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and unviolated? This cannot be; or, are the scripture prophesies false ? this cannot be, for the one confirms and depends on the other. My head is distracted and my heart chills, with so cold and deadly faintness that is come upon me,

Luther. Our conclave is attended with very alarming symptoms, both in body and spirit: I have been a shepherd, or, fheep master, near fisty years, but never saw or experienced the working or influence of the spirit: no, not one conversion until Calvin's, and in all likelihood, according to the present face of things, Moses's. I hope his change will be full and compleat, if he should survive the present catastrophe. I have taken much trouble and pains as a person of my cloth should, to open his understanding and remove his errors ; in his case it would be not so much for the novelty of the thing, but the ad· vantages I should draw from so great a captive. itt, I shall take him over to England. 2dly, As Jews are clever in bargaining, he shall be set over my dealings with my parishioners and others, and explain, persuade, and shew them the utility of enlarging, by industry, their temporals, that they may be prompt, full, and liberal, in paying the cithes of all to a grain of mustard; for as the scripture takes notice that a seed of mustard, though the smallest of feeds when grown, becomes a large tree, so that the fowls make their habitation in it. This parable has been productive of infinite good to me in particular, being, from my youth, or rather childhood, ever before me, knowing man was to earn his bread by the sweat of his


brow; and that nothing is to be counted fmali, despised, neglected, or over-looked. It will also come better from him, having been a Jewish matters to inculcate the scripture amongst them, and shew them that what he teaches is no riddle; but that his father Abraham, who was the friend of God, paid tithes of all he had; and even Levy the father of the Jewish priesthood, in the bofom of old Abraham also, and jointly with his grandfather, paid their tithes to Melchifedech, who was type of myself; and that if the shadow was inciiled to full tithes, to the third and fourth generations, how much more myself, that is the real and identical Melchifedech? 'fo that this being granted, I shall bring

into my barn not only the tenths, my claim on the fathers, but for four generations, which is other four tenths added, make five tenths, which is one half of the whole productions; this thall be nett gain, and farther, that it is an act of religion, on all holidays every face of all colours and denominations, bring their free gifts to the church that they may receive a blessing: him that is nigardly fall receive little, but him that is abounding shall receive sevenfold :, and likewise that all fast days, ordered by our church, as annexed or placed in our common prayerbook, shall be duly observed and a tended to, either by rigorous fafting, according to the custom of England, Wales, and Berwick upon Tweed, or betimes in the morning repair to the church and make atonement for sin; by making a full offering as a sacrifice for their offences. This will be pleasing to Mofes,


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remindinz him of his wished-for Jewish wor-
ship, and nearly bring in the remaining five
tenths, or other half of their crops or in-
comes'; taking the whole together, my in-
come, as my family and houshold at large shall
be supported by another kind or secondary gift
or offering, which shall be imposed by inspec-
tors for every misdemeanor, or place them
nine sundays successively in the church, during
divine service, morning and evening, naked,
and a white sheet, for decency, thrown over
them, as they do in Scotland, or other presby-
terian conventicles. Moses shall also be placed
as overseer to negociate my moneys and play in
the stock-jobbing game, which will delight and
recreate him, make him a useful servant and at
free-cost to myself, as he well knowing, they
tell me, forty thousand pounds in the funds.

Boy. Mofes, with the other prophets, speaks
of the two legiNations or covenants. Moses
particularly enjoins obedience to the legislator
that Almighty God was to raise you after he was
taken away ; and this is him that Israel long ex-'
pected before Moses was born and promised,
even from the fall of Adam. Third chapter of
Genesis, I will put enmity between tbee (Jerpent)
and the woman (Eve) and between thy feed and
her seed: it Mall bruise thy head and thou shalt
bruise bis beel. The seed bere promised to over-
come the tempter is in the fingular number and
muft be of divine original; for the whole race of
the human nature was involved in the same pre-
dicament, the injury, or insult, being against the


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Creator, none but himself could make reconciliation.

Mofes. To the law and the prophets the Lord your God is one God. This article is the prime and first principle of the law; therefore, cannot be touched, but must remain one, and in the singular number, without infringement.

Boy. This is the ground and fundamental article of the christian religion. These are the words of Christ, in the 12th chapter of St. Mark. Here, O Israel, the Lord thy God is one God. And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole beart, and with thy whole foul, and with thy wbole mind, and with thy whole strength. This is the first commandment; and the second is like to it. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments christianity is established. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, are one God, in Three Perfons. One Father, one Son, one Holy Spirit.

Mofes. This is inconclusive and irreconcilea able. The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. This destroys the fingular and brings in the plural number, which Ifrael never can admit.

Boy. One Father,' not three Fathers; one Son, not three Sons; one Holy Spirit, noc three Holy Spirits, which comprise one God. Genesis ist chapter, In the beginning God created the beavens and the earth, and the earth was without form and void ; and darkness was upon

tbe face of the deep ; and the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters. Ver, 26. And God said,


let Us make man. Explain who this Spirit of God is, and the plural Us.

Moses. This is unfathomable, and not within the narrow limits of our faculties to comprehend. Who is he that dares search into the depths of the Almighty, or alcer his precepts ? his revealed will remains unalterable, which actuates his servants and teaches them divine truths.

Luther. Him that dives into Majesty will be oppressed with Glory; I cannot tell what this boy aims at; young man, you should pay a proper respect to your elders; this is some superftition, or priestcraft, that he picked up amongst incoherent and wizardly crew. Conti. der, child, that I am feated on the Throne of Grace, and Moses, a Doctor in Israel. I cherefore decide that we be not oppressed, or puc ourselves in jeopardy of dismay, or being hipped, which generally with us, on our side the water, brings on a fit of despair, and frequently ends, being champions, in the use either of a razor, knife, pistol, halter, or some other fashionable pleasantry, and not seldom by water. It is, therefore, resolved, on my return, to issue a decree to mulet every incendiary, that may inflame with religion my good people, by which decree the minds of the turbulent will be animated to try the merits of their cause, and as the spirit of our countrymen, being inflamed with the spirit of English liberty, will gainsay my decree, it will be productive of very large sums to increase and fill my treasury, which will be a great saving: whilft with the thunder

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