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which is blessed above all names; purify my soul from all evil and perverse thoughts, that my mind may continually meditate on thee, my lips bless thee, and my life glorify thee. And because, through thy goodness alone, I have been created, to the praise and glory of thy holy name, grant, I beseech thee, that I may faithfully serve thee here, and eternally rejoice with thee hereafter; who, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest, one God, world without end. Amen.

Almighty God, who, dwelling in the highest heavens, vouchsafest to regard the lowest creature on earth; I humbly adore thy sacred Majesty, and with all the powers of my soul exalt and praise thy name for the infinite blessings thou hast so freely bestowed on me; for electing me in thy love, and creating me in thy own image; for redeeming me by thy Son, and sanctifying me with thy holy Spirit; for preserving me in all the chances and accidents of this life, and raising up my thoughts to the hope of a better; and particularly this morning, that thou hast protected me from the dangers of the night, and hast brought me safely to the beginning of this day. Continue, O Lord, thy mercy to me; and as thou hast awakened my body from sleep, so raise my soul from sin, that I may walk soberly and chastely, as in the day, in all holy obedience before thy face.

Deliver me, O merciful God, from the evils of this day, and guide my feet in the way of peace; strengthen my resolution to embrace with gladness all opportunities of doing good, and carefully to avoid all occasions of sin, especially those which I have found, by experience, to be most dangerous to my soul; and when, through frailty, I forget thee, do thou, in thy mercy, remember me; that as I often fall by the evil propensity of my nature, I may always rise again by the assistance of thy grace. Make me diligent in the duties of my calling and station, and not too solicitous about the things of this life; but in all the miseries and crosses of the world, absolutely to submit to thy divine pleasure, and wholly to rely on thy merciful providence. Let thy

blessings be upon my actions, and thy grace direct my intentions; that the whole course of my life, and the principal design of my heart, may always tend to the advancement of thy glory, the good of others, and the eternal salvation of my own soul, through Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour, who, with thee and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth ever one God, world without end. Amen.

Give me grace, O Lord, to do what thou commandest, and command what thou pleasest.

Give me grace to suffer what thou permittest, and permit what thou pleasest.

O holiest Virgin, Mother of my God, and my especial Patroness, shew thyself my mother, and take me under thy protection this day.

Angel of God, who art my guardian, enlighten, guard, direct, and govern me, who have been committed to thee by the supernatural clemency. Amen.

And ye, O holy saints (N.N.), my chosen and beloved patrons, intercede for me to God, that, by the guidance of his grace, I may love and serve him here; and hereafter, with you, behold his face for all eternity. Amen.

The blessing of God Almighty, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, descend upon me, and dwell in my heart for Amen.



O Lord of perfect purity.

The star that heralds in the morn

Now doth the sun ascend the sky

The darkness fleets .

Again the holy morn (Sunday or Feast-day)
Jesus, the very thought of thee

Come, Holy Ghost, or, Come, O Creator

1 For Hymns see end of book.

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Awaking in the morning, say:

O my God, my only God, the author of my being and my last end, I offer thee my heart. Praise, honour, and glory be

to thee for ever and ever.

I will arise from this bed of sleep to adore my God, and to labour for the salvation of my soul. Oh, may I arise in the last day to life everlasting!

When clothed, kneel and say

In the name of the Father, &c.

Place yourself in the presence of God.

Most holy and adorable Trinity, one God in three persons, I believe that thou art here present; I adore thee with the deepest humility, and render to thee, with my whole heart, the homage which is due to thy sovereign majesty.

Thank God, and offer yourself to Him.

My God, I most humbly thank thee for all the favours thou hast bestowed upon me up to the present moment. I give thee thanks from the bottom of my heart that thou hast created me after thine own image and likeness, that thou hast redeemed me by the precious blood of thy dear Son, and that thou hast preserved me and brought me safe to the beginning of another day. I offer to thee, O Lord, my whole being, and in particular all my thoughts, words, actions, and sufferings of this day. I consecrate them all to the glory of thy name, beseeching thee that through the infinite merits of Jesus Christ my Saviour they may all find acceptance in thy sight. May thy divine love animate them, and may they all tend to thy greater glory.

