The Little Missionary, Or, A Biographical Sketch of Gratia Olive Leonard

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American Sunday-School Union, 1855 - Children - 90 pages
Gratia Olive Leonard died at the age of eight. She was worthy of public notice by a few facts: she never attended Sabbath school a day in her life and she learned how to pray (at age of two) and to read (at age of four) at home, and yet she demonstrated an overwhelmingly strong faith as Christian and wanted to be a missionary at very young age.

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Page 76 - We watched her breathing through the night, Her breathing soft and low, As in her breast the wave of life Kept heaving to and fro. " ' So silently we seemed to speak, So slowly moved about, As we had lent her half our powers To eke her living out. " ' Our very hopes belied our fears ; Our fears our hopes belied ; We thought her dying when she slept, And sleeping when she died. " ' For when the morn came dim and sad, And chill with early showers, Her quiet eyelids closed ; — she had Another morn...
Page 5 - AROUND the throne of God in Heaven Thousands of children stand-, Children whose sins are all forgiven, A holy, happy band, Singing, Glory, glory, glory.
Page 84 - Sarah ! my last, my youngest love, The crown of every other ! Though thou art born in heaven above, I am thine only Mother, Nor will affection let me Believe thou canst forget me. Then, — thou in heaven and I on earth, — May this one hope delight us, That thou wilt hail my second birth When death shall re-unite us, Where worlds no more can sever Parent and child for ever.
Page 84 - I LOVED thee, Daughter of my heart ; My Child, I loved thee dearly ; And though we only met to part, — How sweetly ! how severely ! — Nor life nor death can sever My soul from thine for ever. Thy days, my little one, were few, — An Angel's morning visit, That came and vanish'd with the dew ; 'Twas here, 'tis gone, where is it ? Yet didst thou leave behind thee A clew for love to find thee.
Page 77 - He daily provides me with raiment and food; Whate'er he denies me is meant for my good. 2. The Lord is my Shepherd, then I must obey His gracious commandments, and walk in his way ; His fear he will teach me, my heart he'll renew, And though I'm so sinful, my sins he'll subdue. 3. The Lord is my Shepherd...
Page 29 - Mother, how still the baby lies ! I cannot hear his breath ; I cannot see his laughing eyes — They tell me this is death. My little work I thought to bring, And sat down by his bed, And pleasantly I tried to sing — They hushed me — he is dead. They say that he again will rise, More beautiful than now, — That God will bless him in the skies — Oh, mother, tell me how...
Page 31 - Who for me life's pathway trod, Who for me became a child ; Make me humble, meek, and mild. 2 I thy little lamb would be, Jesus, I would follow thee ; Samuel was thy child of old, Take me, too, within thy fold.
Page 77 - He daily supplies me with raiment and food, Whate'er He denies me is meant for my good. 2 The Lord is my Shepherd, then I must obey His gracious commandments, and walk in his way ; His fear He will teach me, my heart He'll renew ; Though I am so sinful, my sins He'll subdue. 3 The Lord is my Shepherd, how happy am I, I'm blest while I live, and I'm blest when I die ; In death's gloomy valley no evil I'll dread, For I will be with thee, my Shepherd has said.
Page 30 - Good morning, dear ma" ; through all the cold night How sweet I have slept, and how still, and how warm ! My heavenly Father watched over your child, And guarded me safe from each danger and harm. " And precious new blessings each moment he gives ; I will love him, and thank him, and bless him each day ; I will beg him to make me his own little child, And all his commands I will gladly obey.
Page 77 - I'm blest while I live, and am blest when I die ; In death's gloomy valley no evil I'll dread, For " I will be with thee," my Shepherd hath said. 4. The Lord is my Shepherd...

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