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4 Mary, thou canst not forsake me,
Virgin-mother undefiled;

Thou didst not abandon Jesus,
Dying, tortured, and reviled.
Jesus! Jesus!

Send Thy Mother to console me:
Mary, help thy guilty child.
5 Jesus, when in cruel anguish
Dying on the shameful tree,
All abandoned by Thy Father,
Thou didst writhe in agony.
Jesus! Jesus!

By those three long hours of sorrow
Thou didst purchase hope for me.
6 When the priest, with holy unction,
Prays for mercy and for grace,
May the tears of deep compunction
All my guilty stains efface.
Jesus! Jesus!

Let me find in Thee a refuge,
In Thy heart a resting-place.
7 Then, by all that Thou didst suffer,
Grant me mercy in that day;
Help me, Mary, my sweet Mother,
Holy Joseph, near me stay.
Jesus! Jesus!

Let me die, my lips repeating,
Jesus, mercy! Mary, pray!

185. Jesus, my Lord, behold at length the time. 1 JESUS, my Lord. behold at length the time When I resolve to turn away from crime. O, pardon me, Jesus;

Thy mercy I implore;

I will never more offend Thee,
No, never more.

2 Since my poor soul Thy precious Blood hath ccst,
O, suffer me not ever to be lost.

O, pardon, &c.

8 Kneeling in tears, behold me at Thy feet;
Like Magdalene, forgiveness I entreat.
Ŏ, pardon, &c.


1 LET those who seek the world to please Do all for honour, wealth, and ease; But in the Holy Family

A nobler motive far have we.

Living we will say joyfully each day,
All for Jesus, Mary, Joseph!

Dying, we will cry, till our latest sigh,
All for Jesus, Mary Joseph!

2 O wicked world, we know thee well;
Thy works and maxims lead to hell:
We were thy slaves, but now are free,→
We serve the Holy Family.

Living, we will say, &c.

3 What matter though we sometimes bear
A little suffering, toil, and care;
We serve a good and bounteous Lord,
And heav'n will soon be our reward.
Living, we will say, &c.

4 What though despised and poor we be,
We're like the Holy Family:

If They could poverty endure,
We should be proud to be as poor.
Living, we will say, &c.

5 And when this wretched life is past,
And every moment seems the last,
O then the Holy Family

Our sweetest hope in death will be!
Living, we will say, &c.

Happy we, who thus united.

1 HAPPY we, who thus united
Join in cheerful melody;
Praising Jesus, Mary, Joseph,
In the "Holy Family."

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, help us,
That we ever true may be
To the promises that bind us
To the "Holy Family."


2 Jesus, whose almighty bidding
All created things fulfil,

Lives on earth in meek subjection
To His earthly parents' will,
Sweetest Infant, make us patient
And obedient for Thy sake;
Teach us to be chaste and gentle,
All our stormy passions break.

3 Mary! thou alone wert chosen
To be Mother of thy Lord:
Thou didst guide the early footsteps
Of the Great Incarnate Word.
Dearest Mother! make us humble;
For thy Son will take His rest
In the poor and lowly dwelling
Of a humble sinner's breast.
4 Joseph! thou wert called the father
Of thy Maker and thy Lord;
Thine it was to save thy Saviour
From the cruel Herod's sword.
Suffer us to call thee father;
Show to us a father's love;
Lead us safe through every danger
Till we meet in heaven above

Dear angel, ever at my side.

1 DEAR angel, ever at my side,
How loving thou must be,
To leave thy home in heav'n to

A little child like me!
Thy beautiful and shining face
I see not, though so near;
The sweetness of thy soft low voice
I am too deaf to hear.

2 But when, dear Spirit, I kneel

At morn and night to prayer,
There is a voice within my heart
Which tells me thou art there.
Yes; when I pray, thou prayest too,
Thy prayer is all for me;
And when I sleep, thou sleepest,

But watchest patiently.

3 And thou in life's last hour wilt

A fresh supply of grace,
And afterwards wilt let me kiss
Thy beautiful bright face.
Ah, me! how lovely they must be
Whom God has glorified!
Yet one of them-O sweetest

Is ever at my side.

4 Then, for thy sake, dear angel,


More humble will I be;
But I am weak; and when I fall,
O weary not of me.

O love me still, sweet angel guide,
And I will love thee more;
And help me when my soul is cast
Upon th' eternal shore.


1 KIND Angel Guardian, thanks to thee
For thy so watchful care of me;
O, lead me still in ways of truth,
Dear guide of childhood and of youth..
2 Kind Angel Guardian, let my tears
Implore thee too for riper years;
O, keep me safe in wisdom's way,
And bring me back if I should stray.
3 When angry passions fill my soul,
Subdue them to thy meek control;
Through good and ill, O, ever be
A guide, a guard, a friend to me.

4 And when death's hand shall seal mine eyes,
O, bear my spirit to the skies,

And teach me there my voice to raise
In hymns of never-ending praise.


1 O PARADISE! O Paradise!
Who doth not crave for rest?
Who would not seek the happy
Where they that loved are
Where loyal hearts and true
Stand ever in the light,
All rapture through and

In God's most holy sight.

2 O Paradise! O Paradise!
The world is growing old;
Who would not be at rest and free
Where love is never cold?
Where, &c.

3 O Paradise! O Paradise!
Wherefore doth death delay
Bright death, that is the welcome

Of our eternal day?
Where, &c.

4 0 Paradise! O Paradise!
'Tis weary waiting here:
I long to be where Jesus is,
To feel, to see Him near.
Where, &c.

5 O Paradise! O Paradise!
I want to sin no more;
I want to be as pure on earth
As on thy spotless shore.
Where, &c.

6 O Paradise! O Paradise!
I greatly long to see
The special place my dearest

Has destined long for me.
Where, &c.

7 O Paradise! O Paradise!
I feel 'twill not be long;
Patience! I almost think I hear
Faint fragments of thy song.
Where, &c.

10 MAID conceived without a 2 Thou art far purer than the

[blocks in formation]

And grace shall triumph there.
Hail, Mary, ever undefiled,
Hail, Queen of purity!


Far brighter than the day; Thy beauty none on earth can know,

No tongue of man can say. O Mother of all mothers best, Who soothest every grief;

O, make thy children chaste and In thee the weary find their


And turn their hearts to thee.



And anguish'd hearts relie

3 O, then, for us, thy children, plead,
Thy pity we implore;

That we, from sin and sorrow freed,
May love thee more and more.
Hail, Mary, ever undefiled,

Hail, Queen of purity!

O, make thy children chaste and mild,
And turn their hearts to thee.

[blocks in formation]

8 The angels answer with their songs,
Bright choirs in gleaming rows;
And saints flock round thy feet in throngs,
And heaven with bliss o'erflows.

I think of thee, &c.

4 Immaculate conception! far
Above all graces blest;
Thou shinest like a royal star
On God's eternal breast.

I think of thee, &c.

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