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These Three Books contain 2236 Illustrations, many of which

are printed in Colors.

MOULLIN. Surgery. Second Edition, by Hamilton. A Complete

Text - Book. By C. W. MANSELL MOULLIN, M. A., M. D. OXON.,
F. R.C. S., Surgeon and Lecturer on Physiology to the London Hospital ;
formerly Radcliffe Traveling Fellow and Fellow of Pembroke College,
Oxford. Second American Edition. Revised and edited by JOHN B.


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of studying and teaching anatomy. The section on Surgical and Topographical Anatomy,
by Jacobson, has been prepared with a view of providing students with a complete manual
for dissections.
LANDOIS' HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY. Fourth Edition. 845 Illus-

trations, many of which are in Colors. A Text-Book of Human
Physiology, including Histology and Mieroscopical Anatomy, with
special reference to the requirements of Practical Medicine. By
Dr. L. LANDOIS, Professor of Physiology and Director of the Physiological
Institute, University of Greifswald. Translated from the Seventh German
Edition, with additions by WILLIAM STERLING, M. D, SC. D., Brackenburg
Professor of Physiology and History in Owen's College and Victoria
University, Manchester; Examiner in the Honors' School of Science, Uni-
versity of Oxford, England. Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged.
Royal Octavo.

Cloth, $7.00; Leather, $8.00 “Landois' Physiology is, without question, the best text-book on the subject that has ever been written.”-New York Medical Record.

HP Complete Circulars and Sample Pages of these Books sent upon application.

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From The Southern Clinic.

“We know of no series of books issued by any house that so fully meets our approval as these ? Quiz-Compends ?. They are well arranged, full, and concise, and are really the best line of text-books that could be found for either student or practitioner.”


A New Series of Manuals for the Use of Students and Physicians.

Price of each; cloth, $1.00. Interleaved, for taking Notes, $1.25. IF These Compends are based on the most popular text-books and the lectures of prominent professors, and are kept constantly revised, so that they may thoroughly represent the present state of the subjects upon which they treat.

The authors have had large experience as Quiz-Masters and attaches of colleges, and are well acquainted with the wants of students.

he They are arranged in the most approved form, thorough and concise, containing over 300 illustrations, inserted wherever they could be used to advantage.

ir Can be used by students of any college.

HF They contain information nowhere else collected in such a condensed, practical shape.

SPECIAL NOTICE.—These Compends may be obtained through any Bookseller, Wholesale Druggist, or Dental Depot, or, upon receipt of price, will be sent, postpaid, by the publishers. In ordering, always specify “Blakiston's ? Quiz-Compends ?." No. 1. HUMAN ANATOMY. Fifth Revised and Enlarged Edition. Including

Visceral Anatomy. Can be used with either Morris' or Gray's Anatomy. 117 Illustrations and 16 Lithographic Plates of Nerves and Arteries, with Explanatory Tables, etc. By SAMUEL O. L. POTTER, M. D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine, Cooper

Medical College, San Francisco; late A. A. Surgeon, U. S. Army. No. 2. PRACTICE OF MEDICÍNE. Part I. Fourth Edition, Revised, Enlarged,

and Improved. By DAN'L E. HUGHES, M.D., Physician-in-Chief, Philadelphia Hospital,

late Demonstrator of Clinical Medicine, Jefferson College, Philadelphia. No. 3. PRACTICE OF MEDICINÉ. Part II. Fourth Edition, Revised, En

larged, and Improved. Same author as No. 2. No. 4. PHYSIOLOGY. Seventh Edition, with new Illustrations and a table of Physi

ological Constants. Enlarged and Revised. By A. P. BRUBAKER, M. D., Professor of Physiology and General Pathology in the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery;

Demonstrator of Physiology, Jefferson College, Philadelphia. No. 5. OBSTETRICS. Fifth Edition. By Henry G. Landis, M. D. Revised and

Edited by Wm. H. Wells, M. D., Ass’t Demonstrator of Obstetrics, Jefferson College,

Philadelphia. Enlarged.47 Illustrations. No. 6. MATERIA MEDICA, THERAPEUTICS, AN PRESCRIPTION WRITING. Fifth Revised Edition. By SAMUEL O. L.

D., Profesor of Practice, Cooper Medical College, San Francisco; late A

U.S. No. 7. GYNÆCOLOGY. A New Book. By Wm. H. W

o't Dr of Obstetrics,

Jefferson College, Philadelphia. Illustr No. 8. DISEASES OF THĚ EYE-AND REFT

Judi and Surgery. By L. WEBSTER Fox, M. nd Geor

ulæ and 71 Illustrations. Second E
No. 9. SURGERY, Minor Surger and

Improved. By Orville Horw
Surgery and Venereal Diseases

Hospital, etc. With 98 Form

alysis, Animal Chemistry, HENRY LEFFMANN, M.D.

Surgery and in the Wom

Pharmacy. By F. E
Philadelphia College

cal College, Philad No. 12. VETERIN

Surgeons; Phys

at the New Yo No. 13. WARR

Second Edit the Dental

Chief of C No. 14. DIS


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