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If you love me, pop and fly;
| If you hate me, lie and die.

[Said to pips placed in the fire; a species 9)

divination practised by children.

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DETER PIPER picked a peck
T of pickled pepper ;
A peck of pickled pepper Peter

· Piper picked ;

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper, Where's the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper

picked ?

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TATTHEW, Mark, Luke, and John,
1 Guard the bed that I lay on!
Four corners to my bed,

Four angels round my head;
One to watch, one to pray,
And two to bear my soul away!

NOME, butter, come,

u Come, butter, come!
Peter stands at the gate,
Waiting for a butter'd cake ;
Come, butter, come!

D YE, baby bunting,
D Daddy's gone a hunting
To get a little hare's skin
To wrap a baby bunting in.

L USHY baby, my doll, I pray you don't cry,
M And I'll give you some bread and some milk

by-and-by; Or perhaps you like custard, or maybe a tart;Then to either you're welcome, with all my whole


ANCE to your daddy,

My little babby ;
Dance to your daddy,
My little lamb.

You shall have a fishy,
In a little dishy;
You shall have a fishy
When the boat comes in.

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LJUSH-A-BYE, baby, on the tree top;

| When the wind blows, the cradle will rock; When the bough bends, the cradle will fall; Down will come baby, bough, cradle, and all.

D ABBIT, rabbit, rabbit-pie!
N Come, my ladies, come and buy,
Else your babies they will cry.

L EY, my kitten, my kitten,
1 And hey, my kitten, my deary!
Such a sweet pet as this

Was neither far nor neary.

Here we go up, up, up,

And here we go down, down, downy;
And here we go backwards and forwards,

And here we go round, round, roundy.

VOUNG lambs to sell !

1 Young lambs to sell !
If I'd as much money as I can tell,
I never would cry, Young lambs to sell !

D OCK-A-BYE, baby, thy cradle is green ;
N Father's a nobleman, mother's a queen;
And Betty's a lady, and wears a gold ring;
And Johnny's a drummer, and drums for the king.

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