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and' faithful guide to the end of the world, to be seen and made use of by their followers; when they inight in every chapter read their own condemnation.

Mof. But it is more' astonishing, that you can misrepresent a sacred character, and charge her in the face of the fun, I will not say God, as the major part, I fear, believe there is none, with the molt diabolical, and blackest infamy, that even hell, if possible, would blush at, at the same time? pretend to preach up the fame God, who has tworn to preserve, and keep her undefiled. It would have been more eligible, when you quitted the standard of chriftianity, finding, as you endea. voured to persuade the world, that almighty God had broke his oath, and his darling spouse had jilted bim, and become the vilest prostitute, for you to have formed a system of religion upon some other basis. Mahomet, I will grant you, has been beforehand of you, or you could have acted his part, in making use of the Prophet, which our Lawgiver has foretold shall arise, to whom we are to adhere, which would not have been quite fo bare-faced as to reprobate your God, Church, Scriptures, and totally all truth.

Luth. & Calv. What you obferve bears fo náuch, according to the Scriptures and primitive Church, the face of truth; but no doubt the first Reformets, who knew the truth, but being anxiously fond of a depraved, vilious, and wicked life, found themselves pressed to give a loose, in order to appease nature in its highest 'flights, which they, willing to palliate and cover their own infamy, by casting the most un-heard-of contra


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dictions and blasphemies against Christ and his Church; they, I say, are the greater criminals; but as to us deluded mortals, that are so unfortur: nate as to be hatched in their neft, receiving andis imbibing, from the first dawn of reason, their pernicious impressions on our infant minds, which.. nothing less than a singular and powerful grace can irradiate and efface. ins

Mof. Your Messiah fhall answer you by his gospel : The blind lead the blind, and both fall into the ditch; and you cannot plead ignorance; as your Saviour tells you, for your boast is of your knowledge of the Scriptures, in which

you think you have eternal life, and it is the Scriptures that establishes, and confirms, both the promises to Christ aud his Church, with their eternal union.

Luth. & Calv. We have agreed. and the Scriptyre assures us of the infallibility of the new covenant, or church of Christ, but we are ignorant.: in what manner it confiits, aud ; in whom it is lodged, whether in St. Peter and his successors, or in the Priesthood in general, or in the whole body, Christ being the Head," Us Protestants teach and are taught, that the Pope is the God of the Catholicks, and that they consider and believe him to be infallible, and that he is not capable of fin.

Moj. Call in that boy, who is a papist; be is a lad that may give us lome farther knowledge.--Boy.

Boy. Your will, Gentlemen. Luth. & Calv. Are you a Roman Catholick? . Boy. I am, at your Tervice.

rup. G. Calo. Will your answer a few 'queAlions ?

Boj... Concerning what matter?

Liith. <3 Calv. Some points or articles of your religion.

Boy. It first will be necessary to know my Examiners,

Luth. I am a Parson of the Church of EngJand.

Calu. I am an Elder of the Kirk of Scotland, Mof. And, I an Israelise, or Jew Rabbi.

Poy. I Aand, as Christ, before an, unmerciful tribunal; and therefore, for the honour of truth, 1wo Notaries, to take down our words, as delin'ered, to prevent misrepresentations, to the difhonour of Christ. :!'!

Enter two Notaries. Being seated. "Luth. & Calv. In what school were you inft:ucted ? Bey. In the school of Christ

Mof. How many Gods have you ?cin
Luth. & Ealy. The Pope.

Bay. This reminds me of your two unhappy progenitors, poor Löther and Calvin, with their never to be too much lamented offspring, who have lopped themselves off from Christ, and his church, and become heathens and publicans.

Luth. & Calu. From whence got you this information ?

Boy. From the God you abandoned. :?
Mo.+ Who told you Christ is God?

. Who Boy. The Jewish Scriptures.':

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Luth, &? Calu. The Church of Christ became adulterer 300 years after her nuptials.

Boy. By the established law of the Scriptures, as Moles well knows, the adulrery must be proved, without which Chrilt orders the thui rem'in with her husband; but, whether adulterer or not if God be true, no third covenant, which totally excludes Protestantism.

Mof. That is a truth, that neither devils nor men can ever overcome.

Luth. fs Calv. Mum-mum-mum.
Mof. Isthe Pope God?
Boy. If he is, the Protestants have made him


Luth. & Calu. You adore the Pope as infallible.

Boy. The Catholick, or Christian Religion is infallible, and will be fo, if the oath of almighty God be true. Si Mof

. How will you prove this? Luth. & Calv. This is inipoflible if the Prote. stant religion be true.

Boy. As to the Protestant heresy, it must rank with its ancestors, and therefore cannot be admiued into the scrutiny. In answer to Mr. Moses, I prove the infallible christian church, or second covenant, by the Jewish and first;

Luth. & Calu. How will you prove the first?

Boy. It needs no other proof than originates from the God-head, which is granted by univerfal consent, by all nations, and agès, who acknowledge their Creator.

Mof. You speak with the zeal of an Ifraelite, that will put to flight the fiery, darts of the enemy.


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Luth. 3 Calvi You confound us with our owrt weapons, the Scrptures.

Bcy. You use! Scripture, as Satan, against Christ.

Mos. What disturbs. the Gentlemten is, that their Christian brethren should, after spilling so much blood to beat down the heathen gods, beat down Christ, and worship the Pope, and many inferior gods.

Luth. & Calv. The Protestants are averle to more than one Godbi '.

Boy. We date your pedigree from Arius, who was fo jealous of the fmgular number in the God.' head, that he chofe rather to become a heretick than acknowledge the divinity of Christ, as go out of 100 of you do this day I say Mof. Beringeninus': Dó Catholicks


their trust in the Pope's divinity

P. Boy. Just the same as the Jews put their trust in the divinity of Moses i ciuda

Luth. & Calv. How then can the Pope be infallible?

Boy. Infallibility is the property of the divinity:

MOf These Gentlemen are taught, the Ca* tholicks believe, that the divinity resides in the Pope, as all Christians believe it to refide in their Messiah, so that by their conjectures, the CathoJicks have as many Messiahs, or Gods, as they have had Popes.

Boy, Our Messiah of the new covenant is both God and man, the second person of the adorable God-head, whose Holy Spirit rules, governs, actuates, inspires, and reaches his Church all cruths, and abides with her for ever; fo that it is not in B


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