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into the land of Israel. But hearing that Archelaus reigned in Judea, in the room of Herod, his Father, he was afraid to go thither, and being warned in neep, he turned aside into the quarters of Galilee. And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that what was said by the prophets might be fulfilled, He shall be called a Nazarene. The Ęthiopians, in their liturgy, and the Greeks, in their 'calendar, count fourteen thousand children masa facred by Herod, in order to deprive the Meffiah of life, and insure to himself the kingdom.

Moses. The Almighty has been pleased to Thew mercy to me by you. I am convinced that Jesus Christ is Messiah; we will, therefore, close this conference, and beg you will favour me, as soon as possible, to investigate the two Covenants.

Rabbi Mofes prays the favour of the Ancients and Rulers, his brethren, at his house tomorrow morning, at 10 o'clock, to investigate inpartially the rights and privileges of the christian church, in relation to her pretensions and claim to the covenant of the Messiah, or new law,

He farther begs, that they will maturely consider, and with deliberation: weigh and digest a matter of the first magnitude, that it may be discuffed without retardment, with benignity and candor, by the unerring rule of scripture and reason. The motive that induces Rabbi Moses to make this requeft, is, the conviction he feels of the harmony and perfect concordance of the two scriptures, the fulfilling and completion of the old law and prophecies,

in the new or law of Chrift; so that the translation of the Jewish or first covenant transferred and made over to the new, is clear and abfoJute, and which with out controul has been in the possession of the christian church from its institucion or commencement as we obferve is this day.

Rulers and Fathers of the Jews to Rabbi Moses. Dear Brother, your citation we shall attend and doubt not of convincing and efface from your mind, that glooimy, dismal, obscure, irrational, inglorious, and diabolical jargon, imperceptibly injected, by two old heretical ministers, Luther and Calvin, one a parfon the other an elder, of time-serving sects; whose irrational, contradictory, vague, and ironical, ideas, mixed disorderly, with luft, and impiety, the effluvia communicating, the venomous malignant particles, or quality, to your scattered thoughts, seized, seduced, bound and made captive those loose and weightless notions inherent in man, particularly when the intellectual faculties or organs have lost their force, sprightliness, and powers through age, worn out, mouldered, decayed, and worm-eaten by long use, assiduity, and in the last stage of decrepitude, nay, scarce a body discernible, a shadow, phantom, spectre, or fancied vision. We norice from whence your chimera took its rise, from which maggot you would not only reprobate your nation (from the institution of of the christian seduction), you also wish to injure and destroy her existence, forming in idea, the first covenant of the Jews to this simile of

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an egg, say you, the egg-lhell is absolutely needful, and cannot be dispensed with, in order to encompass and sustain the fruit or virtue within, until it is removed, which once accomplished, the shell being no longer necessary, is either burned or thrown on the dunghill and rejected. So the Jewish covenant was proper and adviseable, as the Messiah had allotted, to take his human nature from the posterity of Abraham. But when the Fabric or grand Edifice was manifested and finished, the scaffold being no longer needful, but an impediment or eyesore, was removed, and is extinct, abolished, and crumbled into its original insignificance, and the virtue, force, or contract, transformed, removed, set over, and transferred to the second or christian covenant, the church of Christ, according to your logic or theology, the Jewish covenant is become a dried egg-shell, skeleton, corresponding to the dry-bones in the valley of Jehofephat, as the prophecy of Ezekiel marks out, and as the same prophet tell us was revived by the second covenant for which you contend to be the church of Chrift. To-morrow at ten we trust, by unanswerable reasoning, and laws of our Fathers, to remove your doubts.

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End of the Fourteenth Conference.

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Mofes, Boy, Rulers, and Notaries.

Rulers. The Hill hope to prevent your you

HAT venerable name of Rabbi

probating; and that by our remonftrance you will still persevere and preserve the sacred character of Doctor, and with your noted zeal contioue (the remains of an unblemished life) to inculcate Ifrael in the law of our fachers, and set at nought the christian heresy, which has been for eighteen centuries the bane ordeftruction of our nation.

Mofes. In what confifts the christian heresy?

Rulers. Jesus their Head, being a Jew, foreclosed the law of his fathers, and set up a noveliy unknown to Israel. This novelist, tho' of mean parentage, and unlearned, by an unknowo influence, over-ruled our doctors and chief men, who, finding their laws and tradition trampled on, themselves despised, and the whole world in crowds swarming to his dircourses, the stupendous, and astonishing mis racles which he repeatedly performed, with art magic came to the resolution of bringing him to condign punishment, which they effected in his most ignominious death, in order to undeceive and convince the deluded populace of their error, in supposing him the Mediah, that being the time Israel expected his glorious manifestation and their deliverance from the Roman yoke, which they then groaned under.


Boy. Was the complaint removed when the Jews effected this bloody tragedy ?

Rulers. It was not. For, during a three years million, he had so far inculcated and improved his disciples in his maxims and secrets, that presently after his crucifixion, they became a formidable part of the Jewish nation, and then spread themselves among the heathen, as a cancer eating out old opinions and instilling their new heresy, restless to the last degree (as Alexander) labouring to bring the universe under the christian banner. t. And though the whole force of the Roman empire was employed three hundred years to root up this impious sect, yet, we find the emperor. Constantine planting and erecting this very standard † with the highest encomiums in the most respectable place of the capitol; and from thence forward this ugly fign has been revered, to Israel's destruction, as we are witnesses.

Moses. What caufe could influence the world like an impetuous torrent from all parts to run with insatiable and greedy delight, to gaze with unremitted defire on the object of their wishes?

Rulers. This question will not be a difficult query, if we reflect that scarce an hour passed bor some miracle or cure was effected. The blind received their fight, the deaf heard, the lame walked, the dumb fpoke, those possessed were healed, the dead raised, and many other wonders too numerous to be dwelt upon, which being above the common laws of nature, bewitched the giddy multitude and ravished them froin the law and commandments. Had the Аа 2


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