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and pro/cuums of obttlicnce.

luicken thou me according to thy

6 I have declared my ways, and thou
ardest me: * teach me thy statutes.

7 Make me to understand the way
thy precepts: so Vshall I talk of

y wondrous works.


and professions of obedience.


2*5 (My Soul cleuveth unto the durt,: , * P». «. as.
* quicken thou me according to thy ■ w. w.

■J'> I have declared my ways, mid ,
thou huarUest me; * teach Iuo Uiy j - -»r. tx
statutes. I ?'' **

27 Mako me to understand the way i JjJ^IJ;
of tuy precepts: so 'shall I talk of! *Pt.i4a.6,a,
thy woudruub works. [


and professions of obedience.


"quicken thou me according to thy I*
word. I P«.^-»-

26 I have declared my ways, and j

thou heartiest me: "teach me thy t'w.ix
statutes. | J^ii*"

27 Make me to understand the wav * «! ii*.
of thy precepts: so * shall 1 talk of. 'maji
thy wondrous works, 1


and profession* of obedience*


* quicken thou me according to thy

20 I have declared my ways, and
thou heardest mo: * teach me thy

Tt Make me to understand the way
of thy precepts: so * shall I talk of
thy wondrous works.

PSALMS. and profettion* of cbrdirnre.

to tha Lord; j " qulckeu thou me accordlug to Uij ■ w. «.
tcrcj tudurth woni. fc.14i.lL

2fi I have declared my ways, and |
thou heardest ma: 'leach ma ihy i ■w. u.

mfiry pniyet


■J7 51,iko me to nnilrrstunil fh* wsjr I *
of thy pm-vpti; s>i > shail I Ulk of i i
tnj wouuroui works. i

1 (5£x343X l£ inches.)
Cloth boards, red edges .
French morocco, gilt edges .
Paste Grain morocco, limp
French morocco, circuit edges
Best Turkey morocco, limp .
Best Turkey morocco, circuit edges
Levant morocco, lined calf, with thin edges 0 1^ i






L Notes On The Old Testament :—
i Title of the Bible.
11. Hebrew Divisions of the Bible :—

(a) The Law.

(b) The Prophets.
(r) The Scriptures,

III. Divisions of the English Bible :-
(«) The Pentateuch.
(ft) The Historical Books.
(<•) The Poetical Books.
(<*) The Prophetical Books.
Analysis and Summary of each.

2. Summary Of The Interval Between The

Old And New Testaments.

3. Family or The Herodb.

4. Jewish Sects, Parties, &o.

6. Chronology Of The Old Testament.

C. Chronology Of The Acts And Epistles.

7. Historical Summary.

8. Miracles And Parables Op The Old Tes


9. Miracles And Parables Of Our Lord.

10. Names, Titles, And Offices Of Christ.

11. Prophecies Relating To Christ.

12. Special Prayers Found In Scripture.

13. Notes On The New Testament:— 1. Early Copies.

li. Divisions of the New Testament: —

(a) Constitutional and Historical.

[b) Didactic.
(r) Prophetic.

Analysis and Summary of each.

14. Iiakmony Of The Gospels.

Paul's Missionary Journeys. Voyage To Rome.

Geography And Topography Of PalesTine.

Mountains Of Scripture, With Their AsSociations.

Rivers And Lakes Of Scripture, And Events Connected With Each.

Ethnology Of Bible Lands.

Quadrupeds Named In The Bible, With Description Of Each.

Summary or Mammalia Of The Bible.

Fisheries Of Palestine, With Their. Ff-oDucts.

Aquatic Animals Mentioned In The Bible.

Birds Found In Palestine.

Reptiles Of Scripture.

Insects Of Palestine.

Trees, Plants, Flowers, &c, Of Palestine.

Geology Of Bible Lands;— i. Mineral Substances, &c.

it. Metals.

iii. Precious Stones.

Music And Musical Instruments :—
i. Stringed Instruments.
ii. Wind Instruments.

ill. Instruments of Percussion.

Tables or Weights, Measures, Tims, And Money.

The Jewish Year.

Words Obsolete Or Ambiouous.

Words Used Symbolically.

Blank Leaves For MS. Notes.





1.—The Nations or The Ancient World.

2.—Armenia, Assyria, Babylonia, Syria, &c, In The Patriarchal Ages.

3.—Canaan In The Patriarchal Ages.

4.—Egypt And The Sinai Peninsula, Illustrating the Journeys of the Israelites to the Promised Land.

6.—Canaan As Divided Among The Tribes.

U—Dominions Of David And Solomon.

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(Extract* from ©pinions.

"The large collection of varied information which you have appended to the Oxfosd Isiblb Foe Teachers, in a form so readily available for reference, has evidently been compiled with the greatest care; and the testimony which you have received to its accuracy is a guarantee of its high value. I cannot doubt that the volume, in its various forms, will be of great service."—The Archbishop Of Camterbtot.

