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June 16, 1898

Malacological Polybathic Fauna, A. Locard, 310; Instinct and Intelligence in Animals, Prof. C. Lloyd Morgan, 326; the Living Substance as such and as Organism, Gwendolen Foulke Andrews, 362; Obituary Notice of Woldemar von Schröder, 395; Results of Dr. A. Willey's Expedition to Melanesia, 430; Origin and Growth of Tri- and QuadriRadiate Spicules in Clathrinidæ, E. A. Minchin, 475; Influence of Wave-movement on Development of Frog Larvæ, E. Yung, 600; La Vie: Mode de Mouvement, Essai d' une Théorie Physique des Phénomènes Vitaux, G. Préaubert, 605; Laboratory Directions in General Biology, Harriet Randolph, 606; Marine Biology at the Bermudas, Prof. C. L. Bristol, 90; Distribution of Coccoliths, Prof. Joly, F.R.S., and Dr. H. H. Dixon, 575

Bipedal Lizards, W. Saville-Kent, 341, 365 Birdwood (H. M.), the Plague in Bombay, 470

Birds and Men, Random Shots at, 77
Birds: the Gallinaceous Game Birds of North America, D. G.
Elliot, 219; some Rare Birds' Eggs, 438
Birkeland (M.), Analogy between Action of Luminous Rays
and of Lines of Magnetic Force, 431
Bishop (Mrs.), Korea and her Neighbours, 512
Björling (Philip R.), Whittaker's Mechanical Engineer's Pocket-
Book, 434

Blaisdell (Dr. Albert F.), a Practical Physiology: a Text-book
for Higher Schools, 462
Blandford (Mr.), Destructive Propensities of Dermestes vulpinus,

Blatchley (W. S.), Twenty-first Annual Report of the Depart-
ment of Geology and Natural Resources, Indiana, 484
Bley (Franz), Botanisches Bilderbuch für Jung und Alt, 100
Blind, Visibility of X-Rays to, F. de Courmelles, 527
Blood-Vessels with Mercury, Skiagraphy after Injection of the,
Drs. H. J. Stiles and H. Rainy, 485

Blooming out of Season, the Colours of Flowers, E. Hughes

Gibb, 100

Boirivant (A.), Replacement of Principal Stem by one of its Ramifications, 552

Bois (H. du), the Magnetic Circuit, 385

Bolam (Dr. R. A.), Cause of Death by Electric Shock, 302
Bollettino della Società Sismologica Italiana, 46, 116, 261
Bolometer, the, Prof. S. P. Langley, 620

Boltzmann (Prof. Ludwig), some Errata in Maxwell's Paper on
Faraday's Lines of Force, 77

Bombay Plague, Report of German Commission on, 86
Bombay, the Plague in, H. M. Birdwood, 470

Bombay, Arrival of Eclipse Parties at, 230
Bonacini (Dr. C.), on the Diffusion of Röntgen Rays, 545
Bond (William Cranch) and George Phillips Bond, Memorials
of, Edward S. Holden, Dr. W. J. S. Lockyer, 171
Bonnerra (J. H.), Sedimentary Erratics of Kloosterholt, 455
Bonney (Prof. T. G., F.R.S.), Coral Boring at Funafuti, Prof.
Edgeworth David, 137

Book of the ead, the, E. A. Wallis Budge, F.S.A., 337
Bordas (F.), Bacillus of "Turned" Wines, 576

Bordas (J.), Bitterness in Wines, 431

Börgen (Dr. C.), the Law of Divisibility, 54; a Correction, 136 Boring, Coral, at Funafuti, Prof. Edgeworth David, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 137

Borneo, the Cambridge Expedition to Torres Straits and, Prof. Alfred C. Haddon, 276

Bornstein (R.), Electric Observations by Balloon, 238
Bosc (F. J.), Parasites of Cancer and Sarcoma, 407
Bose (Prof. Jagadis Chunder), the Refraction of Electric Waves,


