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SECOND CONFERENCE. Mesrs. Luther and Calvin to Mr. Mofes, greet

ing, pray a second conference this day at fix,

o'clock this evening precisely. Mr. Mofes declines evening meetings in future ;

but, if required, will not refuse to meet before

dinner. Suppose at ten to-morrow. Agreed. Luth & Calv. We give you joy, Mi. Moses


has operated the desired effect.

Mof. A diabolical effect, a baneful medicine and disorder, swines flesh and gluttony. Wickedness,

Calv, Wickedness to you, but purity to me.

Luth. You cannot change gluttony into purity.

Mos. Pork and gluttony are deadly poison.

Calv. To a Jew or carnal man, I grant you; but to a spiritual member all things are lawful.

Mof. Is this your reformed spirit of the latter times? A blefled reformation.

Luth. We bear, a part in the reformation, but decline the extremes.

Calv. We have ever branded you bastards.
Maaf Vou are very pleasant.
Calv. How icopt are thy tidings, O Sion!

Moj. Doth your Sion zint vou these privi. leges?

Calv. New Jerusalem is come down from heaven and dwelleth amongst men.

Mof. This cannot be the fume of night's supper?

your last

Calv. These are words of the spirit which carnal men cannot understand; however, I will endeavour to hold forth a carnal fimilitude." If fo be you may espy through the veil placed before the eyes of every Ifraelite or Child of Moses, otherwise you never would have cruci. fied the Lord of Glory.

Mf. I will condeme you by your own confeffion. You say, through ignorance, Israel crucified her Lord. If, through ignorance, we are excused from disobedience and malice, it was, therefore, innocently done. On

On your side of the question you acknowledge this Lord of Glory, yet you exert every means that is pofsible for the heart, and invention of man to invent; to oppose, villify, contradict, and put to shame, destroy and annihilate both him and his church; confounding his precepts by various blasphemies, and has for upwards of two centuries raised the most unheard-of persecu-, tion, and every defamation against his church; at another time own her purity and perpetuity, and that her.decifions, or creeds, are of the fame nature and authority with the other scriptures. By this rebellious, envious, and untoward Spirit, the many persuafions, oppositions, hatreds, contradictions, impieties, straining the scripture text to favour what is conuemns and numberlcfsmate

of this fort to raise a fabric which you call the Reformed Church; I say, by such madness and folly you have brought on yourselves the ridicule and laughter of every person, even the illiterate, of what religion or denomination foever ; and this eyer



If oced

of Cl

has, and ever will be, the wages of folly and non-existence.

Calv. What mean you by non-existence ?

Mof. I mean vacuity that admits no substance,

Calu. You then terminate our reformation in nothing?

Moj. Reason and common sense grants this.

Luib. & Calv. You have advanced a matter we deny.

Mos, I should not wonder if you denięd your own existence, which many with.

Luth. & Calv. That the christian creeds are

zel ve it e


Ms. You have not the veil over your eyes not to see what is clear to an ideot.

Luth. I hope our forefathers have not been guilty of this abomination.

Calv. We were weary and looked two ways.

Luth. We endeavoured to guard in like sort to scratch both you and the papist

. Calv. You will be Esau's seed, as Jewş. Luth. The creeds are chriftian and not popith.

Mof. All your fathers and church historians grant that christendom, or church of Christ, three years after the nativity of Christ, became popish, after which period, two of the creeds, Nice and Athanasian, by the general council of Nice, and soon after by Athanafius and a council held by him set forth. It is in vain to except against this truth.

Luth. You lay things before us that are not Jawful for us to consider,

Calv. Every thing may be twirled into a whirlwind, when it affects or disturbs our inward man.

Mos. You cannot extricate yourselves but by giving up the new scripture and come into my borom. Luth. & Caly. We do not know what

you would be at; to quit Isaac for Ishmael, your invitation is ungrateful.

Mof. At all events it is better be something than nothing, your present condition.

Calv. The spirit moves me, and will setTM forth my promised fimilitude. We will suppose the creation of things visible and invisible to be this nut; we will suppose this creation on the surface as the out-fhell of the nut covered with inhabitants, and but one small number through the sword of the spirit had pierced into the inward recesses, or kernel, which, ac, cording to the spirit, is the one then neceffary, or fruit of the spirit. Would not you think it as defireable a banquet as that of Masters. Confider-things properly ; and should I be so happy as to compel you to this spiritual banquet of Mount Sion, you and all Israel have been so long thirsting after, I shall think myself intitled to the name of your father and deliverer, in transforming you from a fleshly Ifraelite to a spiritual Calvinist, the fruit of the spirit. Mos

. I should be edified if you will enter fully into the gifts of the spirit.

Celv. A spiritual Calvinist, or inward man, is no other than an angel of light ; he brings all things under subjection, and feeds, nourishes


and invigorates the liberty and power of the fpirit, by gratifying, palling, filling and fickening the flesh, which teaches, tires, overcomes, and vanquishes the works of the flesh in all it's difsembling postures or vicious habits and unruly desires. Mark this, an enemy is never more fully vanquished than when it is surfeited, as Luther, yourself and I were yesterday with the boar's entrails.

Mof. I understood that an empty stomach was more fit for prayer.

Calv. Your experience will convince you that whatever your Aesh covets, more powerfully wars against your spirit in time of prayer, and will not be gainsaid until your benevolent heart compassionates and relieves it in order to obtain tranquility of spirit.

Mof. Suppose your fefh or outward man hould oppose the commandments ?

Calv. The spiritual man acts purely; his motive is celestial and in no wise coines under the censure of the commandments; the law was given to keep the sensual man in subjection, bur not to restrain the spiritual christian.

Mof. For example; suppose your desires to quit the body?

Calv. I should esteem and grant its meritorious and angelical wishes; this we consider greatness of soul.

Mos. The act of adultery, fornication, steal. ing, murder, the breaking of the Sabbath, and other fins ?

Calv. The whole is comprized in this one word; there is no evil in nature, therefore no fin.


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