Resolve to avoid Sin, and to practise Holiness.

Adorable Jesus, my Saviour and Master, model of all perfection, I resolve and will endeavour this day to imitate thy example, to be like thee mild, humble, chaste, zealous, charitable, and resigned. I will redouble my efforts that I may not fall this day into any of those sins which I have heretofore committed (here you may name any besetting sin), and which I sincerely desire to forsake.

Implore the necessary Graces.

O my God, thou knowest my poverty and weakness, and that I am unable to do any thing good without thee; deny me not,

O God, the help of thy grace; proportion it to my necessities; give me strength to avoid every thing evil which thou forbiddest, and to practise the good which thou hast commanded; and enable me to bear patiently all the trials which it may please thee to send me.

Our Father. Hail Mary. I believe. I confess, &c.

An Act of Faith.

O my God, I firmly believe all that thou hast revealed, and which the holy Catholic Church proposes to me to be believed, because thou art truth itself, which can neither deceive nor be deceived. In this faith I desire to live and die.

An Act of Hope.

O my God, relying on thy gracious promises, I hope, by the merits of Jesus Christ, for the pardon of my sins, grace to serve thee faithfully in this life by doing the good works which thou hast commanded, and eternal happiness in the world to come, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

An Act of Love.

O my God, I love thee with my whole heart, and above all things, because thou art infinitely good in thyself and infinitely to be loved; and for the love of thee I love my neighbour as myself.

An Act of Contrition.

O my God, I repent with my whole heart of having offended thee; I detest my sins for the love of thee; I firmly resolve never to offend thee again, and by the help of thy grace to avoid every occasion of sin.

Ask the Prayers of the Saints.

Holy Virgin, Mother of God, my Mother and Patroness, I place myself under thy protection, I throw myself with confidence into the arms of thy compassion. Be to me, O Mother of mercy, my refuge in distress, my consolation under suffering, my advocate with thy adorable Son, now and at the hour of my death.

Angel of heaven, my faithful and loving guide, obtain for me grace to be obedient to thy holy inspirations, and so to direct my steps that I may not in any thing depart from the will and commandments of my God.

O great Saint, whose name I bear, protect me, pray for me, that like you I may serve God faithfully on earth, and glorify bim eternally with you in heaven. Amen.

Angelus Domini, see p. 30.


Take, O Lord, and accept all my liberty; my memory, my understanding, and my will. Take me, and all that I have and am. Thou hast given me all; behold, I restore all to thee, to be disposed of according to thy good pleasure. Give me only thy grace and thy love; this is sufficient for me; I will not ask any thing else of thee but this. Amen.


Which may be used every Morning, or at any other time.

I adore and glorify thee, O blessed Trinity, God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; I offer myself to thy divine Majesty, humbly beseeching thee to take from me, and from all the faithful, whatever displeases thee, and to give us that which is grateful in thy sight. Grant that we may here do what thou commandest, and hereafter receive what thou promisest.

To thee, O Lord, I commend my soul and body [my wife and children, my father and mother, my brothers and sisters]; all my relations, benefactors, friends, and acquaintances; all who have injured or offended me; and all whom I have in any way scandalised, injured, or offended; all who have asked my prayers, or for whom I am accustomed or bound to pray: supply all their necessities, comfort and support them in all their trials and afflictions, deliver them from all temptations, make them in this world truly to know, love, and serve thee, and to enjoy thee hereafter in heaven.

I pray also for thy holy Catholic Church; for its chief Pastor, Pius IX., our Pope, that the spirit of wisdom, fortitude, and piety, may rest upon him; for the Bishops [especially N. our Bishop], and for all the Pastors and Clergy of thy Church, that they may direct the faithful in the way of salvation; for all religious orders of men and women (to whose prayers and good works I desire to be associated); and for all the faithful. I pray for all

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