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Delivered 19th February.

Containing Petitions presented 4-11 February 1845.

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Church of
App. 1. Viscount Ebrington. Sig. 1. That, in the opinion of your Petitioner, the Church

England (for
1. The humble Petition of William Car Book of Common Prayer and its rubrics are

England (for arranging

arranging Diferences). withen, Clerk, Doctor in Divinity, Rector of nearly in a state similar to that on the return Differences). Rev. Wm.

the Parish and Parish Church of Stoke Clymes of King Charles the Second to this kingdom, Carwithen. land,

alias Climsland, in the county of Cornwall when, being found defective and unsuited to and Diocese of Exeter,

the times, a royal letter was addressed to con-

vocation commanding a review of the Book of
That your Petitioner is no less by inelination Common Prayer, when the convocation in-
than by duty sincerely attached to the Pro trusted the business to a committee, who made
testant Church of England and Ireland, as by alterations and additions which were sub-
law established in these realms, and, therefore, mitted to and approved by Parliament, and
views with pain and regret the excited state of confirmed by 13 and 14 Charles II., c. 4.
the diocese of Exeter, in consequence of several Your Petitioner also, with all due deference,
of the parochial ministers attempting a strict ventures to remark that Parliament has, with-
compliance with the rubrics contained in the out the consent of convocation, altered a ru-
Book of Common Prayer, to the observance of bric, namely, as to the publication of banns
which their attention has been specially called of marriage, by passing the 26 George II.,
by the high authority of their bishop.

c. 33,
That your Petitioner and his clerical brethren Your Petitioner, therefore, humbly prays
are bound, not only by their ordination vows your honourable House to take the subject
and by canon, under penalty of having ecelesi into your gracious and serious consideration,
astical censure, to reverently obey their Ordi to cause the Statutes of 2 and 3 Edward VI.,
nary in all things lawful and honest, but are also c. 1, and i Elizabeth, c. 2, to be repealed, and
liable to be indicted at the assizes, held before to adopt such measures as to your wisdom may
my Lady the Queen's justices, in the county seem fit to procure a calm, moderate, and tem-
where the offence is committed, by any layman perate review of the Book of Common Prayer,
or other person whatsoever for not complying rubrics, and canons of the United Church of
with the rubrics in the Book of Common England and Ireland, as may have the effect of
Prayer, in every particular, even to the minutest settling those differences of opinion and prac-
point, under the Statutes of 2 and 3 Edward tice which now exist among those who have
VI., c. 1, and i Elizabeth, c. 2; and if con all subscribed before their respective bishops,
victed thereof by verdict of twelve men, ac and published to their parochial congregations,
cording to the laws of this realm, or according the declaration that they will conform to the
to their own confession, or by the notorious liturgy of the United Church of England and
evidence of the fact, will have to suffer heavy Ireland, as by law established.
fine and imprisonment, and for the third And your Petitioner, as in duty bound, will
offence deprivation of all ecclesiastical pro-

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ever pray: motion, and imprisonment for life; and the WM. CARWITHEN, D.D., Rector of Stoke archbishops and bishops are equally liable to Clymesland, alias Climsland, in the county the same indictments and penalties as their of Cornwall and diocese of Exeter. clergy.

That your Petitioner is, and always has been, App. 2. Viscount Ebrington. Sig. 161. very desirous to perform his clerical ministra 2. The humble Petition of the undersigned Southmolton. tions in such manner and form as the rubrics Members of the Church of England, in the require and custom has sanctioned, but, in the borough of Southmolton, unanimously agreed present very excited state of the diocese of to at a public meeting called by the ChurchExeter, and in consequence of three pastoral wardens, letters of the bishop of that see, as it appears Sheweth, to your Petitioner of very uncertain and dif That your Petitioners are sincerely attached ferent import, your Petitioner is at a loss how to the Protestant Church by law established in to act with safety to himself and satisfaction to these realms, and earnestly desire to maintain his parishioners in his official ministry; and the purity of its worship, and to extend as far that, moreover, it appears to your Petitioner as possible the sphere of its usefulness. that the difficulty can only be gotten rid of by That, impressed with these feelings, we view legislative enactments, as under the existing with much apprehension and regret the exertion laws neither the archbishops nor bishops indi made by high authority throughout this diocese vidually or collectively can alter or dispense to revive ceremonies and usages which, under with a single provision contained in the ru the sanction of the heads of the Church, and

with the general consent of its meinbers, had


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