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draw the sout from her allegiance and duty to her God, is the image or strange God forbidden by the second commandment, as Aaron's calf, bell and dragon, and all heathen gods, or idols, in honour of false religion and dishonour of the true God and his holy religion. We see when the children' of Israel, with Aaron, made the golden calf, it was in imitation of Memphis, the god of Egypt, to lead them back to Egypt, in opposition to the Almighty God. We find by the histories of all nations, throughout all ages, that their different religions were in setting up idols of various animals, with the hosts of heaven, sun, moon, and stars, &c. putting their trust and making the creatures their gods in opposition of the true God; but to charge the tabernacle, the brazen serpent and Solomon's temple, that was crouded with images, with the odious appellation of idolatrous, would be the height of blasphemy and absurdity, equally so the christian covenant of the faith once delivered to the saints, has continued the fame, according to our Lord's promise, that the Holy Ghost should teach his church all truth and would himself remain with her to the end of the world. We assure you, we have received more folid instructions in fix hours, in our four conferences, from a Jew Rabbi in the rudiments of christianity than we had in fixty years from our christian brethren.

Mos. Although it cannot be supposed a person of my character would mix or interfere in your disputes, yeț, when called upon to evidence the truth, I shall and will, at all tiines,

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declare my sentiments in the most plain terms, according to facts. Touching what is advanced, in relation to our images, your great apoftle and divine, Paul, agrees with me, that they no way derogate or come within the cen. sure of the second Commandment, against other gods, or heathen idols, or images, Paul to the Hebrews, chap. ix. says, of our covenant. The former, indeed, had also justifications of divine service and a worldly fanctuary; for there was a tabernacle where the candlestics and the table, and the setting forth of loaves, which is called the Holy. And, after the second Veil, the tabernacle, which is called the Holy of Holies, having the golden censor and ark of the covenant covered over with gold, in which was the Golden Pot that had Manna, and the Rod of Aaron that blossomed, and the tables of the covenant, and over it were the images of angels overshadowing the propitiatory. In the first, the priests accomplished the offices of facrifices, but in the second, the High-Priest alone, once a year, not without blood, which he offered for his own and the peoples'ignorances; and this was done according to the express injunction of Almighty God, as Paul observes in the chapter before. To finish the whole, according to the pattern shewn to Moses on the mount, as to the Brazen Image of the Serpent, which Moses lifted up on a pole, as Almighty God commanded him, to restore health to those that were' bit by poisoned serpents; the effect proved the authenticity of the miracle ; your Messiah mentions this as a


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type of himself, fignifying that if he died on the Cross, he would draw all things to himself. Protestants in all ages endeavoured to oppose the fulfilling of this promise, by separating from the christian church, and for excuse charge her with crimes she explodes, to decoy souls to their schisın,and brand her with crimes themselves are guilty of. Our temple, as we before took notice, seemed one common mass of images of various kinds; all this was revealed to David, as he declared, when he gave his son Solomon the pattern to execute.

This was confirmed by God himself, when the whole was finished. Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from hea. ven and consumed the burnt-offering and sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the house, the priests could not enter, because the glory of the Lord filled the Lord's house ; and when all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down, and the glory of God upon the house, they bowed themselves, with their faces to the ground, upon the pavement, and worthipped and prailed the Lord, laying, for he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever. And the Lord appeared to Solomon, and said unto him, I have chosen this place to myself for a house of sacrifice, now my eyes shall be open, and my ears attend to the prayer that is made in this place. You are at length convinced that the images placed in the tabernacle and the temple, also the serpent, were by the express commandment of Almighty God. If you will convince me that Jesus is the Messiah, I will then answer,

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not only, for myself, but for the whole Jewish race, that the christian covenant established and founded by him, with every part of its worship, are fanctified, actuated and perpetuated by Almighty God, from the day of its establishment until the consummation of the world. And this by the concordance of both scriptures and perpetual uniformity of the fathers and general councils of the christian church, from their first establishment to the present age. We should have thought it a great victory could we at any time have proved her mission fallible, or subject to erfor, could this charge at any time been proved, 'her author, head, and Messiah, must of course merit the ignominious death he was condemned to, and free us from the infamy we have laboured under, for consenting to his death. ;! Protestants, in every age, have formed themselves into the most cunning and artful shapes poffible for the mind of man to invent, and, with the infidels and mahometans, given us every help and assistance in their power, to accomplish this destruction ; but hi, therto all has ended abortive, and entailed much shame and disgrace on themselves, yet we do not despond, but will continue to keep every engine in action to obtain this great end.

Luth. & Cabu, All men and societies are fallible.

Mos. Infallibility is an inherent quality of the divinity or Godhead; from him we claim our infallibility and mission.

Luth. & Calv. You are men as we are, therefore fallible,


Mof. You grant God' infallibility, which you confound by your infidelity, in denying our covenant infallibility.

Luth. & Calu. If you mean your religion being instituted and commanded by Almighty God, we must class ourselves with heathens and publicans, to object or gainsay; but if you understand, as the Roman Catholics do, that your priests or others are infallible, we mean to withstand you.

Mof. What you conceive of infallibility would be a synagogue of Satan, and, as I told you, prove this against the covenant of Christ, and affure yourselves there is not a Jew but will embrace and give you his fatted calf.

Luth. & Calu. It is infallible, that the pope is Anti-Christ, who has placed himself in the chair of Christ, and claims infallibility, which is due to none but Christ, dealing out and pretending to grant infallibility to his whole priesthood, afsuining a power unheard before, in calling what they term general councils to decide and determine on matters of faith, and thunder out excommunications against those who, for conscience fake, prove hardy and rosty, as Luther and many in the different ages of the church, who found theinselves compelled to separate and form new faiths, which these intruders stigmatize with odious characters of fchifmatics and heretics; and with great insolence (opposite to the meekness and spirit of Christ) conclude their decifions of councils with this blafphemy. It hath seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, which is making


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