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Bristol. William George's Sons' Book Store, Park St. Library Supply Lists, Nos.
294, 295, 296. Bibliotheca Antiqua et Curiosa; a List of Old and Curious Books,
Old Poetry, Charles the First, Earliest English Alpine Book, Old Chroniclers,
Foxe's Martyrs, 1570, Many Curious Old French Volumes, Gardening, Hugenots,
Jesuits, Contraband Imprints of Romanist Writers, Occult, Strange Subjects,
MSS., Liturgies, Amboyna Tracts, Sir T. More, 1557, English Books Printed
Abroad, Montaigne, 1632, London Magazine, 1732-1773.

Cambridge. Galloway & Porter, 30 Sidney St. Recent Purchases in all classes of
Literature; Art and Illustrated Books; Baskerville Press; Classical Books,
Mathematics, Theology, &c., &c.

Derby. -Frank Murray. Clearance Catalogue of Books, Part 1, including General
Literature, Angling and Sport, History and Biography, Classics, Economics,
Finely-illustrated Topography and Travel. Part 2 of this Clearance Catalogue,
containing Music (including a fine collection of original editions, in full score, of
Handel, Mozart, Bach, etc., etc., and a collection of old operas), Old Books,
Poetry and the Drama, Theology, Miniature Editions of the 17th and 18th
Centuries, Autographs, &c., &c., will be issued shortly.
Dublin.-Clery & Co., Ltd. Catalogue of Books.

Miscellaneous, Biographical,
Theological, Historical, Fiction, and of those Specially Relating to Ireland,
comprising Selections from the Libraries of the late Very Rev. Canon Quinn,
Rev. William Reynell, Mr. La Touche, &c., &c.
Edinburgh. -Alexander W. Macphail, 10 St. Giles St. Rarities in Scottish and
other Literature. Curious, Rare, and Old Books and Pamphlets, for Collectors
of all Tastes. It includes the first edition of Paradise Regained,' £5 15s, and
Drayton's Poly-Olbion, 1622, £1 158.
Glasgow.-James McKenzie, 238 Buchanan St.

Catalogue of Second-hand Books
in Miscellaneous Literature. A good, useful, general Catalogue of 2,794 lots in
68 pages
Harrogate.-I. Symington, Ye Old Booke Shoppe, Market Place. Mr. Symington
issues a weekly list of new purchases, and will send it post free on application.
Hereford.-Thomas Carver, The County Bookseller, 8 High Town. Catalogues

46 and 47, comprising the Libraries from Cubberley House, Ross, and Hope
Court, Ludlow; a portion of the Rare Collection of Engravings, &c., formed by
J. W. Lloyd, Esq., of Kington, and other items. Mr. Carver wisely devotes a
whole page to a resumé of the historical and literary haunts of Hereford, among
them being the birthplaces of Nell Gwynne and David Garrick; the Cathedral,
which Ruskin termed one of the finest types of cathedral architecture in the
West of England; and the wonderful Chained Library, said to be one of the
most valuable collections of chained books in existence. Hereford is, in short, a
city that no travelled bibliophile will miss visiting when he comes to England.
Leamington.-Simmons & Waters, 10 Spencer St. Catalogue of Old Engravings,
Portraits, etc., including items from the Collection of Signor Rosario Aspa.
Catalogue of Topographical and Antiquarian Books relating to the British Isles.
Catalogue of Modern Novels by Noted Authors. Catalogue of Ancient and
Modern Books from Two Libraries just purchased. Catalogue of Antiquarian
Books, including Topographical Views relating to Warwickshire. Messrs.
Simmons & Waters are in the heart of the Shakespeare country, and no visitor
should neglect to call at their interesting establishment. They have also a
number of extra-illustrated books on view.

Leeds. James Miles, 32 Guildford St. Catalogues 134, 135, 136, of Rare, Standard,
and Useful Books, a Collection of Books relating to the County of York, Music and
Musical Literature, &c., &c. De Bry's Voyages, 1591, is one of the rarities; a
fine and large copy of Chaucer's Works, 1561, Mirrour for Magistrates, 1610,
George Wither's Emblems, 1635, John Vicars' Jehovah-Jireh, 1644, and many
another interesting book. Mr. Miles makes a point of avoiding soiled, imperfect,
or undesirable stock.

