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heatrum Imperii Magne Britannia, f. Geographia Regnor. Anglia, Scotia & Hiberniæ, auctore J an. SPEDO, nunc a Philemone Hollando latinisare donatum, Lond. 1616, cum figur. & mapp, geograph. L. B.

2 Guil. CAMDENI Britannia, f. Regnorum Anglia, Scotia, Hiberniæ & Infularum adjacentium chorographica Defcriprio, Lond. 1607. cum mapp. geograph L. H.




3 Ejusd. Britannia translated into English, with large Additions and Improvements, by Edmond Gibfon, Lond. 1695. cum figur. mapp. ge graph. E. B. 4--20 Fœdera, Conventiones, Littera & cujuscunque generis Acta publica, inter Reges Anglia & alios quosvis Imperatores, Reges, Pontifi es, Principes &c. accuvante Thoma RYMER; Editio fecunda, emendara ad originales chartas in Turri Londinenfi, fudio Georg. HOLMES, Tom. I- -XVII. Lond. 1727. Voll. XVII. E B.


21 Rerum Britannicarum Scriptores vetuftiores ac præcipui, Heidelberg. 1587. L.B.

22 Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores poft Bedam praecipui, ex vetuftiff. Codicibus nunc primum in lucem editi (per Henr. SAVILE,) Francof. ap. Wechel, 1601. L. B.

23 Anglica, Hibernica, Normannica, Cambrica, a veteribus fcripta, pleraq e nunc primum in lucem edita ex Bibliotheca Guil. CAMDENI, Francif. 1602. L. B.

24 Hiftoriæ Anglicane Scriptores X. ex vetuftis MSS. nunc primum in lucem editi, cum variis Lectionibus & Gloffario, (ftudio Roger. TWYSDEN,) Lond. 1652. M. B.

25. 26 Hiftoria Britannica, Saxonica, Anglo- Danica Scriptores XV. ex vetuftis Codd. Mfs. editi, opera Thoma GALE, Oxon. e Theat. Sheldon. 1691. Voll. II. E. B.

27 John HORSLEY'S Britannia Romana; or the Roman Antiquities of Britain, in three Books, Lond. 1732. cum fig. an. &mapp. geogr. E. B.

28 Britannia antiqua illuftrata; or the Antiquities of ancient Britain, by Aylett SAMMES, London, 1676. cum fig. an. E. B.

29 Franc. SANDFORD'S Genealogical History of the Kings of England, from the Conqueft ào. 1066, to the Year 1677. Lond. 1683. with Cuts. E. B.

30 Jac. Wilh. IMHOFF Regum Pariumque Magna Britanniæ Hiftoria genealogica, Norimb. 1690. cum aeneis infignium tabulis. E. B.

31. 32 Hiftoire d'Angleterre, d'Ecoffe & d'Irlande, par André DU CHESNE; nouvelle édition, revûe, corrigée & continuée par le Sr. DU VERDIER, Part, I. II. à Paris, 1666. Voll, II. Fr. B.


33 Cambria triumphans; or Britain in its perfect Luftre, fhewing the Origin and Antiquity of that illuftrious Nation, by Percie ENDERBIE, Tom. I. II. Lond. 1661, with Cuts. L. B.

34 The Annales, or general Chronicle of England by John STOW, Continued and augmented by Edmond Howes, Lond. 1615. L. B.

35-38 Hiftoire d'Angleterre, d'Ecoffe & d'Irlande, par Mr. DE LARREY, avec les Portraits des Rois, Reines & autres Perfonnes illuftres, Tom. I--IV. à Rotterd. 1697-1713. Voll. IV. E. B.

39 The Hiftory of Great Britain, by John LEWIS, London, 1729. E. B.

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40 MATTHÆI, Parif. Hiftoria major, juxta Exemplar Londinenfe 1571. verbatim recufa & aucta, editore Willielmo WATS, qui & varias Lectiones, Adverfaria & Gloffarium Vocum barbararum adjecit, Lond. 1640. P. B. (In medio 6 folia calamo funt fuppleta.)

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41 MATTHÆI, Weftmonafterienf., Flores Hiftoriarum, praeсірке de Rebus Britannicis, ab exordio mundi usque num 1307. FLORENTII, Wigornienf., Chronicon usque ad an. s. cum Continuatione, Francof. ap. Wechel, 1601. P. B.

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4244 James TYRRELL'S general History of England, both the ecclefiaftical and civil, from the earliest Accounts of Time, to the Reign of King William III, Lond. 1700. Voll. H. E. B.


45 Alfredi M. Anglorum Regis vita, per Joan. SPELMAN primum Anglice feripta, dein Latine reddica & notis illufts ara, Oxon. e Theat. Sheldon. 1678. cum fig. aen. P. B.

46 The Hiftory of the Reign of Henry the Fifth, King of England, (by Thom. Goodwin,) Lond. 1704. E. B.

47 The compleat Ambaffador. or two Treaties of the intended Marriage of Qu. Elizabeth &c. comprised in Letters of Negotiation of Sir Franc. WALSINGHAM, collected by Dudly Diggs, Lond. 1655. L. B.

48 Cabala, five Scrinia facva: Myfteries of State and Government, in Letters of Minifters of State, in the Reigns of Henry VIII. Q. Elizabeth, James and Charles, Lond. 1663. E. B.

