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May I never go astray from the truth as it is in Jesus, but seek for it with an impartial and unprejudiced mind, be delivered from those passions which hinder its discovo ery, and obey it from the heart. May I be animated by that faith, which overcomes the world, which purifies the soul, and which works by love. May I be filled with that hope which will not suffer me to be ashamed, but will cause me to run with patience the race set before me. May I be possessed of that charity, which is the end of every commandment, and without which whosoever liveth is counted dead before thee. May I cherish a constant regard to thee as my Ruler and Judge, worship thee with a thankful and resigned temper, praise thee with gladness, and rejoice in thy protection. May I be concerned to resemble my honoured Master in every divine and amiable disposition, and imbibe his zeal, his devotion, his fortitude, his humile ity, his compassion, and benevolence. May I delight, like him, in doing good; and press forward with unremitting ardour towards the mark of the prize of my high calling.

My outward condition, O Lord, it is my happiness and duty to refer wholly to thy wisdom. With submission to thy will, I implore from thee those things which are neces

sary to the security and comfort of life ; and pray, that I : may be preserved from great calamities and amictions, if this be consistent with thy gracious purposes. Lead me in that path, which thou seest to be best for me. Help me to become perfectly contented, to repose unlimited confidence in thy government, and to improve health and sickness, joy and sorrow, to thy glory; May I so pass through things temporal, as not to forget the things which are eternal. May I so use the world, as not to abuse it. Moderate in my desires for its good things, temperate in every lawful gratification, and patient under every disappointment, trial, or suffering, may I constantly aspire to a higher bliss than any which can here be obtained, lay a good foundation against the time to come, and daily look forward to the glory which is about to be revealed to thy faithful servants. May I behold the approach of death with peace and satisfaction; and, when my course is finished, be remove from this mixed state of discipline to the land of unfading happiness and perfect love. I praise thee, O God, that thou art the merciful Parent


of all men; and I beseech thee to have compassion upon and to save every individual of the human family., Be pleased to bless my friends, to reward my benefactors, and to take into thy holy keeping the family with which I am connected. Visit with thy light and comfort all who are afflicted with sickness and pain. Console and cheer all who are distressed in mind. Provide for the relief of those, who are suffering want. Pity the widow and orphan; gladden the hearts of such as mourn the loss of those they loved; hear the cries of the persecuted and oppressed ; be nigh unto all, who are in circumstances of peril. Turn the ungodly to the love and fear of thy name; support and strengthen every upright soul; give rest and joy to every weary and heavy-laden sinner. Spread the gospel of Christ Jesus throughout the earth; put an end to all war, strife, tyranny, and injustice; and let every nation become virtuous, enlightened, and happy. Direct our rulers ; preserve our liberties; prosper our citizens: assist us to become a righteous people, whom thou wilt bless and protect; and let all our ingtitutions for the education of youth, and for the maintenance and diffusion of pure religion, be crowned with success.

Accept, O God, I beseech thee, these sentiments and desires of my heart, which I offer up in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ; through whom I trust for the acceptance of my person, and all my sincere, but imperfect services. And unto thee be endless praise and glory: Amen.


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