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; Fifthly, I have endeavoured to make things as plain as I can to the ordi. nary Reader. I have studied to be

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with hard Words, or unnecessary Quota. tions. For those few Quotations I have; they are not taken upon Trust, but f have constantly seen with my own Eyes. - . 'Whatever defeats there may be found in this Work, this I can truly say for

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the Truth: And shall be very ready

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me my mistakes, and shall most readi. . . ly retraćt them. I have used what care I could to minister to the Necessities of others, and done what lies in me to this purpose. I am fond of no fin. gular Opinions, have pursued no world. ly Advantage, and (what-ever Cen. sure I may meet with from abroad) f am not conscious to my self of any want of diligence or integrity. . .

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If this will be of any use to others, I

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a far greater advantage to the well-dispo.


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