Joseph Milligan, 29 Welton Mount.-Catalogues of Books in Various Classes of
Literature, including many books on America, First Editions, a Complete Set
of the Aldine Poets. a fine copy of John Lilly's Six Courte Comedies, 1632,
Guillim's Heraldry, 1724. Journals of Major Rogers in North America, 1756,
&c. It has also the General Catalogue of Books, printed by S. Roycroft in 1680,
and Mr. Milligan quotes a most interesting extract from the preface, dealing with
London Book Auctions, showing that the conditions then were much the same as

London. John Buchanan, 49 Gt. Queen Street, W.C.-Catalogues 105 and 106 of Second-hand Books, Ancient and Modern, comprising History, Biography, Voyages and Travels, Illustrated Works. Science and Natural History, &c.

Bertram Dobell, 77 Charing Cross Road, W.C.-Catalogues of Rare Books, Nos. 143, 144, containing such volumes as Beaumont and Fletcher's Wild-Goose Chase, 1652; Life in Paris, large paper, boards, uncut, 1822; Keats' Endymion, boards, uncut, 1818; Lamb's Works, presentation copy to Southey, boards, 18.8; a collection of Old English Pamphlets; Shakespeariana, and innumerable tempting items. Mr. Dobell should be written to for his prospectus of unknown and inedited works of the 16th and 17th centuries which he proposes to publish, under his own editorship, and which is too lengthy for quotation here.

Mr. J. Haslam, 14 Talbot Court, E.C., has opened additional and larger premises at 15 Broad Street Place, E.C., opposite Broad Street Station.

Mr. J. Jacobs, 149 Edgware Road, W.- Clearance Catalogue (previous to extensive alterations) of Standard, Interesting and Rare Books in All Classes of Literature; all clean and perfect. The catalogue deserves to be a tremendous success, for Mr. Jacobs offers a prize of five guineas to the person who discovers the greatest number of orthographic errors in it. If this is not being up-to-date I don't know what is.

Neville & George, 39a Harrington Road, South Kensington, S. W.-Book
Bargains! A Catalogue issued to the trade alone.

James Roche, 35 St. Martin's Court, St. Martin's Lane, W.C.-Catalogues of
Books in all Classes of Literature, comprising History, Biography, Travel and
Fiction, and a small collection of Arundel Chromos. Mr. Roche has recently
removed from Oxford Street, and is more than satisfied with the change of locality.
St. Martin's Court is in fact rapidly becoming an annexe of Charing Cross Road,
into which it runs.

Manchester.-Albert Sutton, 43 Bridge Street.-Catalogues, 144, 145, 146, 147, containing in the aggregate nearly 3.500 second-hand works of varying scarcity and interest. But a really remarkable catalogue or the series is No. 146, being a Catalogue of Reprints of Rare and Valuable Books, and the first catalogue of its kind. It contains descriptions of upwards of 1,200 reprints, some of which are from unique volumes, and many are of facsimiles of priceless originals. The catalogue contains 24 reproductions from the illustrations of the quaintest, oddest character possible to imagine, among them being two portraits of Shakespeare and two diverting figures of the "Devil." The catalogue serves as a guide to such publications, and should be got and be kept.

Newton Abbott.-Wilfrid Brown. List of Books relating to the West of England. Mr. Brown was formerly for some years with Mr. Daniell, and is now a bookseller and librarian at Newton Abbot, dealing in scarce books as well as new ones. Mr. Brown was also once Cataloguer of St Paul's Cathedral Library, and of Lincoln College Library, Oxford.

Northampton-J. S. Billingham, "Ye Olde Playe House," 1a Marefield-Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Second-hand Books, with a few rare and First Editions, also a Collection of Tracts relating to the Civil Wars, etc.

Norwich.-W. Hunt, 14 Orford Hill. -Catalogues, 125, 126, of Interesting Books, in

cluding Local Topography, Old Fashioned Books, etc., including the first Book of Common Praver issued in the reign of Charles I.

Oxford.-H. G. Gadney. 3 Turl Street. -Catalogue of Second-hand Books, Ancient and Modern, classified under Antiquity, Art, Architecture, Biography, Classics, English Literature, History (modern), Law, Music, Philosophy. Science, Sport, Theology, Topography, Travel, and Miscellaneous; in a cover which exhibits much taste as regards type and contrast of colouring.

Parker & Son, 27 Broad Street. -Catalogues of Oriental Books from the Libraries of Capt. St. John, (Teacher of Hindustani at Oxford), and of Prof. Platts (1,074 lots); also a Catalogue of Books under various heads: French Revolution, Oxfordshire, Philosophy, Sporting, etc. Messrs. Parker have recently opened an extension of their second-hand department at 6 New College Street, opposite Hertford College. The building was formerly New College Choir School, and appears to be an ideal place for quiet inspection by an intending purchaser.

