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Supplement to Nature,
December 10, 1896

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ABBE (Prof. Cleveland), Evaporation, 283

Agricultural Department Field Experiment, 62 ; Agriculture Abbott (Dr. George), Proposed Union of South-eastern in Connecticut, 206 ; Calcium Carbide as an Insecticide, M. (English) Natural History Societies, 16; on a Plan for the Chuard, 229 ; Crows and Turnips, 255; the “ Running Out' Organisation of Local Natural History Societies, 636

of Peas, 279; Dr. Nobbe's Nitragin, 326 ; Oxidation of .Abbott's (Dr. W. L.) Natural History Collections, 423

Organic Soil-matter, P. P. Dehérain and E. Demoussy, 359; Aberration and Atmospheric Refraction, an Investigation on, County Councils and Agriculture, 368; Prof. R. P. Wright's G. C. Comstock, 426

Scotch Manuring, &c., Experiments, 403 ; English Weeds as ibney (Capt. W. de W., F.R.S.), Spectrum Photography with Pasture-grasses in France and Australia, 423 ; Shade-tree

Capt. Abney's Colour Patch Apparatus, 37 ; Becquerel's Insects in the United States. 424; a Cure for Locusts, 424 Colour Photographs, 125

Ahlborn (Dr. Fr.), Zur Mechanik des Vogelfluges, 25 Abram (Dr.), on Detection of Lead in Organic Fluids, 636 Air, Measurement of Odours in, A. Gerardin and M. Nicloux, 23 Absorption Force, Distance Action of, W. Müller-Erzbach, 456 Air, Dr. J. Haldane on his Calorimetric Method of Estimating Acetylene, Laboratory use of, A. E. Munby, 414 ; on the Small Amounts of Carbon Monoxide in the, 584

Limiting Explosive Proportions of Acetylene, and Detection Air-pump, New Mercurial, R. W. Wood, 190 and Measurement of this Gas in the Air, Prof. F. Clowes, 583 ; Aitken (John, F.R.S.), Notes on Clouds, 164 Explosive Properties of, MM. Berthelot and Vieille, 591 ; Ex- Albatross Flying Machine, Accident to William Paul, 577 plosion in Paris, 597

Albertus Magnus, Bird and Beast Names in, Prof. D'Arcy Ackroyd (William), the Old Light and the New, 76, 173

Thompson, 118
Acoustics : Barisal Guns, 102 ; Sir Edw. Fry, F.R.S., 8 ; New Alcohol, Influence on Digestion of, Drs. Chittenden and Mendel,

Synchronising Sound Generator, Joseph Goold, 36; The 598
Determination of Overtones, C. Stumpf, 45; Diminution of Alkali Metals, the Amides of the, and some of the Derivatives,
Sound-Intensity with Distance, K. L. Schaefer, 45: Remark- Dr. A. W. Titherley, 584
able Sounds, Kumagusu Minakata, 78; the Direction of Allbutt (Dr. T. C., F.R.S.), a System of Medicine, vol. i.,
Signals at Sea, E. Hardy, 373; Prof. McKendrick on the edited by, 361

Application of the Phonograph to the Analysis of Sound, 633 Allen (G. 1.), Myricetin, the Colouring Matter of Sicilian
Acquired Characters, the Ankle-Joint in Man, and the Inherit- Sumach, 408
ance of, Prof. ius, 162

Allen (Dr. Harrison), Pædomorphism, 240 Idulteration, Food, Röntgen Rays as Detector of, W. Arnold, Allen (Prof.), on the Physical Basis of Life, 635 350

