The Architects' & contractors' handbook and illustrated catalogue of materials and manufactures, ed. by J.D. Mathews

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Page 82 - PATENT BOOK-SHELF FITTINGS, as used in the PUBLIC LIBRARIES of LIVERPOOL, GLASGOW, BIRMINGHAM, &c., enable a nice adjustment of Shelves to be made without trouble. HOOKHAM'S PATENT PICTURE LINE & FASTENERS afford the MOST SECURE AND EASY means of hanging Pictures. CURRALL'S PATKNT VENTILATORS secure a regular supply of fresh air, without draught, at a very small cost.
Page 36 - ... required to support and carry off the products of combustion. The heat generated by combustion warms a thin coil of sheet iron in the interior of the stove, the coil being in communication at one end with the external atmosphere, and at the other with the apartment, thus a stream of fresh air, which is warmed...
Page 13 - Such a mechanical fit cannot be obtained with stoneware or earthenware pipes, owing to the difficulty of preserving perfect accuracy of form during the process of burning." "In the Stanford joint tightness is obtained by casting upon the spigot and in the socket of each pipe, by means of moulds prepared for the purpose, rings of a cheap and durable material, which, when put together, fit mechanically into each other, and by making these rings of a spherical form, a certain amount of movement or settlement...
Page 82 - PATENT VENTILATORS secure a regular supply of fresh air, without draught, at a very small cost. Illustrations and Particulars sent POST FREE on Application to TO3VIS.S <SC SORTS, MOSELEY STREET, BIRMINGHAM. PRIZE MEDALS— London, 1851 ; Paris, 1855! London, 1862; Paris (Silver), 1867 ; London, 1874. [s THE "EXCELSIOR
Page 94 - Having much G/REATER COVERING- Power than ordinary Paints, are far more ECONOMICAL in use. Are equally effective in ALL CLIMATES, being unaffected by extremes of temperature, and they resist the action of Sea-air and Water. The COLOURS "are exceedingly RICH, PURE, and PERMANENT. In all respects they are UNEQUALLED for EVERY PURPOSE to which ordinary Paint is applied, whether upon Wood, Iron, Cement, or any other substance. LIVERPOOL— 51, Sou(h John S(roo(. LONDON-34, Leadenhall S(reo(, NATURAL...

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