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I had staied & broken ye Dispatche & voiage of James Grame prepared to have bein imploied & sent by th' Erle Bothewell to ye Duke of Parma; & perswaded th' Erle to cast off th' Intelligence with Parma & ye King of Spaine, & to follow th' Advice given by her Majestie & appearing in Your Lordships Letter to Me, & after signified by Mr Archibald Douglas, shewing that th' Erle was willing to stay his former Course & Purpose & to give manifest Declaration of his Relolution [sic] & Actions to be bent for ye common Peace & Quietness of both these Realmes, & quenching of all Intelligence with Strangers; Yet to satisfie her Majesties Expectation, herein, & to answer ye Contents of your Honours last Letter of ye 24th of March last I have thought it my Dutie to recount th' effects of my former Letter mentioned & addressed to your Lordship & herewith to signifie also that before ye Receipt of your Honours last letter aforesaid, I had likewise staid th' Imploym of Captyn Hackerston, into Spaine, & withdrawen th' Erle both to cutt of intelligence with Parma & Spaine; & also to seek Possession of ye Spanish Bark to be kept safe until ye Kings Retorne; In all which Mr Richard Douglas, making readie to attend on her Majestie within few daies, will further acquaint You, with th Erle's Mynd & Offers to do all things that may agree with her Majesties Pleasure, as by my former I have before expressed.

The Erle Bothwell seeking many waies to possesse himself of ye Spanish Bark comed to ye back of ye May, & ready for Dunkirk, did at length so deale with ye Captain & Company as ye Captain offered to put her into th' Erle's hands; for She wanted Victuals, Pilotts, & Mariners; & where ye Captain had given Secret Direction to ye Master & two of his fellowes to depart spedelie & make sale for Dunkirk. I was advertised of all ye Captains doings therein, & revealing ye same to th' Erle, ye Master & his two Fellowes with ye Captens Letters were sodainlie taken at Leith before they could gitt boats; and now ye Bark is brought in at Ely near Largo in Fife, & this daie shall be delivered at Leith to ye Custodie of th' Erle, who hath promised to keep ye Bark safelie & dispose ye Companie in ye Towns of that Coast, to be relieved untill ye Kings Retorne. The Captain contineweth in ye charge of ye Provost of Edenburghe, with Order to be delivered over to ye keping of ye Lord John Hamilton; And James Colvill ye Pilott, commanded by ye King to be kept straite & booted, is taken into ye Ship with Colonell Steward, who loosed & made Saile for Denmark on Sondaie last in the afternoon ye 29th of March last.

Th' Erle Bothwell having prepared one or two vessells of good burthen, & well furnished, intendeth to imploy & adventure ye same on ye Seas under ye Conduct of Captain Geo Lockart his Servant against ye King of Spaines Subjects in Spaine & Low Countries, & against ye Leaguers. Therefore he hartelie praieth to have her Majesties Letters of Mark or Reprisall in this behalf & with Leave & Liberty to bring in, to discharge & make Sale in England all such Prises as shall be taken; Mr Richard Douglas will present & fellow this Petition, to her Majestie at his coming for th' Erle; but for ye better expedition th' Erle hath required Me to commend his Sute to your Knowledge; & to pray you to be Meane that he may have retorne of her Majesties Pleasure with spede, to th' intent he may dispose of his Ships in ye best Season.

For th' end of these Causes with th' Erle I have attended on him, these six daies

deferring these presents all that tyme; He is now passed again over ye Water to reconcile as well Atholl & Montrose, as also Arrell & Atholl & to compleit ye Band amongst ye Stewardes against Huntley; but Montrosse hoping to compound ye Griefes betwixt Huntley & Murray to ye good Contentmt of ye Stewarts, therefore Huntlay is sent for to meit Bothwell & th' others at such Place & tyme as he list to appoint; howbeit Huntley is presentlie so sick, as it is thought that he shall not be able to meet them. The end of Feades & entrie into Bandes are oftentymes ye beginning of great Actions, as former Experience hath well approved in this Realme. By ye Meanes of a Catholick Instrument, whom I am driven to imploy, I discovered ye Busshop of Dirrie comed into this Realme, & who otherwise had not bein Knowne. And sithence that tyme I have not onelie sent an especial Parson into ye North to espie out him & his doings, but finding that I could not catch him, as I desired. I have travailled to lay for him, by ye Meanes of Bothwell in ye hielands, Angusse in Fiffe ye Master of Graie on ye Sea coasts, Aughencloughe in Kyntire, ye Prior of Blantire at Glasco, Mr John Colvill, in ye North, and one or two Catholicks in this Towne; Nevertheless it appeareth by your Honours last of ye 24th of March last past her Majestie, to My great grefe, noteth in Me some want of Care to lay for him; therefore it may please You as to acquaint her Majestie, with myne Action & Service herein, as her Highness may be better satisfied, & her good Opinion continewed to Me, & my Diligence in her Majesties Services. I am informed that he is alreadie passed to Angusse Mackonell, where if he make any Staie, Bothwell hath promised to take him; & surelie I shall leave nothing in my powre undone for her Majesties best Contentm! & Service herein, doubting greatlie that he is so farr passed, as hardlie he can be recovered at this tyme.