Botany: Method of Preserving Green Colour of Plants for Exhibition, A. F. Woods, 14; Chemical Substances in TreeTrunks, 15; Experimental Morphology, Prof. G. F. Atkinson, 41; the Discovery of Antherozoids in Zamia, H. J. Webber, 59; Death and Obituary Notice of J. E. Humphrey, 60; Method of Demonstrating Assimilation in Green Plants, F. Darwin, 71; Spruce Fungus, Prof. Boyd Dawkins, F.R.S., 71; Linnean Society, 94, 118, 262, 359, 430, 501, 623; Attraction of Flowers for Insects, Sir John Lubbock, 94; Flowers and Insects, Prof. F. Plateau, 179, 255; New Eucalyptus, Henry Deane and J. H. Maiden, 95; the Melocacti, Prof. Suringar, 95; Action of Mineral Salts on Lupin, M. Dassonville, 95; New South Wales Linnean Society, 95, 216, 311; Botanisches Bilderbuch für Jung und Alt, Franz Bley, 100; Pontobolhos Manaarensis, Prof. A. Dendy, 119; In

fluence of Oxygen, &c., upon Chlorophyll Production, W. Palladine, 120; Bau und Leben unserer Waldbäume, Dr. M. Büsgen, William Somerville, 126; Note on the Influence of very Low Temperature on the Germinative Power of Seeds, Horace T. Brown, F.R.S., and F. Escombe, 138; a Red Pigment Producing Yeast, Dr. Casagrandi, 158; Journal of Botany, 165, 381; Transpiration into a Space saturated with Water, Dr. Henry H. Dixon, 173; Polymorphism of Branches in Inflorescences, H. Ricome, 191; Volatile Products in Tropical Plants, P. van Romburgh, 192; Laboratory Practice for Beginners in Botany, William A. Setchell, 268; Biology of Stereum hirsutum, Prof. H. M. Ward, F.R.S., 286; Glimpses into Plant-Life, Mrs. Brightwen, 292; the "Copper Plant," Polycarpea spirostyles, L. B. J. Skertchly, 303; a Camphor-yielding Cinnamon, R. T. Baker, 311; Memorials, Journal and Botanical Correspondence of Charles Cardale Babington, 314; Action of Röntgen Rays on Vegetable Life, Signor E. Tolomei, 323; Röntgen Rays hasten Germination, MM. Maldiney and Thouvenin, 408; Die Farnkräuter der Erde, Dr. H. Christ, 338; Botanical Microtechnique: a Handbook of Methods of Preparation, Staining, and of Microscopical Investigation of Vegetable Structures, Dr. A. Zimmermann, 340; Tyrosin, a Chemical Vaccine against Snake Poison, C. Phisalix, 360; Early Spring Flowers, Miss E. Armitage, 365; the Physiology of Pitcher Plants, S. H. Vines, 367; the Ferns of Nicaragua, B. Shimek, 373; the Origin of Wheat, J. C. Melvill, 383; Comparative Anatomy of certain Cycadaceae, W. C. Worsdell, 430; Function of Aroma in Truffle, A. de G. de Lesparre, 431; Myrticolorin, H. G. Smith, 431; Microscopic Plants imparting Ill Odour to Water, Messrs. Jackson and Ellms, 441; Death and Obituary Notice of Prof. Kirk, 469; Apogamy and Sporangia Development on Fern Prothalli, W. H. Lang, 501; Action of Different Salts in Plant-structure, Charles Dassonville, 504; Mechanism of Self-fertilisation in the Banana, Gopal R. Tambe, 510; a Remarkable Case of Correlation, 511; the Lesser Celandine, Prof. F. Delpino, 517; Elementary Botany, Percy Groom, 534; Botany of Jeur, Prof. G. M. Woodrow, 543; Replacement of Principal Stem by one of its Ramifications, A. Boirivant, 552; Die Gattung Cyclamen L., eine Systematische und Biologische Monographie, Dr. F. Hildebrand, 560; Lessons with Plants, L. H. Bailey, 561; Contributions towards a Monograph of the Laboul beniace, Roland Thaxter, 620 Boudouard (O.), Cerium, 94; Neodymium, 527 Bouffard (A.), Use of Oxydase in Wine-making, 360 Boulenger (G. A., F.R.S.), the Tailless Batrachians of Europe, 577

Bouty (E.), New Method of Measuring Intensity of Magnetic Field, 310

Bowditch (Prof.), on the Physiology of Unstriped Muscular Tissue, 17

Bower (J.), the Collision of Two Explosion-waves, 383
Boxer (Major-General Sir E. M., F.R.S.), Death of, 227
Boyce (Prof.), Green Oysters, 20

