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VER the water, and over the sea,

And over the water to Charley;
Charley loves good ale and wine,
And Charley loves good brandy,
And Charley loves a pretty girl,
As sweet as sugar-candy.

Over the water, and over the sea,
And over the water to Charley;
I'll have none of your nasty beef,
Nor I'll have none of your barley;
But I'll have some of your very best flour,
To make a white cake for my Charley.

AS I was going by Charing Cross,
n I saw a black man upon a black horse ;
They told me it was King Charles the First;
Oh, dear! my heart was ready to burst !

L IGH diddle ding,
I Did you hear the bells ring?
The parliament soldiers are gone to the King !
Some they did laugh, some they did cry,
To see the parliament soldiers pass by.

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LJECTOR PROTECTOR was dressed all in
H1 green;
Hector Protector was sent to the Queen.
The Queen did not like him,
Nor more did the King ;
So Hector Protector was sent back again


H AT is the rhyme for poringer?
VV The King he had a daughter fair,
Änd gave the Prince of Orange her.

AS I walked by myself,
A And talked to myself,

Myself said unto me,
Look to thyself,
Take care of thyself,

For nobody cares for thee,

I answered myself,
And said to myself,

In the self-same repartee,
Look to thyself,
Or not look to thyself,

The self-same thing will be

DOOR old Robinson Crusoe !

Poor old Robinson Crusoe : They made him a coat Of an old nanny goat,

I wonder how they could do so! With a ring a ting tang, And a ring a ting tang,

Poor old Robinson Crusoe !

'HERE was a monkey climbed up a tree,

When he fell down. then down fell he.

There was a crow sat on a stone,
When he was gone, then there was none.

There was an old wife did eat an apple, When she had eat two, she had eat a couple,

There was a horse going to the miil,
When he went on, he stood not still.

There was a butcher cut his thumb,
When it did bleed, then blood did come.

There was a lackey ran a race,
When he ran fast, he ran apace.

There was a cobbler clouting shoon,
When they were mended, they were done.

There was a chandler making candle,
When he them strip, he did them handle.

There was a navy went into Spain, When it returned, it came again.

TIM and George were two great lords,
J They fought all in a churn;
And when that Jim got George by the nose,

Then George began to girn.

CEE saw, sack-a-day;
J Monmouth is a pretie boy,

Richmond is another,
Grafton is my onely joy;
And why should I these three destroy,

To please a pious brother!"

i The boys are sons of Charles II. James, Duke of York.

The pious brother is

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