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LANDY SPANDY, Jack-a-dandy,
1 Loved plum-cake and sugar-candy;
He bought some at a grocer's shop,
And out he came, hop, hop, hop.

TWEEDLE-DUM and Tweedle-dee

1 Resolved to have a battle For Tweedle-dum said Tweedle-dee

Had spoiled his nice new rattle,

Just then flew by a monstrous crow

As big as a tar-barrel,
Which frightened both the heroes so

They quite forgot their quarrel,

D UB a dub dui,
I! Three men in a tub:
And who do you think they be!
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick-maker;
Turn 'em out, knaves all three !


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JACK and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water;
Jack fell down and broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after,

D OSEMARY green,

And lavender blue,
Thyme and sweet marjoram,
Hyssop and rue.

DRAVE news is come to town;

Brave news is carried ;
Brave news is come to town

Jemmy Dawson's married.

SYLVIA, sweet as morning air,
J Do not drive me to despair :
Long have I sighed in vain,
Now I am come again :

Will you be mine or no, no-a-nc., —

Will you be mine or no?
Simon, pray leave off your suit,
For of your courting you'll reap no fruit.
I would rather give a crown
Than be married to a clown;

Go for a booby, go, no-a-nu,- ..
Go, for a booby, go,

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