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of her citizens, the triumphs of the generous ideas which prevail in Europe, and which can no longer be suppressed, they do not force her to withdraw herself for hostilities from those pacific thoughts and means of internal prosperity, to which the people and the chief wish to consecrate themselves in a happy accordance.

“ Nothing has been changed :-if, when the French nation only demands to remain at peace with all Europe, an unjust coalition does not force it to defend, as it did in 1792, its will, and its rights, and its independence, and the sovereign of its choice. (Signed) “ The Minister of State, “ President of the Section of Finance,


Although there may be a great deal of exaggeration in the foregoing statement, yet, there is no doubt a great deal of truth in it likewise ; indeed, it was admitted by Lord Castlereagh in the House of Commons on the 7th of April, 1815, that from the moment of Buonaparte's arrival at Elba, neither the Allied

Sovereigns nor the Bourbons took any steps to fulfil the articles of the treaty of Fontainbleau.

Shorn of his power, Buonaparte was considered as politically defunct. The allowance guaranteed to him was never paid : and to such pecuniary distress was he reduced, that he was compelled to sell his cannon and his stores for his support. This situation affected his bitterest enemies; for Lord Castlereagh acknowledges, that hearing of it when he was in Paris, he was induced to make the most urgent representation to the French government on his behalf: but it does not appear with much effect. Surrounded by priests and ministers, the unfortunate Louis was compelled to be a principal in an act of injustice, to which, without doubt, may be traced the steps pursued by Napoleon.

As soon as the Allied Sovereigns were made acquainted with Buonaparte's arrival in Paris, they issued a declaration ; and entered into a fresh treaty, whereby they bound themselves to furnish against France the following amount of troops, viz. :

Austria 300,000; Russia 225,000; Prussia 336,000; Minor States, including 60,000 Bavarians, 150,000; the King of Holland 50,000; troops in British pay 50,000; making a total of one million and eleven thousand; an immense force on paper, but not so easily brought into the field. And, though they were able to find the men, they candidly stated to the British government their total inability to move, for want of funds; and, in order to provide them with the “sinews of war,” the income tax in England was renewed, and a vast amount of money was raised, by way of loan, and five millions sterling were forwarded to the parties, (Austria, Russia and Prussia.) England also bound herself to provide one hundred and fifty thousand men, or an equivalent in money, for so many as might be deficient of that number; so that, after all, this short affair was rather an expensive one to England, as she was too magnanimous to require, from the foreign powers, the repayment of the loans, which they from time to time received from this country. Austria, indeed, some years

afterwards, declaring itself insolvent, offered the British ministry three millions, in lieu of the thirty millions which they had at different times borrowed of us, and my Lord Castlereagh (considering the loss of a few millions no object to England) generously accepted the composition.


“ How quick the changes of the soldier's fame,

The bold, the vaunting Corsican will name ;
He feels no pleasure but in war's alarms,
The trumpet's clangor, and the din of arms,
Cheering his partners of the tented field,
• Nor sheathe your swords ! (he cries) till all shall


DURING the months of April and May, the British were leaving the distant towns, and gradually concentrating as near as possible to the Belgian frontiers. The most impenetrable mystery seemed to be observed in reference to Napoleon's future movements: that he was preparing for some daring enterprize, there was no doubt; but while waiting the development of his plans, we were placed in quarters, with such arrangements that the division could concentrate at a very short notice.

Our regiment, with the 30th second bat

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