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HAT'S the news of the day,
VV Good neighbour, I pray?
“They say the balloon
Is gone up to the moon.”

1 / ING'S SUTTON is a pretty town, n And lies all in a valley; There is a pretty ring of bells,

Besides a bowling-alley : Wine and liquor in good store,

Pretty maidens plenty; Can a man desire more?

There ain't such a town in twenty.

NOME, let's to bed,
U Says Sleepy-head;

“Tarry a while,” says Slow;
“Put on the pot,”
Says Greedy-gut,

“Let's sup before we go."


IRLS and boys, come out to play ; O The moon doth shine as bright as day ; Leave your supper, and leave your sleep, And come with your playfellows into the street. Come with a whoop, come with a call, Come with a good will or not at all. Up the ladder and down the wall, A halfpenny roll will serve us all. You find milk, and I'll find flour, And we'll have a pudding in half-an-hour.

L OW many days has my baby to play?

M Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

AROUND the green gravel the grass grows green,

And all the pretty maids are plain to be seen ; Wash them with milk, and clothe them with silk, And write their names with a pen and ink.

AS I was going to sell my eggs,
M I met a man with bandy legs,
Bandy legs and crooked toes; .
I tripped up his heels, and he fell on his nose

M Y little old man and I fell out;
W I'll tell you what 'twas all about :
I had money, and he had none,
And that's the way the row begun.

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ARBY and Joan were dress'd in black,

Sword and buckle behind their back; Foot for foot, and knee for knee, Turn about Darby's company.

JF all the seas were one sea, | What a great sea that would be ! And if all the trees were one tree, What a great tree that would be ! And if all the axes were one axe, What a great axe that would be ! And if all the men were one man, What a great man he would be! And if the great man took the great axe, And cut down the great tree, And let it fall into the great sea, What a splish splash that would be !

DAIN, rain, go away;

N Come again another day ;
Little Arthur wants to play.

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