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(Renewal of Vows.)

[blocks in formation]

3 Dear Lord, before Thy wounded feet

Weeping Thy children fall; Hear us, kind Jesus, Saviour sweet,

Our Life, our Love, our All.
We seek to serve no other king,
Follow no other guide;
Nor earth, nor any earthly thing,
Shall tear us from Thy side.

4 We seek to know no other love,
Save what we love in Thee;
And Thee we choose all else

Our chiefest love to be.
Thy blood our only treasure is,
Thy cross our chosen part;
Thyself and Mary all our bliss;
Our home, Thy Sacred Heart.


Blest is the faith, divine and strong.
1 BLEST is the faith, divine and strong,

Of thanks and praise an endless fountain,
Whose life is one perpetual song,

High up the Saviour's holy mountain.
O, Sion's songs are sweet to sing,
With melodies of gladness laden;
Hark how the harps of angels ring!

Hail, Son of Man! hail, Mother-Maiden!

2 Blest is the hope that holds to God

In doubt and darkness still unshaken,
And sings along the heavenly road
Sweetest when most it seems forsaken.
O, Sion's songs, &c.

3 Blest is the love that cannot love

Aught that earth gives of best and brightest;
Whose raptures thrill like saints above
Most when its earthly gifts are lightest.
O, Sion's songs, &c.

1 SIGN'D with the Cross that Jesus


We kneel, and tremblingly adore
Our King upon His throne.
The lights upon the altar shine
Around His Majesty divine,
Our God and Mary's Son.

2 Now, in that presence dread and

His own dear Spirit we entreat,
Who sevenfold gifts hath shed
On us, who fall before Him now,
Bearing the Cross upon our brow,
On which our Master bled.

3 Spirit of wisdom, turn our eyes
From earth and earthly vanities
To heavenly truth and love.
Spirit of understanding true,
Our souls with heavenly light

To seek the things above.

4 Spirit of counsel, be our guide; Teach us, by earthly struggles tried,

Our heavenly crown to win. Spirit of fortitude, Thy power Be with us in temptation's hour, To keep us pure from sin. 5 Spirit of knowledge, lead our feet

In Thine own paths so safe and sweet,

By angel footsteps trod; Where Thou our Guardian true shalt be,

Spirit of gentle piety,

To keep us close to God.
6 But most of all, be ever near,
Spirit of God's most holy fear,

Within our inmost shrine;
Our souls with awful rev'rence fill,
To worship His most holy Will,
All-righteous and divine.

7 So, dearest Lord, through peace or strife,
Lead us to everlasting life,

Where only rest can be;

And grant where'er our lot is cast,
We may in peace be brought at last
To Mary and to Thee.

196. Holy Ghost, come down upon Thy children.
1 HOLY GHOST, come down upon Thy children,
Give us grace, and make us Thine;
Thy tender fires within us kindle,
Blessed Spirit, Dove divine!

For all within us good and holy
Is from Thee, Thy precious gift;
In all our joys, in all our sorrows,
Wistful hearts to Thee we lift.
Holy Ghost, &c.

2 For Thou to us art more than father,
More than sister, in Thy love,
So gentle, patient, and forbearing,
Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove'
Holy Ghost, &c.


3 0, we have grieved Thee, gracious Spirit!
Wayward, wanton, cold are we;
And still our sins, new every morning,
Never yet have wearied Thee.
Holy Ghost, &c.

4 Dear Paraclete, how hast Thou waited
While our hearts were slowly turned;
How often hath Thy love been slighted,
While for us it grieved and burn'd.
Holy Ghost, &c.

5 Now, if our hearts do not deceive us,
We would take Thee for our Lord;
O dearest Spirit, make us faithful
To Thy least and lightest word.
Holy Ghost, &c.

6 Ah, sweet Consoler, though we cannot
Love Thee as Thou lovest us,
Yet if Thou deign'st our hearts to kindle,
They will not be always thus.
Holy Ghost, &c.