Slatter & Rose. 16 High Street. -Pocket Catalogue of Classics, with a few books under the heads of Scripture, Mathematics, and Logic, and a view of their premises


Reading William Smith & Son, 109-111 London Street-Catalogues of Old, Rare,

and Curious, as well as some Modern Second-hand Books, also portraits, views, maps, &c., from the Collection of Lady Currie and other sources, A selection of Chap Books is included, and some Americana.

Rochdale James Clegg, 124 Drake Street. - The Rochdale Catalogue of Secondhand Books, many Rare and Curious, also a Catalogue consisting entirely of Rooks from the Library of the late John Bright, M.P., of One Ash, Rochdale. All booksellers and librarians will recall with gratitude Mr. Clegg's invaluable International Directory of Booksellers. with its thousand and one items of information on points indispensable to all who have to do with books.

Saffron Walden.-P. M. Barnard, 4 Mount Pleasant Road. -Catalogue of Secondhand Books, viz., Bibles, Biblical Commentaries, Patristic, Sermons, General Theological List. Miscellaneous List, Cheap Clearance Lists. Mr. Barnard is about to remove to more commodious premises at Tunbridge Wells.

York. The Eclectic Book Co., 16 Stonegate.-Catalogue of Books of General Interest, comprising Travels, Theology, Science, Yorkshire Items, &c. The Eclectic Book Co. has one of the most picturesque old English houses possible to imagine for its premises, gabled timber and plaster work, and the catalogue has a view of the front.


Amsterdam,-Frederick Muller & Cie., 10 Doelenstraat.-Catalogue de Livres Rare et Curieux, Costumes et Uniforms, Militaria, Escrime, Sport, Entrées, Beaux-Arts, Gravures sur Bois, Incunables, Bibles, Recueils de Portraits, Livres Illustrés, Musique, Littérature, Réformation, Pères de l'église, Amérique, Australie, Afrique, Indes Orientales, Russie, Journaux, etc., etc. A catalogue of high importance, with an Index of Subjects, and 20 reproductions of illustrations from early-printed books, etc., including two blocks containing eight figures of American Indians, from Jacquard's work, Les Divers Pourtraicts et Figures faicts sur les moeurs des Habitants du Nouveau Monde, 1610.

Chicago Ill., U.S.A―The Morris Book Shop. 171 Madison Street, and 152 Wabash Avenue.-Catalogue No. 48, wherein is listed a most remarkable book, Queen Elizabeth's Bible, with her autograph, and the Mackenzie Queen Victoria's Bible, with recent purchases from London Sales. from the Libraries of Lady Currie, Sir W. M. Banks, Harrison Weir, and others; Angling, Early Printing, English "Remainders," First Editions of Thackeray, Dickens, Lang, &c. Queen Elizabeth's bible is of course of overwhelming interest. It was purchased in Michigan, from the descendants of an old Presbyterian minister, and is supposed to have been taken from some English cathedral during one of the Cromwellian raids. Anyhow, Mr. Morris brought the volume to London, and submitted it for examination to the authorities of the British Museum, and states that he now has a document which absolutely bears out the authenticity of the signature. It is the only known book in which the Queen's signature appears, and the price asked is £1,000.

Florence. Italy.-Leo S. Olschki, Lung 'Arno Acciaioli. Bulletin Mensuel des Derniers Achats, No. 56.-Section D to G is of the usual high character of Signor Olschki's catalogues.

La Haye, Holland.-Martinus Nijhoff, Nobelstraat, 18. Livres Anciens et Modernes, Encyclopédies, Bibliographie Imprimerie, Editions de luxe, Reliure, Géographie, Ethnographie, Voyages (Afrique, Amérique, Asie. Australie, Cartographie, Colomb. Congo, Europe, Indes néer.. Madagascar, Phillipines.) Histoire Politique et Ecclésiastique, Biographie (Allemagne, Angleterre, Belgique, Bohème, Croisades, Espagne, Finlande, France, Grèce, Italie, Jésuites, Pavs-Bas, Portugal.) Paleographie. Généalogie et Héraldique. Numismatique, Sphragistique, Médailles. Droit. The catalogue consists of 715 important lots on 80 pages arranged in subjects. The section Amerique is an interesting one. Another of Mr. Nijhoff's catalogues is as follows:-Series Importantes de Périodiques et de Publications de Sociétés Savantes. 758 Ints.