Boyer (Jacques), La Photographie et l'Étude des Nuages,


Brady (J. G.), Alaska, 103

Branner (J. C.), Former Extension of Appalachians, 70
Brauner (B.), Chemistry of Thorium, 526; Compound Nature
of Cerium, 526; Præsodidymium and Neodidymium, 526
Breeding Habits of the Grey Seal, on the, J. E. Harting, 465
Brenner (Herr Leo), the Manora Observatory, 617
Brewster (Edwin Tenney), Relation between Individual and
Racial Variability, 16

Briggs (H. Mead), By Roadside and River, 198
Bright Hydrogen Line, a Variable, Miss A. J. Cannon, 284
Brighton Municipal School of Science and Technology, 285
Brightwen (Mrs.), Glimpses into Plant-life, 292

Brioschi (Prof. F.), Death of, 177; Obituary Notice of, 279
Bristol (Prof. C. L.), Marine Biology at the Bermudas, 90
Bristol Meeting of the British Association, the Forthcoming,

Britain, North, Earthquake in, James M'Cubbin, 391 British Association: Meeting at Toronto. Section I.-Presidential Address by Prof. Michael Foster, 20; Prof. Bowditch on the Physiology of Unstriped Muscular Tissue, 17; Prof. Sherrington, 17; Prof. Carl Huber on the Cells of the Sympathetic System of Vertebrates, 17; Prof. G. N. Stewart on his Electrical Method of Determining Speed of Blood

flow, 18; Prof. Townsend Porter's Observations on a Strip of the Muscle of the Apex of the Dog's Ventricle, 18; Prof. Porter on MacWilliam's Statement that the Ventricle of the Dog's Heart can be recovered from Fibrillary Contractions, 18; Prof. Waymouth Reid on Absorption in the Intestine, 18; Prof. W. H. Thompson's Report on the Effects of Peptone when introduced into the Circulation, 18; Prof. Carl Huber on Modes of Ending of Nerve Fibres, 18; Prof. K. Huerthle on Resistance to Blood-flow, 18; Prof. A. R. Cushny on Rhythmic Variations in the Contractions of the Mammalian Ventricle, 19; Prof. Loeb on the influence of the Discharge of highly-charged Conductors on Nerve Muscle Preparations, 19; Prof. Waller on the Action of Various Reagents on the Electrotonic Currents of Nerves, 19; Dr. Mackay on the Absorption of "Ferratin" and of Hæmoglobin by the Intestinal Wall, 19; Dr. Noel Paton on the Phosphorus Metabolism of the Salmon in Fresh Water, 19; Prof. W. P. Lombard on the Effect of frequent Excitations on the Contractility of Striped Muscle, 19; Prof. Sherrington on the Production of an Intense Colour of Subjective Origin, 19; Prof. Halliburton and Dr. Mott on the Effect on the Arterial Blood-pressure of the Intravenous Injection of Choline, Neurine, and Allied Substances, 20; Prof. Richet on the Refractory Period of the Bulbar and Cerebral Nervous Centres in the Dog, 20; Mr. O. Grunbaum on the Effects of Intermittent Retinal Stimulation, 20; Profs. Boyce and Herdman on "Green Oysters," 20; Dr. Warrington on the Effects of Ischemia on the Structural Features of Nerve Cells, 20British Association, the Forthcoming Bristol Meeting of the, 296

British Islands, the Lepidoptera of the, Charles G. Barrett, W. F. Kirby, 460; the Submerged River Valleys and Escarpments off the British Coast, Prof. Edward Hull, F. R.S., 484; a Sketch of the Natural History (Vertebrates) of the British Isles, F. G. Aflalo, 533

British Museum (Natural History) Catalogue of Madreporarian Corals in the, Henry M. Bermard, 363

Brittlebank (C. C.), Evidence of Glacial Action in Bacchus Marsh Districts, Australia, 495

Broca (André), Influences of Intermittent Rest on Musclepower. 455; Properties of Kathodes in Magnetic Field, 479 Brodie (Rev. P. B.), Obituary Notice of, 31

Brodie (Dr. T. G.), the Essentials of Experimental Physiology,


Brough (Bennett H.), the Lake Superior Iron Ore Region, 473 Brown (Ernest W.), Theory of the Motion of the Moon, 88 Brown (Dr. F.), Poisoning by Canned Foods, 614

Brown (Horace T., F. R.S.), Note on the Influence of very Low Temperature on the Germinative Power of Seeds, 138, 150 Brown (R., jun.), Semitic Influence Hellenic Mythology,


