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and intr. by T.T. Perowne Jonah, with notes

أبريل 11:11

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"HE want of an Annotated Edition of the BIBLE, in handy

portions, suitable for school use, has long been felt; and the experience of the University Local Examinations has brought this want into greater prominence within the last few years.

In order to provide Text-books for School and Examination purposes, the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS has arranged to publish the several books of the Bible in separate portions, at a moderate price, with introductions and explanatory notes.

The text of the Authorised Version as revised by Dr SCRIVENER in the Cambridge Paragraph Bible will be generally followed, the chapters and verses being marked in the margin.

The Very Reverend J. J. S. PEROWNE, D.D., Dean of
Peterborough, has undertaken the general editorial supervision
of the work, and will be assisted by a staff of eminent co-
adjutors. Some of the books have already been undertaken
by the following gentlemen:
Rev. A. CARR, M.A., late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, one of the

Masters of Wellington College.
Rev. T. K. CHEYNE, M.A., Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford.
Rev. S. Cox, Nottingham.
Rev. A. B. DAVIDSON, D.D., Professor of Hebrew, Free Church College,

Rev. F. W. FARRAR, D.D., Canon of Westminster, late Head Master

of Marlborough College.
Rev. A. E. HUMPHREYS, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Rev. A. F. KIRKPATRICK, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer of Trinity

College, Cambridge.
Rev. J. J. LIAS, M.A., Professor of English History and Modern

Literature, St David's College, Lampeter.
Rev. J. R. LUMBY, B.D., Fellow and Lecturer of St Catharine's

College, Cambridge.
Rev. G. F. MACLEAR, D.D., Head Master of King's College School,


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