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Page 305 - Comis et urbanus, fuerit limatior idem, Quam rudis et Graecis intacti carminis auctor, Quamque poetarum seniorum turba ; sed ille, Si foret hoc nostrum fato dilatus in aevum, Detereret sibi multa, recideret omne, quod ultra 70 Perfectum traheretur, et in versu faciendo Saepe caput scaberet, vivos et roderet ungues.
Page 287 - Me vel extremos Numidarum in agros Classe releget. I pedes quo te rapiunt et aurae Dum favet nox et Venus, i secundo Omine et nostri memorem sepulcro Scalpe querelam." MISERARDM est neque amori dare ludum neque dulci Mala vino lavere, aut exanimari metuentes Patruae verbera linguae. Tibi qualum Cythereae puer ales, tibi telas Operosaeque Minervae studium aufert, Neobule, Liparaei nitor Hebri, Simul unctos Tiberinis...
Page 38 - We do hereby, for Us, Our Heirs and Successors Grant and Declare that these Our Letters Patent, or the enrolment or exemplification thereof, shall be in...
Page 306 - Arcades, invidia rumpantur ut ilia Codro ; aut, si ultra placitum laudarit, baccare frontem cingite, ne vati noceat mala lingua futuro.
Page 13 - Canada," and that by the same name they shall have perpetual succession and a common seal ; and that they and their successors shall, from time to time have full power to...
Page 281 - Candidates who shall have obtained a greater aggregate number of marks than any of the remaining Candidates will be set forth in order of merit, and such Candidates shall be deemed to be selected Candidates for the Civil Service of India, provided they appear to be in other respects duly qualified.
Page 317 - A pretty story, truly !" said the merchants ; " but where are the jewels which formed part of his cargo ?" — " I have neither seen your camel nor your jewels," repeated the dervise. On this, they seized his person, and forthwith hurried him before the cadi, where, on the strictest search, nothing could be found upon him, nor could any evidence whatever be adduced to convict him, either of falsehood or of theft.
Page 1 - An Act to enable her Majesty to endow new colleges, for the advancement of learning in Ireland,
Page 2 - Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the Time being...
Page 280 - ... may deem necessary ; and if the result of such inquiries, in the case of any Candidate, should be unsatisfactory to them in any of the above respects, he will be ineligible for admission to the Civil Service of India, and, if already selected, will be removed from the position of a probationer. 4. The Open Competitive Examination will take place only in the following branches of knowledge: — Marks.

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