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ORDERED, That the comissioners of the °ount: of Northampton shall exercise judicature in two dis. tinct places of that county, That is to say, in the vper and lower parts, the middle devision to be Hun•er's Creeke from the head thereof to the widow Billi

o's house, including the said house in the lower pre

..incts, and that the administration of justice shall be on the 28th day of every moneth in the vpper part and the other in the lower part, And that the comissioners of the respective divisions shall attend the courts held therein according to the time and day within limitted.

BY reason of the great inconvenience occasioned by the partition of the Isle of Wight county by Pagan Creeke, it is ordered that in each parish of the said county a monthly court be held on the 9th day of every moneth successively each parish still continueing equally relative to the comissioners of the county in gennerall and that the com’rs. of each parish appoint

places convenient for the holding of the courts aforesaid.


FFOR the avoiding.creditors' charges and trouble in recovery of debts, It is enacted, That all persons removeing themselves and families into any remote plantation northerly or southerly, and the said persons soe removeing being ingaged to any person or persons resideing within that county or neer therevnto from whence they shall first remove, shall vpon warrant issueing out from the office against them personally appear, and not by attorney, and judgment once obtained against them: execution vpon non-payment to their creditors shall issue against their bodies and their said bodies shall be forthwith conveyed to James Cittie, there to remaine till the debt be satisfied : Provided that this act extend not beyond one whole year from the time of his removeall.

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Two distinct
places ap-
pointed for
holding courts
in Northamp-

Upper and
lower parts.

Court days

Court to be held in each parish of Isle of Wight

Attachments authorized against persons removing with their families to distant settlements.

Execution to issue against the bodies of the debtors ; who are to be imprisoned at James City,



to FFOR the better securing the peace both of English i. o and Indians, Bee it inacted, That no Indian or Indians bounds unless coming within our lands or bounds shall be killed vn. *# * les they the said Indians shall be taken in any act or

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No Indians And be it further inacted that noe person or persons

ter- - - tion shall entertayne or receive any Indians without leave license from first obteined from the countye court where such occaoo: sion shall be offered, or at leastwise from two comissionor 2 justices of

the peace. ers whereof one shall be of the quorum; And that all

Indian chil- Indian children by leave of their parents shall be taken *.*.*.*.* as servants for such a terme as shall be agreed on by of their pa- - - - enjoy be the said parent and master as aforesaid; Provided that taken as ser-, due respect and care be had that they the said Indian j." servants be educated and brought vp in the Christian and broup in religion and the covenants for such service or services

the Christian to be confirmed before two justices of the peace as religion.

aforesaid. ACT III. Inhabitants Be it enacted, That no inhabitants exporting their exporting

i.e., tobaccoes out of this colony shall be liable to the not liable to payment of any taxe or custome whatsoever, notwith*.*, * standing anything in any former act or acts provided

custom. to the contrary. ACT IV.” Pieces of FFOR the greater incouragement of manufacture

- t - - - jo. and other trade be it inacted that all peeces of eight of

to pass at 5s a what mettle soever shall pass for currant and lawfull at piece. five shillings per peece imediately after publication of this act and if any person or persons shall refuse any peece or peeces in or for any consideration tendred vn. to them, the said party so refuseing shall be liable to the censure of the next ensueing county court where such contempt shall be offered.

* This act repealed at the next session. See ante ch. The acts of March, 1655-6, having been placed before those of March, 1654-5, in the MS; and both of them being numbered sim: ply 1655, the mistake was not discovered till it was too late to alter the arrangement.

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BE it enacted, That the com’rs. of each county court shall have authority to license ordinaries and ferryes.

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BE it enacted by this Grand Assembly That all Irish servants that from the first of September, 1653, have bin brought into this collony without indenture (notwithstanding the act for servants without indentures it being only the benefitt of our own nation) shall serve as followeth, (vizt.) all above sixteen yeares old to serve six years, and all vnder to serve till they be twenty-four years old and in case of dispute in that behalse the court shall be judge of their age.

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BE it enacted by this present Grand Assembly that all Burgesses shall be sumoned and elected in manher hereafter expressed, That is to say, that the severall and respective sherriffs shall within ten dayes after the receipt of such writts as they shall receive to that purpose cause the same to be published and by giving notice of the same from house to house by the sherriff or this deputy to all persons interested in elections, which he is to doe ex officio: And then and there also to publish and declare the certain day of the week and moneth for chooseing Burgesses to serve in the Assembly for all accustomed places in the severall countyes and parishes respectively. *

Co’ty courts authorised to license tavern keepers and ferries.