49 The fame Book; the third edition, with large Additions, Lond. 1691. E. B.

50 Rerum Anglicarum, Henrico VIII. Edwardo VI. & Maria regnantibus, Annales. nunc primum editi, (auctore Franc. GOODWINO,) ex Offic. Norton. 1616. P. B.

51 Roberti JOHNSTONI Hiftoria Rerum Britannicarum Sc ab anno 1572. ad ann. 1628. Amftelod. 1655, E. B. 52 Idem Liber, ibid. f. a. l. B

53-55 Memorials of Affairs of State, in the Reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. James 1. from the original Papers of Ralph. WINWOOD, Lond. by Edmund Sawyer, 1725. Voll. III. E. B.

56 Arthur WILSON's Hiftory of Great Britain, or the Life and Reign of K. James I. Lond. 1653. L. B.

57 Robert Mentet DE SALMONET Hiftoire des Troubles de la Grande-Bretagne, depuis l'an 1633. jusques en 1646, Part. I. II. à Paris, 1661. P. B.

58-60 The Hiftory of the Rebellion and civil Wars in England, begun in the Year 1641. to the Year 1660. by Edward Carl OF CLARENDON, Oxford, at the Theatre, 1704. Voll. III. E. B.

61. 62 John NALSON's Impartial Collection of the great Affairs of State, from the Beginning of the Scotch Rebellion ao. 1639. to the Murther of K. Charles I. Lond. 1682, Voll. II. E. B.

63 A true Account and Declaration of the horrid Confpiracy against the late King &c. in the Savoy, 1685. E. B.

64 Thom. MAY's Hiftory of the Parliament of England An. 1640. Lond. 1647. P.B.

65 Jo. Georg. GRÆVII Oratio de Expeditione Britannica Guilielmi, Araufion. Principis, Traj. ad Rhen. 1689. L. B. 66 Relation du Voyage de Sa Majefté Britannique en Hollande, enrichie de Planches curieufes, à la Haye, 1692. L.B.

67 a) The Union of Honour, or the Armes, Matches and Iffues of the Kings, Dukes, Marqueffes and Earls of England, by Jam. YORKE, Lond. 1640. with Cuts. R. 67 b) Nobilitas politica vel civilis, quo apud Anglos, qui fint Nobilium Gradus, & quae ad Nobilitatis faftigia evehendi Ratio, oftenditur, Londini, 1608. P. B.

68 The Baronage of England, or an historical Account of the Lives and Actions of the English Nobility, by Wil liam DUGDALE, Tom. I. III. Lond. 1675. P.B.

69 A perfect Copy of all Summons of the Nobility, to the great Councils and Parliaments of this Realm, from Henry the III. until thefe prefent Times, by William DUGDALE, Lond. 1685. F. B.

70 Parallelum Olivae nec non Olivarii, Angliae Protectoris, ftudio Ludov. de GAND, Lond. 1656. c. fig. L.B.

71 Itinerarium feptentrionale: or a Journey thro' most of the Counties of Scotland and thofe in the North of England, in II. Parts, by Alexander GORDON, London, 1727. with LXVI. Copper-Plates. E. B.

72. Hiftorical Inquiries, containing the Roman Monuments and Antiquities, in the North-Part of Britain, called

Scotland, by Robert SIBBALD, Edimburgh, 1707. with
Cuts, ausgeschn.

73 Mifcellanea quædam erudita Antiquitatis, quæ ad borealem Britanniae majoris partem pertinent, cura Robert. SIBBALDI, Edimb. 1710. c. fig. aen. ausgeschn.

74 Hector. BOETHII Scotorum Hiftoria Libri XVII. Parif. ap. Jod. Bad. Afcenfium, (1526.) L. B.

75 Ejusd. Scotorum Hiftoriæ Libri XIX. cum Continuatione Jo. FERRERII, Parif. 1575. P.B.

76.77 Samuel. JEBB de Vita & Rebus geftis Mariæ, Scotorum Regina, Auctores XVI. Lond. 1725. Voll. II. F. B. 78 The Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton and Caftleherald, by Gilb BURNET, London, 1677. E. B.

79 A large Declaration concerning the late Tumults in Scotland, Lond. 1639. E. B.

80 The Hiftory of the Reformation of the Church of Scotland, Lond. 1644. E.B.

81 The general Hiftory of Ireland, by Jeoffry KEATING, tranflated from the Original Irish Language by Dermo'd ô Connor, Lond. 1723. E. B. (NB. Deficit titulus, quiadfcriptus manu eft.)

82 The Hiftory of Hertfordshire, defcribing the County and its antient Monuments, by N. SALMON, Lond. 1728. F.B.

83 The Hiftory and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, by J. Dart, Lond. 1726. with Cuts. E. B.

84 The Hiftory of London, from its Foundation by the Romans, to the prefent Time, in IX. Books, by William MAITLAND, Lond, 1739. with Cuts, E. B.

85 Londinopolis; An hiftorical Discourse, or Perluftration of the City of London, by Sam. HOWEL, London, 1657. E. B.

86 Francis PECK's Antiquarian Annals of Stanford, in XIV. Books, London, 1727. with Cuts. E. B.

87 The happy future State of England, or a Difcourse to the late Earl of Anglesey, vindicating him from the Re

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