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M ASTER I have, and I am his man.

M Gallop a dreary dun;
Master I have, and I am his man,
And I'll get a wife as fast as I can;
With a heighly gaily gamberally,

Higgledy piggledy, niggledy, niggledy,
Gallop a dreary dun.

I HAD a little husband,
I No bigger than my thumb;
I put him in a pint pot,

And there I bid him drum.

I bought a little horse,

That galloped up and down :
I bridled him, and saddled him,

And sent him out of town,

I gave him some garters

To garter up his hose,
And a little handkerchief

To wipe his pretty nose.


N ID you see my wife, did you see, did you see,

D Did you see my wife
She wears a straw bonnet, with white ribbands on it,

And dimity petticoats over her knee.

| DOUBT, I doubt, my fire is out;

My little wife isn't at home;
I'll saddle my dog, and I'll bridle my cat,

And I'll go fetch my little wife home.


I OVE your own, kiss your own,
L Love your own mother, hinny,
For if she was dead and gone,

You'd ne'er get such another, hinny.

CURLY locks! curly locks! wilt thou be mine? u Thou shalt not wash dishes, nor yet feed the

swine, But sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam, And feed upon strawberries, sugar, and cream!

nEORGEY PORGEY, pudding and pie,

U Kissed the girls and made them cry; When the girls come out to play, Georgey Porgey runs away.

ins a

THERE was a lady loved a swine :

T “Honey,” quoth she,
“Pig-hog, wilt thou be mine?”

“Grunt,” quoth he.

I'll build thee a silver stye,

Honey,” quoth she; ; “And in it thou shalt lie;"

“Grunt,” quoth he.

“ Pinned with a silver pin,

Honey,” quoth she,
“That you may go out and in;"

“Grunt,” quoth he:

“ Wilt thou now have me,

Honey,” quoth she;
“Grunt, grunt, grunt,” quoth he,

And went his way.

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