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SOME ingenious critic will probably discover that many of the verses in the present collection are unworthy to take rank as "poems," and will accordingly call the Editor to account for having in his selections departed from the strict letter of the title of his work. Following numerous illustrious examples, the Editor ventures to be the critic of his own performance-to the extent of pointing out the above inconsistency; stating, however, at the same time, that every Song, Carol, or Descriptive piece in the present collection, which does not merit the higher appellation of Poem, will be found to illustrate in some way or other an interesting by-gone custom, or to describe some feature worth preserving, connected with the Christmas celebrations of our ancestors. And he feels that, if he could justify all his other shortcomings as readily as he can the present one, he would be found to have performed his task in a far more perfect manner than he can now venture to lay claim to.

H. V.


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