Sence ye Departure of Colonell Steward as is before mentioned, Mr Wm Fowler was readie to have passed to ye King, in an other Ship, but ye Wynde & Storm hath staied him. The rest of ye Shipps for ye Kings Transportation are readie, & will sett forwards with ye next wynde.

M: Wm Fowler received th' other daie a Letter from Stephano Lejorata Capten in Newport with two others inclosed & severallie directed by Gabriell de Risa to th' Erle of Arrell, & Assuerus Paynter to such Effects as by ye Copies thereof inclosed will appear unto You. These two addressed to Arrell & ye Paynter, M: Fowler delivered to ye Provost of this Towne, to be shewed to ye Counsell, who hitherto can nether understand ye Ciphre or Meaning, nether who this Assuerus Paynter should be; for where th' Erle Bothwell was taken to have bein ye Partie, he hath assured me that he doth not know ye Ciphre or Matter, nether hath he any Ciphre with ye person sending those letters. I gave You Notice before of like Letters sent to ye Ld Harris & others; And my Catholick Instruments have seen sondry others, wherein they find little Matter other then that ye King of Spaine will this year send Forces into Ireland & Scotland; by one Letter of ye last date it is advertised that ye King, will imploy all his Preparations for France.

Some fear of sodaine Troubles hath bein conceived here by brutes spredd, that Arrell would come to Kalender, Huntlay to Dumfermling, Maxwell hither, & ye rest to Places nere this Town. It is true that Arrell is presentlie at Kalender, & will meet with Bothwell very shortlie; but th' others stirr not so as this Estate continueth in good quietnes.

For Expedition of Redresse to be made on ye Borders of this Counsell hath newlie written to Sesford; And where St John Forster hath certified of a Day Forrage latelie runn in Riddisdale by ye Ellots & others of Lyddisdale under th' Erle of Bothwell, I have procured th' Erle Bothwells especiall Letter to Tho Trotter his Deputie to cause all ye Prisoners & Goods taken in England to be immediately delivered with such Redresse as shall satisfie ye Wardens. This Letter I have sent to St John Forster, that he may send it to th' Erle's Deputie & take Order with him, Also I have procured ye Erle Bothwell, to write to his said Deputie, to meet ye Deputie of St John Forster, ye 13th hereof, according to ye Desire of St John. And I have sent to Sesford by an especiall Gentleman, ye Counsells Letter, for th' Execution of Justice, trusting these shall work better Quietnes on ye Borders; wherein this Counsell is very readie to give all ye Furtherance in them for ye good Successe thereof. Thus-Edenburgh 3d April. 1590.


ED. 3d APRILIS. 1590.

It may please your Honour. By My former Letter to ye L Treasurer, & by these Presents sent at this tyme, You may see how readilie th' Erle Bothwell Promiseth to run her Majesties Course & to imbark himself & engage his Honour in ye same. Besides I have bein advertised by Catholicks, & Persons, little beholden to him that in his late being beyond ye Water he hath delt with sondrie of ye Spanish Faction to disswade them to cast of their Course with Spaine; whereby he hath purchased Suspicion. & that ye Factions nevertheles are determined to continew & procede in their former Platts, albeit with some distrust of wished Successe, chefelie in fear of ye spedie retorne of ye King, which they little look for, & which by old Prophesies they think will be ether long deferred, or els not at all, I find him wounded with our Doings & with ye last Advertism! from M Archibald Douglas, yet he seemeth determined to remayne constant looking to receive better Contentm! by Mr Richard Douglas at his next Repaire to You, to ye which I whollie referr this wholl Matter.

Here lurketh in Northumberland John Best, one well known to You, & one Rockwood sometimes towards ye Erle Bothwell, & suspected to be about evill Offices; they use to come sometimes into ye Realme, but their Haunt is most in Northumberland; Some offer is made to Me for their Apprehensions in England, or so nere in Scotland, that they may be easilie brought into England: & Rockwood is offered chefelie to be catched. I am desirous to have your Pleasure what shall be done herein, before I attempt to touch them & as You shall direct, so I shall seek to accomplish with all Diligence, doubting much of ye Arrest of Best, but I think Rockwood may be taken in Case You shall think it convenient.

The Mislike of my Service in My Disabilitie to take ye Busshop of Dirrie foretelleth Me some Resolution of Change towards Me; wherein in Case it shall be for my Revocation, I shall gladlie yelt to it, or to anything that shall please her

Majestie to determyn of, or to put Me to, wishing that I might in best tyme & sort dispose of myself & your Estate to satisfie all that I have Interest in Me, chefelie Your Self for whom I am most carefull, & for whose Discharge & Contentm, I shall be right diligent to take Order immediatelie after ye Retorne of my Sonne. Thus-Edenburgh. 3d Aprilis. 1590.


