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sawn and Cngraven coprenty for the 22 lumier fta Bebe ery Borbetté lzuit 5 Fashionable hagarine vablisheré jist

in Wahiz Aeloinger Southamptonninetetravit.

For OCTOBER, 1807..





FASHIONS FOR THE SEASON. Lady's DRESS.-A round gown with short As our metropolis cannot at this period be train, ornainenteil at the feet in Autings of muslin

properly termed the theatre of fashion, we of or needle work; a long sleeve rucked, with full

course direct our attention to those places of top; frock back, and lappelled bosom cut low, public and private resort, where she still reigns and trimmed with scolloper! lace. A Chapeau triumphant. Genius and talent are confined to a la bocage, of imperial chip or sarsnet, orna

no period or clime,-taste and fancy are their mented with a wreath of ivy or jonquille; a

offspring, and fashion their conductor and chasingle sprig of the same in front of the bosom in | peron. lieu of a brooch. A shawl of Chinese silk,

The celebrated watering places exhibit at this throwo negligently over the shoulders. Hair in

moment an assemblage of beauty and elegance; a single band across the forehead, relieved by loose

the balls and theatres, public walks and libraries, curis in front and at the sides. Hoop earrings of

were never more crowded; and the splendour, amber or cornelian. Straw.coloured kid gloves

luxury, gaiety, and hospitality displayed at the and shoes.

seats of our nobles, and the villas of our females Child's DRESS.- A frock and trowsers of fine

of fashionable eclat, are emblematic of that nacambric, bordered at the bottom in rich fancy tional prosperity which, spite of our Continental Vandyke; French back, and bosom cut very low, foe, is still the pride and boast of Albion. and ornamented with the same; Circassian sleeve It is to the opportunity of observation afforded very short. The Moorish boot, or high pomposa, ll us from the above-mentioned sources, that we are of bright yellow kid, laced with purple. Sash to enabled to give a delineation more copious and correspond, tied in shortbows and ends behind. select than at this season of the year it might PARISIAN COSTUME.

otherwise be in our power to procure, and which,

we are proud to say, will be sought for in vain No 2.-A PARISIAN DANCING FIGURE.

amidst the pages of any cotemporary work. Our A round frock of Italian crape, over a white || fair readers will be sensible that at this interme. satin slip, ornamented at the bottom with a pink 1 diate season no great degree of novelty presents and silser ribband. Long waist, laced up the back itself; but still amidst our general information, with pink or silver chord; a plain bosom cut very we shall hope to pourtray some variety in inlow, trimmed tel que la robe. Tho melon slecve, || dividual articles; while we at the same time formed of alternate stripes of pink satin and endeavour to direct the taste in its selection and white crape; a narrow sash of pink ribband, combination of that attire which produces an lied loosely behind. Hair combed straight from

attractive and elegant tout ensemble. Attention the temples, and leaving a few simple curls on. to the morning and intermediate costume, we the forehead, is forined in full braids at the back strongly enforced in our last; it will therefore of the head, confined with a coronet comb of

only be necessary here to specify such articles as Pearl, and ornamented with a bunch of auricula

are most worthy of distinction in this and every Or clove-carnation. A bouquet composed of the other style of fashionable decoration. The CarTose and myrtle. Necklace, earrings, and brace

melite, or Convent cloak, of coloured sarsnet; lets of fine Chinese pearl. Gloves of French kid,

the Pedlar's cloak, and Rugen mantle, of Chinese and slippers of pink satin, tied round the ankles silk, trimmed with Vandyke brocade ribband; With silver ribband. Plain silk stockings, all the large Angola, or silk shawl, near two yards tench white.

square, gathered full round the throat, and tied

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