mighty cries and tears.
God heard him in that dreadful day,

And chas'd away his fears.
3. Great was the vistry of his death :

His throne exalted stands;
And all the nations of the earth

Shall bow to his commands.
4. The meek and humble souls shall see

His table richly spread;
And all, that seek the Lord, shall be
With joys immortal fed !

HYMN 136. L. M.
1. COME, let our mournful songs record

The dying sorrows of our Lord.
When he expir'd in shame and blood,

Like one forsaken of his God.
2. The Jews beheld him thus forlorn,

And shook their heads, and laugh'd in scorn ; “ He rescu'd others from the grave;

Now let him try himself to save.” 3. O harden'd people ! cruel priests!

How they stood round like savage beasts!

Like lions gaping to devour,

When God had left him in their pow'r! 4. They wound his head, his hands, his feet,

'Till streams of blood each other meet; By lot his garments they divide,

And mock the pangs in which he died. 5. But, gracious God! thy pow'r and love

Have made his death a blessing prove.
Tho' once upon the cross he bled,

Immortal honours crown his head.
6. Thro’ Christ thy Son our guilt forgive,

And let the mourning sinner live! 'The Lord will hear us in his name; Nor shall our hope be turn'd to shame.

HYMN 137. L. M. 1. 'TWAS for our sake, eternal God,

Thy Son sustain'd that heavy load Of base reproach and sore disgrace,

And shame defil'd his sacred face. 2. The Jews, his brethren and his kin,

Abus'd him when he check'd their sin ;
While he fulfill'd thy holy laws,

They hate him, but without a cause. 3. Zeal for the temple of his God

Consum'd his life, expos'l his blood ;
Reproaches at thy glory thrown

He felt, and mourn'd them as his own. 4. His friends forsook, his foll’wers fled,

While foes and arms surround his head.
They nail him to the shameful tree;

There hung my Lord, who died for me. 5. But God his Father heard his cry;

Rais'd from the dead, he reigns on high;
The nations learn his righteousness,
And humble sinners taste his grace.

HYMN 138. C. M.
1. THE Saviour, what a noble flame

Was kindled in his breast,
When, hasting to Jerusalem,

He march'd before the rest!

2. Good-will to men and zeal for God

His ev'ry thought engross;
He longs to be baptiz'd with blood;

He pants to reach his cross,
3. With all his suff'rings full in view,

And woes to us unknown,
Forth to the task his spirit flew;

'Twas love that urg'd him on.
4. Lord! we return thee what we can.

Our hearts shall sound abroad
Salvation to the dying man,

And to the rising God!
5. And while thy bleeding glories here

Engage our wond'ring eyes;
We learn our lighter cross to bear,
And hasten to the skies.

HYMN 139. s. M.
EHOLD th’amazing sight,

The Saviour lifted high!
Behold the Son of God's delight

Expire in agony !
2. For whom, for whom, my heart,

Were all these sorrows borne ?
Why did he feel that piercing smart,

And meet that various scorn ? 3. For love of us be bled,

And all in torture died ;
Twas love that bow'd his fainting head,

And op'd his gushing side. 4. In sympathy of love

Let all the earth combine;
And, drawn by cords so gentle, prove

The energy divine.
5. In him our hearts unite,

Nor share his griefs alone;
But from his cross pursue their flight
To bis triumphant throne.


1. B

HYMN 140. C M.
TOME, let us lift our voices high,

High as our joys arise ;
And join the songs above the sky,

Where pleasure never dies.
2. Jesus, the Lord that fought and bled,

How kind his smiles appear !
What melting, soothing words he says

To ev'ry humble ear!
3.“ For you, the objects of my love,

“ It was for you I died.
“ Behold my hands, behold my feet,

“And look into my side. 14.“ These are the wounds for you I bore,

“ The tokens of my pains,
“ When I was sent to free your souls

“ From misery and chains.” 5. We give thee, Lord, our highest praise

For goodness so divine.
O may we ever feel thy grace,
And die to ev'ry sin !

HYMN 141. P. M. 1. HARK: the voice of love and mercy

Sounds aloud from Calvary ;
Rending rocks the work attesting,

Shaking earth and veiled sky:
“ It is finish'd !"

Was the dying Saviour's cry. 2. O the life, the peace, the pleasure,

Which these charming words afford ! Heav'nly blessings without measure

Flow to us through Christ the Lord. "It is finish'd !"

Let our joyful words record.
3. Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs!

Sound aloud Immanuel's name.
All creation swell the chorus,

Dwell on this delightful theme :
“It is finish'd!"

Glory to the worthy Lamb !

HYMN 142. L. M. 1.“'TIS finish?di-so the Saviour cried,

And meekly bow'd his head and died. 'Tis finishd-yes, the race is run,

The battle fought, the vict'ry won. 2. 'Tis finish'd !-all that heav'n decreed,

And all the ancient prophets said, Is now fulfill'd, as was design'd,

In thee the Saviour of mankind. 3. 'Tis finish'd !-Aaron now no more

Must stain his robes with purple gore. The sacred veil is rent in twain,

And Jewish rites no more remain. 4. 'Tis finish'd !--man is reconcil'd ·

Tň God, and pow'rs of darkness spoild. Peace, love, and happiness again

Return and dwell with sinful men. 5. 'Tis finish'd !-let the joyful sound

Be heard thro' all the nations round. 'Tis finish'd let the echo fly Thro' heav'n and hell, thro' earth and sky!

HYMN 143. c. M.
COME, let us join our cheerful songs

With angels round the throne.
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,

But all their joys are one.
2. “ Worthy the Lamb that died,” they cry,

“ To be exalted thus. “ Worthy the Lamb,” our lips reply,

For he was slain for us. 3, Jesus is worthy to receive

Honour and pow'r divine;
And blessings, more than we can give,

Be, Lord! for ever thine.
4. Let all that dwell above the sky,

And air, and earth, and seas, Conspire to lift thy glories high,

Aud speak thine endless praise !

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