Bruce (E. S.), Electric Balloon Signalling applied to Arctic
Exploration, 85

Bruce (W. S.), Mammals of Franz Josef Land, 575
Brucker (M.), the Rouget Parasite, 143

Brückner (Prof. E.), Hann, Hochstetter, Pokorny- Allgemeine
Erdkunde, 534

Brunton (Dr. Lauder, F. R.S.), Lectures on the Action of Medicine, 26

Bryan (Prof. G. H., F.R.S.), Das Princip der Erhaltung der Energie und seine Anwendung in der Naturlehre, Hans Januschke, 74; Artificial Flight, 135; Electro-magnetic Induction in Current Sheets, 382; Stereoscopic Projection of Lantern Slides, 511; the Kinetic Theory and Radiant Energy, 536

Bryant (Sophie), Euclid's Elements of Geometry, Books I. and II., 433

Bryce (David), the Rotifera of Spitsbergen, 60
Buchan (Dr.), Ten Years' Rainfall of Cape Colony, 34
Buchan (Dr. Alexander), Scientific Advantages of an Antarctic
Expedition, 425

Buckman (S. S.), Cheltenham as a Holiday Resort, 364
Budge (E. A. Wallis, F.S.A.), the Book of the Dead, 337
Building, Science and Art of, 602

Buisine (A. and P.), Volatile Fatty Acids in Wool désuintage
Water, 95; Manufacture of Acetone Oil, 335
Buisson (H.), Transparency of Bismuth in Magnetic Field, 383
Bulletin of American Mathematical Society, 164, 308, 357, 476,

June 16, 1898

Bulletin of St. Petersburg Academy of Science, 308 Bulletin of St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists, 357 Bulman (G. W.), Potato Disease, 198

Burbank (J. E.), Phosphorescence produced by Electrification, 333; Novelty in Vacuum Tubes, 371

Burch (G. J.), the Capillary Electrometer, 148; Artificial Colour-Blindness, 454

Burgess (Henry T.), a Test for Divisibility, 8, 30; the Law of Divisibility, 55

Burial, Premature, Fact or Fiction? Dr. David Walsh, 292 Burke (John), on the Absorption of Light by Fluorescing Bodies, 427

Burstall (Prof. F. W.), Reports of Gas Engine Research Com-
mittee of Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 379
Büsgen (Dr. M.), Bau und Leben unserer Waldbaume, 126
Butterflies the Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly in December, W.
F. Kirby, 173


Byrne (P. M.), Glacial Boulders at Yellow Cliff, Central Australia,


Cable-Testing, Student's Guide to Submarine, H. K. C. Fisher and J. C. H. Darby, 459 Cabot's (John) Landing-place in America, Dr. S. E. Dawson, 616

Cailletet (L.), Apparatus for Verifying Barometric Measurement of Balloon Altitudes, 23; Photographic Methods of Measuring Height of Balloon, 282

Cairo, Daily Range of Meteorological Elements at, Dr. J. Hann, 165

Calcium Carbide and Acetylene, Henry Fowler, 523
Calcutta Earthquake of June 12, the, Prof. F. Omori, 59
Caldecott (W. A.), the Treatment of Stamp Battery Slimes from
Gold Ores, 129

Calderwood (Dr. Hugh), Death of, 253

Calderwood (W. L.), Migratory Movements of Salmonidæ in Spawning Season, 503

California, Earthquake in, 565

Callandreau (M.), Theory of Periodic Comets, 303

Callendar (Prof. Hugh L.), the Law of Condensation of Steam,


Calvert (Albert F.), My Fourth Tour in Western Australia, 126 Calvert (H. T.), Formation of Monomethylaniline from Dimethylaniline, 359; the Aluminium-Mercury Couple, 359 Cambridge: Cambridge Philosophical Society, 47, 71, 119, 190, 407, 430, 502; a Handbook to the Geology of Cambridgeshire, F. R. Cowper Reed, 149; the Cambridge Expedition to Torres Straits and Borneo, Prof. Alfred C. Haddon, 276; the Forthcoming International Congress of Zoology, 298 Camera, with Nature and a, R. and C. Kearton, 154 Camera, through China with a, John Thomson, 539 Cameron (Mr.), a New System of Sewage Purification, 14 Camichel (Ch.), a Thermometric Mercury Ammeter, 310 Campbell (Albert), Alternate Exchange of Kinetic Energy, 166; Expansion of Glass by Heat, 166; Temperature Compensators for Standard Cells, 166

