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That earth and heav'n and all may see

My love to him, who died for me?
3. That off?ring, Lord, thy word hath taught;

Nor be thy new command forgot,
That, if their Master's death can move,

Thy servants should each other love. 4. When on thy cross I fix mine eye,

Let ev'ry savage passion die;
And may I ever ready be
To serve, forgive, and love like thee.

HYMN 154 L. M.
Now let my soul with transport risc,

And range thro' earth and mount the skies, And view each various form of good,

Where angels hold their high abode. 2. Hath not the bounteous King of heav'n

His chief belov'd already giv'n?
And what shall mercy hold too good

For sinners ransom'd with his blood ? 3. My soul, with fearless faith embrace

T'he sacred cov’nant of his grace ;
With joyful hope, obedient, wait
The issues of a love so great.

HYMN 155. c. MI.
ARK! 'is our heav'nly Leader's voice,

From the bright realms above;
Amidst the war's tumultuous rage,

A voice of pow'r and love. 2.“Maintain the fight, my faithful band,

“Nor fear the mortal blow; “He, that in such a warfare dies,

“Shall speedy vic'try know.
3.“ I have my days of combat seen,

“And in the dust was laid :
“But now I sit upon my throne,

“And glory crowns my head.
4. “This throne, this glory shall be your's;

“My hands the crown shall give;

1. H

“ And you the blest reward shall share,

“ While God himself shall live.”
5. Lord ! 'tis enough ; our souls are fir'd

With courage and with love,
Vaiu are th' assaults of earth and hell;

Our hopes are fix'd above.
6. We'll trace the footsteps thou hast drawn

To triumph and renown;
Nor shun thy combat and thy cross,
May we but share thy crown.

HYMN 156. L. M.
THE God, who once to Israel spoke

From Sinai's top in fire and smoke,
In gentler strains of gospel grace,

Invites us now to seek his face.
2. He wears no terrors on his brow;

He speaks in love from Zion now.
It is the voice of Jesus' blood,

That calls us wand'rers back to God. 3. Hark! how from Calvary it sounds,

From the Redeemer's bleeding wounds:
“ Pardon and grace I freely give;.

Then, sinner, look to me, and live.” 4. What other arguments can move

The heart, that slights a Saviour's love?
O may that heav'nly pow'r be felt,
And cause the stony heart to melt!




HYMN 157. L. M.
HE dies, the friend of sinners dies !

Lo! Salem's daughters weep around.
A solemn darkness veils the skies;

A sudden trembling shakes the ground.

1. YE

2. Here's love and grief beyond degree:

The Lord of glory dies for man ! But lo! what sudden joys we see !

Jesus, the dead revives again. 3. The rising God forsakes the tomb :

In vain the tomb forbids his rise. Cherubic legions guard him home,

And shout him welcome to the skies. 4. Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell,

How high our great Deliv'rer reigns. Sing, how he spoil'd the hosts of hell,

And led the monster, death, in ohains. 5. Say:“Live for ever, wondrous King!

* Born to redeem, and strong to save!" Then ask the monster:“ where's thy sting! “ And where's thy victry, boasting grave ?"

HYMN 158 C. M.
TE humble souls, that seek the Lord,

Chase all your fears away ;
And bow with pleasure down to see

The place where Jesus Jay.
2. Thưs low the Lord of life was brought !

Such wonders love can do!
Thus cold in death that bosom lay,

Which throob’d and bled for you! 3. A moment give a loose to grief;

Let grateful sorrows rise ;
And wash the bloody stains away

With torrents from your eyes.
4. Then dry your tears, and tiine your songs;

The Saviour lives again!
Not all the bolts and bars of death

The Conq’ror could detain.
5. High o'er th' angelic bands he rears

His once dishonour'd head;
And thro’unnumber'd years he reigns,

Who dwelt among the dead.
6: With joy like his shall ev'ry saint

His empty tomb survey ;

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And rise with his ascendiug Lord
Thro' all his shining way.

HYMN 159 P. M.
CHRIST, the Lord, is ris’n to day,

Sons of men and angels say: Raise your joys and triumphs high;

Sing, ye'heav'ns, and earth reply. 2. Love's redeeming work is done;

Fought the fight, the battle won.
Lo! our sun's eclipse is o'er.

Lo! he sets in blood no more.
3. Vain the stone, the watch, the seal !
Christ has burst the gates of hell.
Death in vain forbids his rise;

Christ has open's Paradise.
4. Lives again our glorious King :

Where, o death, is now thy sting?
Dying once, he all doth save:
Where thy victory, O grave ?

HYMN 160. P. M. 1. ANGEL, roll the rock away.

Death, yield up thy mighty prey,
See, he rises from the tomb

Glowing in immortal bloom.
2, 'Tis the Saviour ! angels raise

Fame's eternal trump of praise.
Let the world's remotest bound

Hear the joy-inspiring sound. 3. Hail ! victorious Jesus, hail !

On thy cloud of glory sail
In long triumph through the sky,

Up to waiting worlds on high.
4. Heav'n displays her portals wide :

Glorious hero! thro' them ride.
King of glory! mount thy throne,

Thy great Father's and thine own. 5. Hosts of heav'n, seraphic fires !

Raptur'd, sweep your sounding lyres.

Sons of men ! in humbler strain

Sing your mighty Saviour's reign. 6. Ev'ry note with wonder swell;

Sin o’erthrown, and captiv'd hell !
Where is now, o death! thy sting?
Where thy terrors, vanquish'd King?

HYMN 161. s. M.
SEE what a living stone

The builders did refuse!
Yet God hath built his church thereon,

In spite of envious Jews. 1. The work, O Lord, is thine,

And wondrous in our eyes:
This day declares it all divine,

This day did Jesus rise.
3. Since he hath left the grave,

His promises are true;
And each exalted hope he gave,

Confirrn'd of heav'n we view. 4. Hosannah to the King

Of David's royal blood!
Bless him, ye saints; he comes to bring

Salvation from your God. 5. O come the happy hour,

When all the world shall own
Thy Son, O God, declar'd with pow'r,

And worship at thy throne! 6. We bless thy holy word,

Which all this grace displays;
And offer on thine altar, Lord!
Our sacrifice of praise.

HYMN 162. P. M.
1. YES, the Redeemer rose;

The Saviour left the dead,
And o'er our hellish foes
High rais'd his conq’ring head.

In wild dismay
The guards around
Fall to the ground,
And sink away.


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