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fpiritual, which they call soul; the other earth ly, the body. The soul, being the intellectual and superior part, is to rule and keep the body in a state oppressive to the senses, and opposite to the pleasures and allurements of this life, to consider this ļife and pass through it a pilgrim, or man of sorrows, expecting pleasure and eternal comforts when death separates our twofold nature.

All blemishes, which they term fin, are to be rigorously accounted for, and punished in the next life, if we were convinced that giv. ing him a meeting might not cast some blemish or shade our enlightened and bright philofophy, we should be difpofed to see him to make enquiries.

Hoft. You were all instructed, when young, in the religion of your forefathers, I suppose, christians.

Club. We acknowledge your fuppofition, though we are of different countries, and were of different branches of christians, to be true; þut being men inclined to various powerful passions, which could not be gratified without remorse and stings, we were not disp. fed to suffer, embraced the Enlightened Blelling, the brains, in a torrent of light, poured on the head of man, in this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. O my, what a blaze!

Hoft. I will hold you a ruinp and dozen, as the faying is, that you are twelve, but not one trained Calvinist.

Club. None.

Hoft. Presbyterians are instructed to render life comfortable, by saying the old man with


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the fword of the spirit, that is, to appease the flesh, by giving it the full sway and desire of her wishes, that we obtain liberty of spirit, This is a faithful saying, “ Mortify the works of the flesh, by destroying the old man. If you live to the flesh, you shall die; but if you live to the spirit, you shall be saved : so that there is no condemnation to the spiritual chriftian ; for, let him do what he will, he finned not: for all things are lawful to him by the art and cunning of spiritualizing all fleshly actions, so that whilst we enjoy, we live, O my, what sweetness !

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Calvinifts, like goats, rut ont of measure,
Bleat out in Spirit, a twofold pleasure ;
But to you half men, you lose all merit,
And half your pleasure, thro' lack of spirit,
For quitting pastures you were once train'd in,
And disown your souls, and turn then nothing,

Club. Envy, despair, presumption, schism, heresy, contention, Pride, railing, infidelity, gluttony, hatred, lechery.

The above heads, if we understood right when we had an idea of God, was opposite and contrary to the Divinity and forbid under pain pain of eternal punilhments. This was the cause, as we could not refrain to embrace our new philosophy, in order to strengthen ourselves for enjoyment without after-claps or bitings of conscience. We acknowledge your lenient medicine, if any efficacy can be drawn from it, would have much weight to our return

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into the christian bosom ; but, according to some philosophy, if you should prove to have a soul, you will be in much more danger of reprobation than our new philosophers, we deny him, you acknowledge him and make him an accomplice, partaker aud partner in the very deeds that he detests and forbids. You cry, it is well done, a twofold pleasure, spiricual and earthly; in short, and to be brief, if impudence has any merit, Calvinism is a child of paradise. O the misery of an infatuated and conceited, vain pride.


Conceited monsters, of a twofold race,
Enthusiastic tribe, your wizard's face
Contradiet your Lord, and impede bis grace.

Host. I humbly crave your Enlightened's pardon for my abrupt intrusion on so high and mighty a fociety, who has it in contemplation to relieve the great world from all impediments which they have been infected with for near fix thousand years, on the heels of which bring in rectitude cloathed fn her natural and first-born simplicity, state, dress, condition, and inclination, free from impeachment, shame, or remorse. The earth is inan's and the fullness thereof, wherefore do we refuse to couple, as if man, and only man, were the captive chained down with more than savage Navery and cruel restraint, superfluity and experience. Extravagance will be exploded, and like our neighbours of every degree, from the favage who wears nothing more than pure nature, to the gentle

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worm that glides along the surface of our mother earth, enjoying true felicity, when and where presented; then will shame and violence be cast out, and love and enjoyment succeed; then will the senses feast, and the passions be glutted with virgin honey.

Club. His lordship might be anxious for your return, we will therefore dismiss


with this advice, to apply as his case seems philofophically, to crave the aslistance of the midwife, it being a similar case with the fair fex in travail. To some experienced old woman, who we suppose by the assistance of a greasy or oily clyfter, profusely injected into the anus of this great prelate, it will be necessary to touch over the pipe Nightly, by a little tincture tantaridise, in order to enliven the palate and other parts adjacent, and cause a quick fenfation and titilation, which will give vigour to the philosopher, and by a sudden and vigorous exertion, with the assistance of the midwife, deliver him. self from those savages.

Hoft. There comes Rabbe Moses, if you will give me leave I will let him know that you would be happy to make fome enquiries in which your Light is much interested.

Club. We wish the Introduction.

End of the Tenth Conferencé.



Mofes. GENTLEMEN, your will.

Club. We wish, understanding you have been from your youth in search of the philosopher's stone, to make some enquiries which we perfuade ourselves will cast much light on our new philosophy, of this our enlightened age and hemisphere.

Moses. Upon what firm have you placed your philofophy.

Club. Our firm is Materialism. Moses. To set forth the lustre and brightness of virtue or good morals, and the filthy and wicked tendency of vice and immorality, I much approve, and the wickedness of our age require sound philosophy to stem and beat down beastliness.

Club. You favour the old fashioned christian philosophy which reftrains our passions, and puts us in a state below our fellow creatures, which man considers as a high insult; we act modestly when we crave the liberty granted to our neighbours.

Mojes. You have, and stand at par with your neighbours, why, therefore, do you complain unreasonably ?

Club. So far are we from enjoying the sweetnefs of society allowed our neighbours, that they roll and glue themselves, whilst we starve with hunger. O 2


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