Campbell (J. E.), Transformations leaving Lengths of Arcs on any Surface unaltered, 406 Camphor-yielding Cinnamon, a, R. T. Baker, 311 Canada, Geologists in, 62; Canadian Geography, Dr. Hugh Robert Mill, 223; a Trip to Canada, 344; Gold Production in, 517; Canada's Metals, Prof. Roberts-Austen, F.R.S., 533 Canals on Mars, the Doubling of the, M. Antoniadi, 568 Canaries, Dust Fog in the, Prof. Augusto Arcimis, 582 Canned Foods, Bacteriology of, Messrs. Prescott and Underwood, 103

Canned Foods, Poisoning by, Dr. F. Brown, 614

Canney (H. E. Leigh), the Winter Meteorology of Egypt and its
Influence on Disease, 52

Cannon (Miss A. J.), a Variable Bright Hydrogen Line, 284
Cape Colony, Ten Years' Rainfall of, Dr. Buchan, 34
Cape Observatory, Annals of the, 513
Capillary Electrometer, the, G. J. Burch, 148
Capsules, Supra-renal, upon the Comparative Physiology of the,
B. Moore, 238, Dr. Swale Vincent, 238, 304; Effects of Ex-
tirpation of Supra-renal Capsules of Eel: Non-existence of
Supra-renal Medulla in Teleostean Fishes, Dr. Swale
Vincent, 429
Carbide and Acetylene, Calcium, Henry Fowler, 523

June 16, 1898

[blocks in formation]

Chambers's Algebra for Schools, William Thompson, 388 Chanute (Octave), Experiments in Gliding Flight, 255 Charrin (A.), Mucinoid Substance produced by Bacteria, 431 Chartley Wild Cattle, the, J. R. B. Masefield, 441 Chauveau (A.), Sugar superior to Fat as Food, 503 Cheese-ripening, H. L. Russell and F. M. Babcock, 373 Cheltenham as a Holiday Resort, S. S. Buckman, 364 Chemistry: Manuale del Chimico e dell' Industriale, Prof. Dr. Luigi Gabba, 7; La Fabbricazione dell' Acido Solforico, dell' Acido Nitrico, del Solfato Sodico, dell' Acido Muriatico, Dr. V. Vender, 7; Death of Prof. C. E. Colby, 12; the Composition of Diastase, A. Wroblewski, 15; Organic Chemical Manipulation, J. T. Hewitt, 28; Organic Chemistry for the Laboratory, Prof. W. A. Noyes, A. Harden, 29; the Connection between the Characters of Isomorphous Salts and the Atomic Weight of the Metals contained, A. E. Tutton, 36; the Calcium, Strontium and Barium Borides, H. Moissan and P. Williams, 47; Use of Fluorescence in Detecting Traces of Bromine in Saline Mixture, H. Baubigny, 47; Faraday Memorial, 56; Lampblack, J. Stark, 70; Combustion of Organic Substances in Wet Way, I. K. Phelps, 70; Wiedemann's Annalen, 70, 92, 237, 401, 500; Influence of Hydroscopic Substances on Combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen, M. Berthelot, 71; Biological Preparation of Levulose from Mannite, MM. Camille Vincent and Delachanal, 72; Caroubinose and d-Mannose, A. van Ekenstein, 72; the Liquefaction of Fluorine, 82; Death of Dr. F. Stohmann, 85; Chemical Society, 93, 166, 190, 239, 358, 383, 525; Detection of Impurities in Liquid Air, Prof. Dewar, 93; Absorption of Hydrogen by Palladium, Prof. Dewar, 93; the Occlusion of Hydrogen and Oxygen by Palladium, Ludwig Mond, F.R.S., William Ramsay, F.R.S., and John Shields, 262; Yellow Vegetable Colouring-matter, A. G. Perkin, 93; Naphthylureas, G. Young and E. Clark, 93; Benzoylphenylsemicarbazide, G. Young and H. Annable, 93; Sulphocamphylic Acid, W. H. Perkin, jun., 93; Reaction of Hydrogen on Sulphuric Acid, M. Berthelot, 94; Influence of Oxygen on Decomposition of Hydracids by Mercury, M. Berthelot, 94; Direct Action of Sulphuric Acid on Mercury, M. Berthelot, 94; Action of Water on Phosphorus Trichloride, A. Besson, 94; Cerium, O. Boudouard, 94;

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