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BACCO reek! tobacco reek!

When you're well, 'twill make you sick. Tobacco reek! tobacco reek! 'Twill make you well when you are sick.

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THERE was an old woman, and what do you

I think?
She lived upon nothing but victuals and drink:
Victuals and drink were the chief of her diet;
This tiresome old woman could never be quiet.

[Mind your punctuation.]

| SAW a peacock with a fiery tail,
1 I saw a blazing comet drop down hail,
I saw a cloud wrapped with ivy round,
I saw an oak creep upon the ground,
I saw a pismire swallow up a whale,
I saw the sea brimful of ale,
I saw a Venice glass full fifteen feet deep,
I saw a well full of men's tears that weep,

I saw red eyes all of a flaming fire,
I saw a house bigger than the moon and higher,
I saw the sun at twelve o'clock at night,
I saw the man that saw this wondrous sight.

THERE was a man and he was mad,

1 And he jump'd into a pea-swad ;
The pea-swad was over-full,
So he jump'd into a roaring bull;
The roaring bull was over-fat,
So he jump'd into a gentleman's hat:
The gentleman's hat was over-fine,
So he jump'd into a bottle of wine ;
The bottle of wine was over-dear,
So he jump'd into a bottle of beer;
The bottle of beer was over-thick,
So he jump'd into a club-stick;
The club-stick was over-narrow,
So he jump'd into a wheel-barrow;
The wheel-barrow began to crack,
So he jump'd on to a hay-stack;
The hay-stack began to blaze,
So he did nothing but cough and sneeze!

1 The pod or shell of a pea.

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NUSHY cow bonny, let down thy milk,

u And I will give thee a gown of silk; A gown of silk and a silver tee, If thou wilt let down thy milk to me.

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