Irish ser-
vants bro't in
without in-
dentures, if
above 16
years old to
serve 6 years;
is under 16 to
serve till 24.

That at the day and place of elections the sher* This act is numbered in the margin of the MS. 7, 8, 9, as three

distinct acts; but the subject matter not admitting of such division I have comprised the whole in one act

Election of burgesses; how the time and place of election to be notified by the Sheriffs

When and where held

Sheriffs to attend the

clection and
make returns
to the secre-
tary's office
of the persons
elected by the
subscription of
the major part
of the electors.

Qualifications of persons to be elected. Right of suffrage to be exercised by all housekeepers, whether free holders, lease holders or other tenants. Penalty for voting, not being qualified

But one person in a family to vote.

One or two places to be set apart in each county, to which the trade of the county and markets shall be wholly sonfined.

riffs shall take view of the said elections, and before the sitting of the Assembly make returne into the secretary's office, att James Cittie, of the persons then and there elected, by subscription and of the major part of the hands of the electors; and that the sherriff who shall wittingly or willingly make any false return or neglect his duty shall incurr the pennalty of 10000 lb. of tob’o.

That the persons who shall be elected to serve in Assembly shall be such and no other then such as are persons of knowne integrity and of good conversation and of the age of one & twenty yeares—That all house keepers whether freeholders, lease holders, or otherwise tenants, shallonely be capeable to elect Burgesses, and none hereby made vncapable shall give his subscription to elect a Burgesse vpon the pennalty of four hundred pounds of tobacco and cask to be disposed of by the court of each county where such contempt shall be vsed: Provided that this word house keepers repeated in this act extend no further then to one person in a family.”


dn Act for regulateing of Trade and establishing Ports and Places for Marketts.

TO prevent the great inconveniencies of trade and comerce in this collony, the long demorage of shipps with the greate abuse of forestallers whereby the poor inhabitants of this collony are greatly impoverished:

Be it enacted by this present Grand.Assemblie, as solloweth : That in every county respectively within this collony there be one or two places and no more, ten miles distant forthwith appointed and sett apart by the comissioners with the consent of the inhabitants if it may be within the extent of one mile and a halfe or two

* "This act was amended by act XVI of the next session (see antena

403) and the right of suffrage extended to all free men—See note to act IV of this session.

at the most vpon one or both sides any small river or creeke within the same where the marketts and trade of the county shall be and not else where.

That all shipps or vessells whatsoever arriving after the expiration of this Assembly shall be comanded & compelled to make, vpon oath, a true entry, att the place and to the officer appointed for that purpose, of theire shipps, vessels, and all their merchandises and servants that are to be putt off, according to their severall bills ef ladeing, and the boatswaines booke ; and that they and all the merchants and others haveing any of them to sell shall be hereby enjoyned, vpon penalty of being adjudged forestallers and to incurr the penalty thereof sett by the lawes of England, before any vnshipping or vnlading thereof, to declare and accordingly to transport and carry the same to some one or more pla: ces of markett appointed by this act, and there to sell the same ; ind be it further ordained, that all ffreedom of trade shall be maintained, and all merchants and traders shall be cherished, and receive all lawfull assistance and incouragement, with due justice against their debtors, and for the dispatch of shipping; And that the act forbidding above fifty per cent. gaine in merchandise shall be repealed and void.

And it is hereby further enacted and injoyned that all comissioners neglecting their assistance and dutyes required hereby shall be fineable by the Governour and

Councill, who are required especially to see the ac- .

complishment of this act: And the said comissioners forthwith to certisye to the Governour and Councill their proceedings in the same and the place or places nominated in the severall respective countyes, and if any doubt arise the same to be determined by the Governour and Councill in the vacancy of Assemblyes.

Alsoe the comissioners of the severall counties respectively shall appoint the day of the week for their markett, differring from the adjoyning marketts, and shall keep their courts, the clerkes and sherriff's office and prison within the circuit of the said marketts, and endeavour to have their meeting places or churches & ordinaryes for entertaynement and lodging within the same, Provided nevertheless that all merchants or traders, att theire pleasure, shall and may with certificate

All ships or vessels restricted to particular ports appointed by this act.

To make entry. on oath.

Merchandize to be carried to soune place of market hereby appointed.

Freedom of trade to be maintained

** &c.

Comm'rs. neglecting their duty to be fined by the gov. and council ; to make report,

C. If any doubt arise, to be determined by the gov. and council, during the recess. of the assembly:

Comm’rs. to appoint mar ket days; to cause public offices and houses to be kept within the circuit ot the market.

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