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May 23d.



1609. fishmongers, the company of goldsmiths, the company skinners, the company of merchant-taylors, the compa of haberdashers, the company of salters, the company ironmongers, the company of vintners, the compar... 7th James clothworkers, the company of dyers, the company brewers, the company of leathersellers, the company on pewterers, the company of Cutlers, the company of whitebakers, the company wax-chandlers, the company of tal- treasurer low-chandlers, the company of armorers, the company of & compiti girdlers, the company of butchers, the company of sadlers, ginia. the company of carpenters, the company of cordwaynes, the company of barber-chirurgeons, the company of paintstainers, the company of curriers, the company of masons, the company of plumbers, the company inholders, the company of founders, the company of poulterers, the company of cooks, the company of coopers, the

company of tylers and bricklayers, the company of bowyers, the company of Fletchers, the company of blacksmiths, the company of joiners, the company of weavers, the company of woolmen, the company of woodmongers, the company of scriveners, the company of fruiterers, the company of plaisterers, the company of Brownbakers, the company of stationers, the company of imbroiderers, the company of upholsters, the company of musicians, the company of turners, the company of gardiners, the company of basketmakers, the company of glaziers, John Levet, merchant, Thomas Nornicot, clothworker, Richard Venn, haberdasher, Thomas Scot, gentleman, Thomas Buson, merchant-taylor, George Hankinson, Thomas Seyer, gentleman, Matthew Cooper, George Butler, gentleman, Thomas Lawson, gentleman, Edward Smith, haberdasher, Steven Sparrow, Juhn Jones, merchant, Reynolds, brewer, Thomas Plummer, merchant, James Duppa, brewer, Rowland Coitmore, William Southerne, George Whitmore, haberdasher, Anthony Gosnold, the younger, John Allen, fishmonger, Simon Yeomans, fishmonger, Lancelot Davis, gentleman, John Hopkins, alderman of Bristol, John Kettleby, gentleman, Richard Clene, goldsmith, George Hooker, gentleman, Robert Chening, yeoman; and to such and so many, as they do, or shall hereafter admit to be joined with them, in form hereafter in these presents expressed, whether they go in their persons, to be planters there in the said plantation, or whether they go not, but adventure their monies, goods, or chattles; That they shall be one body or commonalty perpetual, and shall have perpetual succession, and one com


and hold


1609. Inon seal, to serve for the said body or commonalty; and

bhat they, and their successors, shall be known, called, and May 23d.

pacorporated by the name of The Treasurer and Company 7th James Is Adventurers and Planters of the City of London for

Be first Colony in Virginia : 2d charter

IV. And that they and their successors, shall be, from to the

henceforth, forever enabled to take, acquire and purchase, May take

by the name aforesaid (licence for the same, from us, property,

our heirs or successors, first bad and obtained) any manner of lands, tenements, and hereditaments, good and chattels, within our realm of England, and dominion of

Wales: May plead V. And that they and their successors, shall likewise and be impleaded.

be enabled, by the name aforesaid, to plead and be impleaded, before any of our judges or justices, in any of

our courts, and in any actions or suits whatsoever. Confirma. VI. And we do also of our special grace, certain knowtion of for- ledge and mere motion, give, grant and confirm, unto the grants. said treasurer and company, and their successors, under

the reservations, limitations, and declarations, hereafter expressed, all those lands, countries, and territories, situate, lying, and being, in that part of America called Virginia, from the point of land, called Cape or Point Comfort, all along the sea coast, to the northward two hundred miles, and from the said point of Cape Comfort, all along the sea coast to the southward two hundred miles, and all that space and circuit of land, lying from the sea coast of

the precinct aforesaid, up into the land, throughout from Limits of

sea to sea, west and northwest; and also all the islands, the Colony and ex. lying within one bundred miles, along the coast of both tent of ju- seas of the precinct aforesaid; together with all the soils, risdiction. grounds, havens, and ports, mines, as well royal mines of

gold and silver, as other minerals, pearls and precious stones, quarries, woods, rivers, waters, fishings, commodities, jurisdictions, royalties, privileges, franchises and preheminences, within the said territories, and the precincts thereof, whatsoever, and thereto and thereabouts, both by sea and land, being orin any sort belonging or appertaining, and which we by our letters patents, may or can grant, in as ample manner and sort, as we or any of our noble progenitors, have heretofore granted to any coinpany, body politick or corporate, or to any adventurer or adventurers, undertaker or undertakers, of any disco

7th James



veries, Plantations, or traffick, of, in or into any foreign 1609. parts whatsoever, and in as large and ample manner, as if the same were herein particularly mentioned and express- May 23d. ed; to have and to hold, possess and enjoy, all and singular the said lands, countries and territories, with all and singular other the premises, beretofore by these presents granted, or mentioned to be granted, to them, the said

Habendtreasurer and company, their successors and assigns forever; to the sole and proper use of them, the said treasurer and company, their successors and assigns for ever; Tenure. to be holden of us, our heirs, and successors, as of our manour of East Greenwich, in free and common soccage, and uot in capite; yielding and paying, therefore, to us, our heirs, and successors, the fifth part only of all ore of gold and silver, that froin time to time, and at all times hereafter, shall be there gotten, had, or obtained for all manner of services.