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.-The Shepard Book Company, 272 South State Street. Send for Catalogues of Travels, Roycroft Books, Sports, Thackerayana, Dickensiana, Mary Queen of Scots, Napoleoniana, Elton Press, Association Books, Miscellaneous and Bibliography, Autograph and Association, Books with Autograph Letters, Poems, etc.. Histories and Books on the Rebellion, Rare Books and Magazines. From the book point of view the Company must be a shining light in the desert, for I know of no other dealers in rarities for many, many miles






Temple Row, Birmingham.


The Ruskin Book Stores






THE ROMAN EMPRESSES, 2 vols. 1899. Please report any copies that
come your way.




Send stamp for this month's list, which gives size
and shape of each.

Complete Catalogue of ALL the publications of the Arundel
Society--Chromos, Engravings, Books, Fictile Ivories, etc.
ls net, post free.


Report your THEOLOGY




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319, Broad Street, Birmingham.


ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, ITALIAN DUTCH, LATIN, or GREEK books, and all books on the ARTS, and curious out-of-the-waysubjects, fully CATALOGUED, accurately DESCRIBED, and the INTEREST and VALUE well brought out. References to leading booksellers.

NEGOTIATIONS for sales of special books made if desired.

CORRESPONDENCE undertaken between English and foreign booksellers and bookbuyers.

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The following is an example of Messrs. Middleton's work, from a catalogue issued by Messrs. Wm. Brough & Son, 313, Broad Street, Birmingham:

Justinian's Digesta or Pandects.-A Colossal Work, published in Paris just after the Sack of Rome, and bearing the title, QUINQUAGINTA LIBRORUM DIGESTORUM SEU PANDECTARUM; 5 fine large thick folio volumes, cum glossis, beautifully printed with Gothic Type, in red and black ink, with woodcut initials, in heavy oak boards, covered with old calf, bind tooled. EX INCLYTA PARRHISIORUM LUTETIA APUD CLAUDIUM CHEVALLONIUM, SUB SOLE AUREO IN VIA JACOBEA. IN A FINE STATE OF (Paris), 1528-30


THE FIRST COMMERCIAL PRINTING OFFICE IN FRANCE was opened about the year 1473, at the sign of the "Golden Sun," in James' Street, Paris.

To this house the FIRST THREE PRINTERS, who had been brought from GERMANY, went and set up business when their University patrons were about to leave France.

How long the three pioneers stayed depended, of course, on the demand for the skill of the first craftsmen of their kind; but we find the "Golden Sun," nearly sixty years later, of such great Importance as to be able to turn out under its master-CLAUDE CHEVALLONIUS-an enormous work of this sort, in a style such as the ordinary compositor of the present day would be incapable of approaching.

Looking at the whole book-consisting, as it does, of nearly 4,000 BEAUTIFUL FOLIOS-it seems difficult to believe that it was the work of the men of the first half-century of the era of Printing. The EUROPE OF THAT TIME must have been a wild-man's land. ROME itself had, after a thousand years, again been sacked, and was lying much in the state that SAN FRANCISCO now is.

CHARLES V., the ruler of Spain and her vast Colonies, and FRANCIS I., swayed the destiny of the "civilised" world. When this book was printed in his capital, FRANCIS had already earned the reputation of " PATRON OF LETTERS"; and whatever else flourished, it is plain from a volume of this sort that first-class printers were in demand.

WHY this enormous work was actually required at this particular time, and how the MANUSCRIPT OF IT HAD BEEN PRESERVED So well since the famous EMPEROR OF THE WEST had WRITTEN it all a THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE, are questions which others must solve.

We need only note the very great BEAUTY of the old GOTHIC LETTERPRESS, page after page, in its red and black-most picturesque in aspect. Every paragraph has its initial in red; EVERY PAGE its HEADING, likewise in RED TYPE. Constantly we see charming little wooDCUTS for initials; and one remarkably HANDSOME WOODCUT, about 7 by 6, of the Imperial Author of the book in Council; the borders of the title-page showing wonderful skill with birds, grotesque animals, and "mermen," with remarkably expressive faces. The day of beautiful MANUSCRIPTS had by no means faded out of memory, and their beauty had to be rivalled, but we still see here that men preferred to retain


The fine old work is for the most part in a magnificent state of PRESERVATION, and is one of The FIRST COLOSSAL BOOKS EVER PRINTED IN THE WORLD.


319, Broad Street, Birmingham.

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