Come, O Creator Spirit!

1 COME, O Creator Spirit!
Visit these souls of Thine;
The hearts of Thy creating
Fill Thou with grace divine.
2 Who Paraclete art called,
The gift of God above;
The holy fire, pure unction,

And Fount of life and love.
3 Of God's right hand the finger,
The Father's promise true;
Who sevenfold gifts bestowest;
Who dost the tongue endue.

4 Pour light upon our senses,

Our hearts with love inflame;
And with Thy might supernal
Make strong our mortal frame.
5 From ghostly foes defend us,
Thy peace in us fulfil;
So, Thou before us leading,
We may escape each ill.

6 Thro' Thee may we the Father,
And Son most high, receive,
In Thee, from both proceeding,
Thro' endless time believe.

7 All praise be to the Father,
Praise to the Son who rose,
And praise to Thee, blest Spirit,
While age on ages flows.

[blocks in formation]


And to humble spirits

Heavenly things reveal,
Which My secret judgments
From the proud conceal.
3 Thou, O holy Jesus,
Seemest then to say,
O thou foolish worldlings,
Cast your pride.away;
If the God of glory

Doth Himself abase,
How shall man presume
To choose the highest place?

most lov'd by me.

3 And there Thy presence blest I seek,

To ask, while life shall last, Thy blessing on the coming week, Thy pardon for the past.

4 And there I lift my hands to

For those that I love best,
And pray that they may share with
In Thy eternal rest.

Hear Thy children, gentle Jesus.

1 HEAR Thy children, gentle Jesus,

While we breathe our evening prayer;
Save us from all harm and danger,
Take us 'neath Thy shelt'ring care.
2 Save us from the wiles of Satan,

'Mid the lone and sleepful night,
Sweetly may bright guardian angels
Keep us 'neath their watchful sight.

3 Gentle Jesus, look in pity

From Thy great white throne above,
All the night Thy Heart is wakeful
In Thy sacrament of love.

4 Shades of even fast are falling,
Day is fading into gloom;

When the shades of death fall round us,
Lead Thine exiled children home.




Litany of the Birth of Jesus.

1 By the word to Mary giv'n; By Thy first descent from heav'n; By Thine infant form so fair, Trembling in the midnight air,Babe of Bethlehem, hear our cry;

Thou wert helpless once as


Hear the loving Litany

3 By the worship shepherds paid
By the gifts that sages made,
Gold and myrrh and incense sweet,
Laid in homage at Thy feet,-

Babe of Bethlehem, &c.

4 By St. Joseph's thoughts amaz'd,
When he first upon Thee gaz'd,
And his Lord and Maker saw

We Thy children sing to Laid upon a bed of straw,-
Babe of Bethlehem, &c.


2 By Thy poor and lowly lot;
By the manger and the grot;
By Thy little feet and hands
Folded fast in swaddling bands,
Babe of Bethlehem, &c.


5 And oh, more than all the rest,
By the joy of Mary's breast,
When she, kneeling, first ador'd
Thee her child, and yet her Lord,-
Babe of Bethlehem, &c.

Litany of the Childhood of Jesus.

1 By the name which Thou didst
Suffering early for our sake;
Name ador'd on bended knee,
Name of grace and majesty,-
Child of Mary, hear our cry;
Thou wert little once as we;
Hear the loving Litany
We Thy children sing to

2 By the joy of Simeon blest,
When he clasp'd Thee to


By the widow'd Anna's song,
Pour'd amid the wondering throng,
Child of Mary, &c.

3 By Thine angel-bidden flight
Into Egypt in the night;
By Thy home at Herod's death
In despised Nazareth,-

Child of Mary, &c.

4 By Thy tender Mother's fears;
By her many sighs and tears,
As she sought Thee night and day
Turning back upon her way,-

Child of Mary, &c.

5 By her wond'ring love and awe
In the Temple when she saw
Thee, her child, so young and

Wiser than the wisest there,-
Child of Mary, &c.


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