"The notion of including in one volume all the helps that a clergyman or teaeheT wooM be likely to want for the study of the Bible has never been realised before with the earn* success that you have attained in the Oxford Bible Fob Thai Hers. In the small edition (Ruby 16mo. thin), by the use of paper very skilfully adapted to the purpose, there is a Bible with an Atlas, a Concordance, an Index, and several Tractates on various points of Biblical antiquity, the whole, in a very solid binding, weighing a pound and an ounce: no great weight for what is really a miniature library. The clergy will probably give tie preference to the larger book, marked No. 4. This includes the Apocrypha, with all the helps to the use of the Bible that distinguish the series. Its type is excellent. Many clergymen are obliged to write sermons when travelling from place to place. This volume would serve as a small library for that purpose, and not too large for the most moderate portmanteau. I think that this work in some of its forms should be in the hands of every teacher. The atlas is very clear and well printed. The explanatory work and ttw indices, so far as I have been able to examine them, arc very carefully done. I am glad that my own University has, by the preparation of this series of books, taken a new step for the promotion of the careful study of the Word of God. That such will be the effect of the publication I cannot doubt."—The Archbishop Of York.

"It would be difficult, I think, to provide for Sunday-School Teachers, or indeed for other students of the Bible, so much valuable information in so convenient a form as is now comprised in the Oxford Bible Fob Teachers."The Bishop Of London.

"The idea of a series of Bibles in different types, corresponding page for page with one another, is one which the Dean has long wished to see realised for the sake of those who find the type of their familiar copies no longer available .... The amount of information compressed into the comparatively few pages of the Appendix is wonderful. And the Dean is glad to hear that the help of such eminent contributors has been available for its compilation. The Concordance seems to be sufficiently full for reference to any text that may be required."—The Dean Of Rochester,

"Having by frequent use made myself acquainted with this edition of the Holy Scriptures, I have no hesitation in saying that it is a most valuable book, and that the explanatory matter collected in the various appendices cannot but prove most helpful, both to teachers and learners, in acquiring a more accurate and extensive knowledge of the Word of God."—The Bishop Of Lichfield.

"I have examined the Oxford Bible Fob Teachers with very great care, ami congratulate you upon the publication of so valuable a work. It contains within a reasonable compass a large mass of most useful information, arranged so conveniently as to be easily accessible, and its effect will be not merely to aid, but also, I think, to stimulate the studies of the reader. The book is also printed so beautifully, and is so handsome in every way, that I expect it will be greatly sought after, as a most acceptable present to any who are engaged in teaching in our Sunday Schools and elsewhere."—Thb Dram Of Cahthrbcbt.

(Eytxattt from ©pinion* (continued).

"I have examined with some care a considerable portion of the 'Helps to the Study of the Bible,' which are placed at the end of the Oxford Bible Fob Teachers, and have been much struck with the vast amount of really useful information which has there been brought together in a small compass, as well as the accuracy with which it has been compiled. The botanical and geological notices, the account of the animals of Scripture, &c, seem to be excellent, and the maps are admirable. Altogether, the book cannot fail to be of service, not only to teachers, but to all who cannot afford a large library, or who have not time for much independent study."—Thb Dean Of Peterborough.

"I have been for some time well aware of the value of the Oxford Bible For TeachErs, and have been in the habit of recommending it, not only to Sunday-School Teachers, but to more advanced students, on the ground of its containing a large mass of accurate and well-digested information, useful and in many cases indispensable to the thoughtful reader of Holy Scripture; in fact, along with the Bible, a copious Index, and a Concordance complete enough for all ordinary purposes, this one volume includes a series of short but comprehensive chapters equivalent to a small library of Biblical works."—The Bishop Of Limericx.

"Having examined the Oxford Bible Fob Teachers carefully, I am greatly pleased with it. The 'Helps to the Study of the Bible' at the end contain a great amount of most valuable information, well calculated not only to lead to a good understanding of the text, but to stimulate the student to further efforts. It differs from many publications in this, that the information is so admirably arranged, that it is well suited for reference, and is easily available for the student. The edition would be most useful to Sunday-School Teachers, a great help to those who desire that the young shall have a real knowledge of the Word of God."—The Bishop Of Cork.

"The Oxford Bible Fob Teachers may, I think, without exaggeration, be described as a wonderful edition of the Holy Scriptures. The clearness and beauty of the type, and the convenient shape of the volume, leave nothing to be desired. I know nothing of the same compass which can be compared to the 'Helps to the Study of the Bible' for fulness of information and general accuracy of treatment. It is only real learning which can accomplish such a feat of compression."—The Bishop Of Derby And Raphob.

"I consider the Oxford Bible Fob Teachers to be simply the most valuable edition of the English Bible ever presented to the public."—The Vbn. Archdeacon Reichel.

"The Oxford Bible Fob Teachers is in every respect, as regards type, paper, binding, and general information, the most perfect volume I have ever examined."—The Rev. PreBendary Wilson, of the National Society'* Depository.

"The essence of fifty expensive volumes, by men of sacred learning, is condensed into the pages of the Oxford Bible Fob Teachers."The Rev. Andrew Thomson, D.D., Edinburgh.

"The latest researches are laid under contribution, and the Bible Student is furnished Kith the pith of them all."—Dr. Stooohton.

"The whole combine to form a Help of the greatest value."—Da. Angus.

"I cannot imagine anything more complete or more helpful."—Da. W. Morlby Punshon.

"I congratulate the teacher who possesses it, and knows how to turn its ' Helps' to good accouut"—Dr. Kennedy.

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