5 APRILIS. 1590.

It may please Your Honours. Upon my Search made to lay for & finde out ye Busshop of Dirrie & his doings here, I am this daie advertised in all ye Particularities following by a Catholick, drawing his Intelligence from a Jesuit haunting ye Companie of ye Spanish Faction, that this Busshop pretending to be an Inglish Jesuit, hath for ye most part bein with Mr James Gorden, ye Jesuit, as before I have certified You, & that he is yet with Mr James, & in Places thereabouts, in such secrett wise, as this Jesuit, ye Talesman cannot speak with, nor gitt his Letters to him, without great difficultie; for he is stricken, with such fear to be apprehended as he will not trust to shew himself to any other then to M! James Gorden, or such like, & he hasteth to be dispatched & retorned into Ireland with all ye spede he can.

That his Earand hither was to acquaint ye Catholicks & Confederates from Spain, in this Realme that many Irishmen of good Qualitie, & sondri Inglishmen in Ireland were contented & readie to stirre a Commotion as it is termed in Ireland in Case they may be sure to have such Succours as are promised to be sent by Spaine, & may be aided with such Forces as may also be drawen out of ye Isles & other Places in Scotland.

That he hath alleadged that Oneile, being old & weake, and not willing to deale in this Matter, his Frends offended therefore with him, will nevertheles enter into & hazard themselves in th' Enterprise. And by ye Means & at ye Perswasion of O'neill & his Frends ye Lord of Loughnell, of ye House of Argile & having great Interest amongst ye Islanders in Scotland, shall be brought to raise all his Forces & take especiall Charge & Leading in th' Action. And it is herewith told Me ye Ladie of Kintire is purposed to come hither so soon as she shall recover her health; & intreat Me to commend her Petition to her Majestie for her Highness's Favour & Goodnes to be shewed to O'nele her Husband, which if it shall so take Effect, before I shall receive Direction from You, I shall thereon both advertise You with spede, & also seeke to withdraw her Husband & all her Frends in Ireland & this Realme from this Action, & to intertaine her in ye best Course I can.

That for th' Advancm! of this Practise it is advised & purposed; that ye Catholick Lords & others having best Credit with th Inhabitants in ye Isles shall travell ye Claims there to levie & sett forth so many as they can gitt & arme for Ireland; And further that they shall take up so many Horsemen in ye West & South of Scotland as conveniently can be gotten; wherein ye Busshop adviseth them, not to

stand much to provide them with Horses, seing the Transportation of ye Horses will be troublesome & discover their Platt, & offereth to furnish with good Horses to be readie in Ireland so many Horsemen as shall be sent thither.

That Huntlay shall be intreated both to move Claude Hamilton his Uncle, to draw off ye Gentlemen of Lenox & all other like Frends to sett fourth all ye Horsemen they can; And that Huntlay himself shall leavie & send so many Footmen as he can gitt, & with fitt Leaders for ye same.

That ye Busshop perswadeth that Angus Mackonell & ye Lord Loughnell shall suffice to have ye chef Charge of all ye Footmen & Horsemen to be imploied & sent out of Scotland in this Jorney. That ye Master of Angusse being intreated to have taken a principall Charge herein hath refused.

That especiall Instruments are chosen & appointed to repaire unto & travell with Maxwell, Harris, th' Abbot of New Abbay, wherein I shall geve spedie Warning to ye Lord Scroope, with ye best Notes I can gather to instruct him ye better to discover their Doings, ye Master of Eglington, ye Lord of Bargeny & others for Leavie of Horsemen.

That after ye Report of ye Successe of these busines, & ye Resolution of ye Course to be taken thereon, one Inglishman presentlie in Companie with ye Busshop of Dirrie shall be sent into Flanders with th' Advertism of the Resolution & Course mentioned, whereupon they look that Forces shall be sent to them by Spain to come by ye west Seas.

For ye further Discoverie of these Practises & for ye Prevention of ye Dangers & Inconveniences to grow upon ye Progresse thereof I shall do my whole Indeavour & take ye Advice & Aid of ye best affected Instruments that I can find. And that I may procede in ye same with best Effects & most agreable to her Majesties Pleasure & Mynd it May please You to relieve Me with tymelie Directions.

This daie ye Spanish Bark is brought to Leith, & now so well in ye Possession of th' Erle Bothwell, as he may well answer for ye safe keping thereof. ThusEdenburghe 50 Aprilis. 1590.


5o Aprilis. 1590.

It may please your Honour. This daie I received from ye Master of Gray addressed to your Self, one other to Edward Johnson, his Servant presentlie at London, & one to my Self; all which I send inclosed to You, humbly prayeng that ye Letter directed to Edward Johnson may be delivered to him. The Master hath earnestly desired ye Expedition of ye Convoy of his Letter to You, & ye good Progresse of ye Cause for Captaine Hackerston; & ye Messenger bringing these Letters hath much pressed Me to haste ye Dispatch to You.

The Matter in ye Letter to Me is not onelie very strange, but also so hott to be touched by Me, as I dare aventure no further then to send all to your Self, to be disposed as you think best. At this present th' Erle Bothwell & Mr Richard

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