Allmann (Prof. G. J., F.R.S.), Linnean Society's Gold MedalAerators, Read, Campbell, and Co.'s, 37

list, 81 Aerodrome, Prof. Langley's, 61

Alloys, the Electrical Resistance of, Lord Rayleigh, Sec. R.S., Jeronautics: the Aeronautical Annual, 1896, 25; Zur Mechanik 154; Walter G. McMillan and Robert H. Housman, 171

des Vogelfluges, Dr. Fr. Ahlborn, 25; Prof. Langley's | Alpenglühen, W. Larden, 53 Aerodrome, 61 ; Experiments in Mechanical Flight, Prof. S. Alicar, Mr. Morton on a Boring near, 586 P. Langley, Prof. Alexander Graham Bell, 80 ; André's Polar Alumina Factory at Larne Harbour, J. Sutherland, 329 Expedition, 81 ; Flying Engines, Ilon. Chas. A. Parsons, 148 ; Aluminium and its Alloys, Resistance to Corrosive Liquids of, the Death of Herr Lilienthal, 371; Prof. A. du Bois J. W. Richards, 253 Reymond, 413; Sailing Flight, Dr. R. von Lendenfeld, 436 : Alzola (Pablo de), the Spanish Iron Industry, 515 the Dune Park Experiments, Octave Chanute and A. M. Amazon River, Cable-laying on the, Alexander Siemens, 162 Hering, 518; Accident to William Paul, 577

Amazons, Capture of a Specimen of “ Lepidosiren” in the River, Africa : a Naturalist in Mid-Africa, G. F. E. Scott Elliot, 5; 1 Dr. Albert Günther, F.R.S., 270 Geology of British East, Dr. J. W. Gregory, 38 ; Paläolithic America : University Observations in, 64; the Water Supply Implements from Somaliland, H. W. Seton-Karr, 92 ; the of the City of New York, Edward Wegmann, 242; ArchäSouth African Museum, 107 ; Cattle Plague in Africa, Sir ological Studies in Mexico, Alfred P. Maudsley, 274; John Kirk, F.R.S., 171; the Preservation of Rare Cape American Association, 450, 480 ; American Journal of Plants, Sir F. von Mueller, 184 ; a Geological Sketch Map Mathematics, 22, 431, 639 ; American Journal of Science, of Africa South of the Lambesi, E. P. T. Struben, 221; 45, 91, 189, 285, 383, 488, 639 ; American Meteorological through Jungle and Desert, Travels in Eastern Africa, Journal, 68 ; American Museum of Natural History, 83; an W. A. Chanler, Dr. J. W. Gregory, 313; the Great Rist American Professor, Sir J. G. Fitch, 409 ; American Public Valley, Dr. J. W. Gregory, Dr. W. T. Blanford, F.R.S., Health Association Meeting, 525 347 ; Hausaland, C. H. Robinson, 364 ; Ruined Temples in America, South, Mine of Vanadium Compounds in, 300 Mashonaland, R M. W. Swan, 424; the Livingstone Tree, Amides of the Alkali Metals, and some of their Derivatives, E. !. Glave, 454 ; Death of Dr. J. A. Moloney, 549 ; on the Dr. A. W. Titherley, 584 Influence of African Climate and Vegetation on Civilisation, Amphibia, Remarkable Blind Batrachian, Dr. Stejneger, 156 6. F. Scott Elliot, 587 ; Mr. Alexander Whyte's Botanical Amphipod, Nest-building, in the Broads, Henry Scherren, 367 Expedition into Nyika Plateau, 629; the Preservation of Big Amphoteric Solutions, Dr. T. Bradshaw on the Behaviour of Game in German East Africa, M. Gosselin, 630

Litmus in, 584
Agamennone (Dr. G.), New Seismometrograph, 68 ; Velocity of Amsterdam

Academy of Sciences, 48, 96, 240, 360, 639
Propagat ion of Paramythia Earthquake of May 13-14, 1895, Anæmia, High Altitudes and, Dr. Kuthy, 577
3: Record of Mediterranean Earthquakes for 1895, 373 ; | Anästhetics, the Jubilee of Ether in Surgery, 597
Turkish Earthquakes in 1895, 424 ; Observations of Turkish Analytical Chemistry, N. Menschutkin, 6

| Anaspides, Affinities of, to Fossil Crustacea, W. T. Calman, Agassiz (A.), the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, 488 Agriculture : the Reclamation of the Australian Deserts, 41 ; Ma- Anatomy : Death of Dr. Theodor Margo, 597 ; Death of Dr. nurial Experiments on Turnips, Prof. Somerville, 62 ; Bangor W. 11. Ross, 597 ; Death of Dr. Rüdinger, 401

Earthquakes, 447


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