VII. And nevertheless, our will and pleasure is, and Provision we do, by these presents, charge, command, warrant, adventurand authorise, that the said treasurer and company, or ers. their successors, or the major part of them, which shall be present and assembled for that purpose, shall, from time to time, under their common seal, distribute, convey, assign, and set over, such particular portions of lands, tenements, and hereditaments, by these presents formerly granted, unto such our loving subjects, naturally born, or denizens, or others, as well adventurers as planters, as by the said company (upon a commission of survey and distribution, executed and returned for that purpose,) shall be nominated, appointed, and allowed; wherein our will and pleasure is, that respect be had, as well of the proportion of the adventurer, as to the special service, liazard, exploit, or merit of any person so to be recompenced, advanced, or rewarded.

VIN. And forasmuch, as the good and prosperous suc- One councess of the said plantation cannot but chiefly depend, next England. under the blessing of God, and the support of our royal authority, upon the provident and good direction of the whole enterprize, by a careful and understanding council, and that it is not convenient, that all the adventurers shall be so often drawn to meet and assemble, as shall be requisite for them to have meetings and conference about the affairs thereof; therefore we do ordain, establish and confirm, that there shall be perpetually one




the members.

1609. council here resident, according to the tenour of our for

mer letters patents; which council shall have a seal, for May 23d. the better government and administration of the said planoch Jaines tatiou, besides the legal seal of the company or corpora

tion, as in our former letters patents is also expressed.

IX. And further, we establish and ordain, that Henry, 2d charter Earl of Southampton, William, Earl of Pembroke, Hento the

ry, Earl of Lincoln, Thomas, Earl of Exeter, Robert, and coni:

Lord Viscount Lisle, Lord Theophilus Howard, James, pany of

Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, Edward, Lord Zouctie, Virginia

Thomas, Lord Lawarr, William, Lord Monteagle, EdNames of mond, Lord Sheffield, Grey, Lord Chandois, John, Lord

Stanhope, George, Lord Carew, Sir Humfrey Weld, Lord

ayor of London, Sir Edward Cecil, Sir William Wade, Sir Henry Nevil, Sir Thomas Smith, Sir Oliver Cromwell, Sir Peter Manwood, Sir Thomas Challoner, Sir Henry Hobari, Sir Francis Bacon, Sir George Coppin. Sir Jolin Scot, Sir Henry Carey, Sir Robert Drury, Sir Horatio Vere, Sir Edward Conway, Sir Maurice Berkeley, Sir Thomas Gates, Sir Michael Sandys, Sir Robert Mansel, Sir John Trevor, Sir Amias Preston, Sir William Godolphin, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Robert Killigrew, Sir Henry Fanshaw, Sir Edwin Sandys, Sir John Watts, Sir Henry Montague, Sir William Romney, Sir Thomas Roe, Sir Baptist Hicks, Sir Richard Williamson, Sir Stephen Poole, Sir Dudley Digges, Christopher Brooke, Esq. John Eldred, and John Wolstenholme, shall be our Council for the said Coinpany of Adventurers and Plan

ters in Virginia. Treasurer. X. And the said Thomas Smith we do ordain to be

treasurer of the said company; which treasurer shall have authority to give order, for the warning of the council, and summoning the company, to their courts and meet

ings. Council & XI. And the said council and treasurer, or any of them, Treasurer,

shall be from henceforth, nominated, chosen, continued, displaced, changed, altered, and supplied, as death, or

other several occasions, shall require, out of the company supplied.

of the said adventurers, by the voice of the greater part of the said company and adventurers, in their assembly for that purpose : Provided always, that every counsel. lor, so newly elected, shall be presented to the lord chancellor of England, or to the lord high treasurer of Eng

how cho: sen and vacancies


24 ctiarter treasurer & compa.


when and

land, or to the lord chamberlain of the household of us, 1609. oor heirs, and successors, for the time being, to take his oath of a counsellor to us, our heirs and successors,

May 23d.

for the said company of adventurers and colony in Vir- 7th Jaunes ginia:

XII. And we do by these presents, of our special grace, is the certain knowledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs and successors, grant uuto the said treasurer and company, and their successors, that if it happen, at any time or times, vir the treasurer for the time being to be sick, or to have any such cause of absence from the city of London, shall be allowed by the said council, or the greater part of them, assembled, so as he cannot attend the affairs of that company, in every such case, it shall and may be lawful for such treasurer for the time being, to assign, constitute and appoint, one of the council or company, to be likewise allowed by the council, or the greater part of them, assembled, to be the deputy treasurer of the said company; which deputy shall have power to do and execute all things, which belong to the said treasurer, duriug such


treasurer, time, as such treasurer shall be either sick, or otherwise absent upon cause allowed of by the said council, or the how apmajor part of them, as aforesaid, so fully and wholly, and pointed in as large and ample manner and form, to all intents and purposes, as the said treasurer, if he were present, bimself might or could do and execute the same.

XIII. And further, of our special grace, certain know- Council in ledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs, and successors, England, we do, by these presents, give and grant full power and to appoint authority to our said council, here resident, as well at this officers, present time, as hereafter from time to time, to nominate, &c. make, constitute, ordain, and confirm, by such name or names, stile or stiles, as to them shall seem good, and likewise to revoke, discharge, change, and alter', as well all and singular governors, officers, and ministers, which already have been made, as also which hereafter shall be by the thought fit and needful to be made or used, for the government of the said colony and plantation ;

XIV. And also to make, ordain, and establish ali manner of orders, laws, directions, instructions, forms, and To esta ceremonies of government and magistracy, fit and necessary, for and concerning the government of the said colo- ment for ay and plantation; and the same at all tiines hereafter, to the colony.

blish forros of govero

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