The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science; with which is Incorporated the "Chemical Gazette.": A Journal of Practical Chemistry in All Its Applications to Pharmacy, Arts and Manufactures, Volume 36

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Chemical news office, 1877 - Chemistry

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Page 8 - The ART of ELECTRO-METALLURGY, including all known Processes of Electro-Deposition. By G. GORE, LL.DFRS With 56 Woodcuts. Price 6s. ALGEBRA and TRIGONOMETRY. By the Rev. WILLIAM NATHANIEL GRIFFIN, BD Price 3^.
Page 34 - Committees of doing justice io the several Communications, that each Author should prepare an Abstract of his Memoir, of a length suitable for insertion in the published Transactions of the Association, and that he should send it, together with the original Memoir, by book-post, on or before August 16, addressed thus : — " General Secretaries, British Association, 22 Albemarle Street, London, W.
Page 15 - Geminorum and the small star in the quartile between Auriga and Gemini, and finding it so much larger than either of them, suspected it to be a comet. I was then engaged in a series of observations on the parallax of the fixed stars, which I hope soon to have the honour of laying before the...
Page 8 - JACOBI, at St Petersburg!), has also made a discovery which promises to be of little less importance to the arts. He has found a method — if we understand our informant rightly — of converting any line, however fine, engraved on copper, into a relief, by galvanic process.
Page 123 - The examination shall be conducted by means of printed papers ; but the examiners shall not be precluded from putting, for the purpose of ascertaining the competence of the candidates to pass, viva voce questions to any candidate in the subjects in which they are appointed to examine.
Page 206 - As it is impossible to enable the reader to recognise rocks and minerals at sight by aid of verbal descriptions or figures, he will do well to obtain a wellarranged collection of specimens, such as may be procured from Mr. TENNANT (149, Strand), Teacher of Mineralogy at King's College, London.
Page 77 - ... illustration of this is afforded by reference to the Proceedings of the British Association when it met in this town thirty-six years ago. In a letter to Dr. Playfair, Liebig, who took a very active part in the proceedings of the Association in the earlier years of its existence, reports that Doctors Will and Varrentrapp have devised an excellent method for determining the amount of nitrogen in organic bodies, " very exact and easily performed.
Page 225 - Chemical Technology, or Chemistry in its Applications to the Arts and Manufactures. By THOMAS RICHARDSON and HENRY WATTS.
Page 123 - Pounds per annum for the next two years ; such Exhibitions to be payable in quarterly instalments, provided that on receiving each instalment the Exhibitioner shall declare his intention of presenting himself either at the two examinations for BA, or at the two examinations for B.Sc. or at the first LL.B.
Page 68 - ... substance consists, in all probability, of germs of minute animal or vegetable organisms. There is very great probability, indeed, that all the Zymotic diseases (by which we understand the various forms of fevers) have a similar origin. As has been well remarked by Baxter in an able paper on " The Action of Disinfectants...

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