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effect, is bequeathed only as a celestial gift to the virgins of Sion, of which I have the honour to be not as a member only, but a setter forth of the word also, being one of their elders for upwards of forty years ; my venerable aspect declares the greatness of my call

Luth. If a venerable face and corpulent body declares our nobility, old age and long labour in the vineyard, hard-treading the wine-press, exemplifying and analysing the holy books; if this and numberless feats through a long series of pilgrimage will entitle virginity, I am not a whit behind, but have every claim with yourself.

Calv. I have repeatedly refuted your claim.

Luth. You truly inherit, with your whole Aock, goat like, the implacable, uncharitable, disgusting, and in every degree diabolical spirit as I have often repeated of your old father; he wrestled with his Saviour, the mighty Luther and you, with great Newton, who, as you wisely observed, laboured and sweated for 20 years to establish; the whole reformation on the ruins of popery, to make virgins of himself, though an old veteran in the wars of Venus, and the whole protestant world; his charity was so vehement that he seeked into past ages to loosen the bonds of many. Thoals of Calvinists and other condemned heretics, and bring them into this haven of tranquility and virgin state ; yet you dare fhut the door and put out this great benefactor of Calvinism, and his pious Hock amongst Jews and papists.

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Mof. Poor Luther has lost his birthright and turned out amongst heathens and publicans, a wretched crew!

Calv. In scripture we find but one Esau, the type of Luther, who stands alone, I mean in name, as Efau.

Mof. And birthright?
Luib. Undutiful and reprobate children.

Calv. You, as Luther, aflume an authority you are not entitled to; mark the scripture simili, țude, Isaac was father to Jacob and Efau. Esau, being a brother, could claim no paternal jurisdiction; so that claiming the birthright was no breach of duty to his father, but a matter of equality, and, as twin brothers, made it his own by joint consent, and confirmed by purchase to him and his heirs for ever; to which was annexed the blessing that there may be no separation or division but a fullness to him that will be full, and total exclusion to the luke. warm and his pofterity.

Mof. Efau and Jacob were twin-brothers, issue of one father and one mother, which bears no anology to Luther and Calvin ; one a German, the other a Frenchman, and no ways related but in wickedness.

Luth. In the reformation we are brethren or a fpiritual brotherhood, tied together as a bunch of sweet perfumes,

Calv. Efau and Jacob were twins, according to the course of nature ; Luther and Calvin, according as was foretold by the old fcriptures, by the spirit; so that they were as the new covenant, twin-brothers by the spiritual lineage,


as our new scripture takes notice of Melchifedech, without father, without mother, without genealogy. That is a spiritual birth ; but when Luther, in imitation of Esau, or the fallen angels, rendered himself obnoxious and odious in the light of heaven, his spiritual or new man, forgetful of himself, interfered, swine, or cow like, wallowing in stench, copartner with the animal, or old man, his birthright was transferred to Calvin and his posterity, who are daily inhabiting new Sion, with delicious fruits of the most sweet odour.

Mos. Israel knows of no fcriptures that speak either of Luther, Calvin, or of your pretended reformation, either at large, or in part, in the fixteenth century.

Luth. You cannot deny the expectation of the Messiah by Israel, according to your prophecies, when Christ appeared.

Calv. Our common father Abraham, from whom we derive our pedigree, you in a carnal and us Calvinifts in a spiritual lineage, give testin.ony to our adoption by a superior and spiritual birth, by paying tithes; and Livy, the father of your carnal priesthood, who received tithes of his brethren, paid tithes in Abraham, to our ancestor and type, Melchifedech.

Mos. Israel acknowledges that according to their fcripture prophecies, the time of expectation was accomplished for their Meffiah at the time Christ appeared; but why he did not maa nifest himself they know not, but wait the good pleasure of their God; but this they arC 3


fert, that your reformation, either in whole, or in part, is no where taken notice of either by our scriptures, or what you call yours; so that you are utterly excluded by both. If the new be the fulfilling and accomplishment of the old, which, according to the christian faith, in their scripture, and yours, if you allow yourselves to be christians (but your tenets prove you not) are the last words of Christ when he was expiring. All this is consummated. The conclusion is this: if the Jewish covenant ended and was perfected in the new by Jesus Christ, there can be no adding or taking away from what is perfect. Our prophecies are cqually full, without distinction, dividing or separation, to Christ and his church ; the obItacle that separates the Jew from the christian is the person of the Messiah ; remove this, we would seek no further; what the Almighty pronounces perfect; he must be a vile reptile, miscreant, obnoxious and bane of society. These pest, what title can be given them, who spatter their poison wherever they are permitted to open their blafphemous throats, spurting and vomitting into the hearts of poor filly women and children impieties and contradictions, clipping and separating the scriptures, changing and obliging the letter to speak what their ins fested spirits are intoxicated with.

Lutb. These are the words proceding from a good spirit, and we hope foon to see it verified that the spirit will leave nothing imperfect, that it has taken in hand to perfect. We shall look upon your conversion as the greatest


work of our ministry and labours in the Lord's vineyard.

Calv. I proved to you, in the time of the apostles, christianity was, as might be said, in its infancy or leading-strings, in the time of the Jews, in the womb; but by Calvinism the perfect man Luther ushered the youth, when Calvin made him the perfect man, I mean a state of perfection.

Mof. You have proved yourselves ideots and knaves ; ideots, in facrificing happiness for mi. sery, presenting yourselves to the eyes of honest, and whoever are not in your plot or knot, illegitimate, ignominious, and depraved race; and knaves, knowing yourselves a fpurious and counterfeit breed ; yet use every means and contrivance in your power to persuade all who are so ill informed not to see into your wicked designs and poverty of birth. This to ime is as great a mystery as any our reformation has produced.

Luth. Luther, our pious ancestor, used his fatherly, persuasive, and mild correction, to bring Calvin and his adherents to a proper sense of their duty, but claim a lad their leader, being incorrigible and obdurate, would not comply with the mild reinonftrance of the meekest of parents'; but persisting in his stub born and crafty pestilence, became, with his abettors, enemies to the spiritual christendom, that our gracious progenitor was so anxious to establish, upon a permanent and lasting foun, dation ; this produced a grief which ended with his life, and obliged the meekeft of men

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