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[blocks in formation]

Smack went the whip, 'round went the wheels,

Were never folks so glad;
The stones did rattle underneath

As if Cheapside were mad.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

At Edmonton his loving wife

From the balcony spied
Her tender husband, wondering much

To see how he did ride.


"Stop, stop, John Gilpin! Here's the house!"

They all at once did cry;
"The dinner waits and we are tired.''

Said Gilpin, “So am I!”

[blocks in formation]


“What news? what news? your tidings tell;

Tell me you must and shall;
Say why bareheaded you are come,

Or why you come at all?”


Now Gilpin had a pleasant wit,

And loved a timely joke;
And thus unto the calender,

In merry guise, he spoke:

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