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chase what is of actual value to them. Not more than two or three volumes per year will be required. Owing to the number of cases included in the present volume it was found impracticable to include those in the House of Lords and the Privy Council but they will be given in the next. The present series will also contain all the cases of value here reported in the Weekly Reporter, the Law Times Reporter, the Law Journal Reports and Cox's Criminal Cases not included in the regular Reports. The cases therein during the period covered by the present volume will be given in the next. As two of these are published weekly and give cases much in advance of the regular reports, it not unfrequently happens that the opinion on the reversal of a case is published in them before that of the court below in the regular reports. The reporting in the present series, of cases reversed, will thus frequently be avoided.

It will readily be seen that these Series will possess an advantage over any one of the English.

Brief references to American cases of a character kindred to those reported will be given.

The marginal paging of the original English Report is retained, and it is suggested that in citations, in order at once to show the Court, it be also used, thus :

Head v. Tattersall, 1 Eng. Rep., 140, L. R., 7 Exch., 7.


ALBANY, July 1872.





A'Beckett ads. Jenner,
1 Davies's Trust, matter of, ....

635 Anderson vs. Anderson, 730 Dawson ads. Labouchere,

711 Ashton vs. Corrigan, 565 | Dick ads. Kimberly,


630 Attorney General vs. Fletcher,... 616 Dubois ads. Heyman,. Atwell vs. Atwell,

533 | Dunn vs. Birmingham Canal Co., 283

Elkan ads. Upmann,

474 Bailey ads. Regina, 394 Ellis vs. Barker,.

460 Bailey, Ex parte,.. 703 Else vs. Else,

645 Bank Australasia ads. Harrison, 162 Barker ads. Ellis,

460 Bignold's Trust, matter of,. 506 Birmingham Canal Co. ads. Dunn, 283 Bourdin vs. Greenwood,


F. Britten ads. Morgan,

537 Britton vs. Great Western Cotton Co.,.. 381 Farhall vs. Farhall,

468 Bubb ads. Pride,

61 426

Farnham ads. Stimson,. Bubb vs. Yelverton, 619 Farquhar ads. Hadden,

409 Burrows vs. March Gas and Coke

Fell vs. Whitaker,

26 Co., 202 Fleet vs. Murton,

32 Buxton vs. Rust,


Fletcher ads. Attorney General,.. 616
Flower ads. Palmer,

664 Foster, matter of,

240 Frost vs. Knight,

218 Furness ads. Regina,



Carver vs. Pinto Leite,

450 Castle vs. Playford,.


G. Chambers ads. Regina,.

233 Charter vs. Charter,.. 249 Garrett ads. Moule,

207 Clinton's Trust, Matter of, 691 Gibson, matter of,.

423 Clough vs. London & North West- Glegg vs. Rees,

432 ern Railway,..

148 Green ads. Phosphate Lime Co.,.. 98 Coates vs. Collins,.

47 | Greene vs. West Cheshire RailCole ads. Mouflet,. 177 way,

546 Collins ads. Coates, 47 Greenwood ads. Bourdin,.

677 Colt's Fire Arm Co. ads. Newby,.. 323 Great Western Cotton Co. ads. Corrigan ads. Ashton,..


381 Cory vs. Patton, 328 Griffiths vs. Griffiths,...

236 Cuthbertson ads. Jones, 262 | Gurney ads. Peek,.


Miller vs. Miller,


Moffatt ads. North British Ins. Co., 80 Hadden ads. Farquhar,. 409 | Mollett vs. Robinson,

335 Hannaford vs. Hannaford,. 22 Morgan vs. Britten, Harrison vs. Bank of Australasia, 162 Morton ads. Richardson,

611 Hawker, exparte,... 503 Morris ads. Rennie,...

651 Henderson ads. Notara, 269 | Monflet vs. Cole,

177 Heyman vs. Dubois, 630 | Moule vs. Garret,

207 Hinks ads. Rollins,.

716 Mountstephen vs. Lakeman,. 68 Hodson ads. Wilson,.. 192 Murton ads. Fleet,

32 Holdsworth ads. Regina, 391 | Myers ads. Smith,.

42 Holmes ads. Regina,

226 Hunter vs. Walters,.


[blocks in formation]

Oriental Financial Corporation vs.
Overend, :

478 L.

Overend ads. Oriental Financial

Labouchere vs. Dawson,.... 711
Lakeman ads. Mount Stephen,... 68
Lee vs. Walker,..

371 Leese vs. Martin,

566 London & N. W. Railway ads. Clough,

148 Longley vs. Longley,


Lycett vs. Stafford,

Palmer vs. Flower,

664 Pappa vs. Rose,

87 Parsons ads. Josselyn,

378 Patton ads. Cory,

328 Payne ads. Regina,

396 M. Peek vs. Gurney,

567 Pennock vs. Pennock,.

626 Manning ads. Regina,

230 Phosphate of Lime Co. v3. Green, 98 March Gas & Coke Co., ads. Bur- Pickwell vs. Spencer,.

211 rows, 202 Pinto Leite ads. Carver,

450 Marseilles Extension Railway,mat- Playford ads. Castle,.

204 ter of,.. 490 Poole vs. Poole,..

419 Martin ads. Leese, 566 | Pride vs. Bubb,.

426 Marshall vs. Ulleswater Steam Proprietors Birmingham Canal Navigation Co., 51 ads. Dunn,


[blocks in formation]


Radford vs. Willis,.

415 Ulleswater Steam Navigation Co. Rees ads. Glegg, 432 ads. Marshall,.

51 Regina vs. Bailey, 394 | Upmann vs. Elkan,.

474 Regina vs. Chambers,..

233 Regina vs. Furness,

226 Regina vs. Holdsworth,

391 Regina vs. Holmes,

226 Regina vs. Manning,

230 Regina vs. Newboult,

391 Regina vs. Payne,


V. Regina vs. Rogers,

230 Regina vs. Ward,

403 Van Oppen ads. Newby,...... 323 Rennie vs. Morris,

651 Richardson vs.North Eastern Rail

126 Richardson vs. Morton,.

611 Robinson ads. Mollett,.

335 Rogers ads. Regina,

230 Rollins vs. Hinks,.


W. Rose ads. Pappa,...

87 Ross's Trust, matter of,. 682 Walker, matter of,..

465 Rust ads Buxton,

Walker ads. Lee,

371 Walters ads. Hunter,

437 Ward ads. Regina,.

403 Ward ads. Woolverhampton Waterworks,..

658 West Cheshire Railway ads. Green 546 8. Whittaker ads. Fell,..

26 Willis ads. Radford,

415 Selby ads. Nesham, 640 Wilson vs. Hodson,

192 Sleeman vs. Wilson, 538 Wilson vs. Newberry,

14 Smith vs. Myers,.. 42 Wilson ads. Sleeman,.

538 Spencer ads. Pickwell,

211 | Woolverhampton Waterworks ads. Stafford ads. Lycett,.. 670 Ward,

658 Stimson vs. Farnham,.. 60 Wynne, matter of,

508 Sykes vs. Sykes, .


[blocks in formation]

Twisleston vs. Twisleton,......

260 | Yelverton ads. Bubb,....

... 619

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